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Top 12 Anime Waifu of 2022 You’ll Fall In Love With

Mai Sakurajima
bunny girl senpai

Every otaku has a list of top anime waifu according to their preferences. Waifus are the ideal life partner in an Otaku’s head for those wondering what a waifu is. There is no particular rule book for what a person may or may not find attractive. What majorly attracts a viewer to a certain character is her personality traits. The traits are, of course, subject to one’s choices, taste, and inclination. Sometimes, these are not even the traits we expect. People tend to go beyond looks, fit bodies, and sharp facial features. What they seek more is characteristics such as a sense of humor or kindness, loyalty, or intelligence.

Some of you might like your typical Tsunderes. They are mean on the outside and sweet on the inside. For example, Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. While some are fond of Yanderes, ones who go apeshit crazy for people they love, like Yuno from Future Diary. However, Kuuderes are regarded as the coolest in the community. Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan exemplifies Kuudere perfectly. On the other hand, Danderes are painfully shy and an extremely rare find. For example, our lovely Hinata Hyuga from Naruto. Here we present you a list of top 12 anime waifus you’ll fall in love with:

1. Kitagawa Marin

Kitagawa Marin is the main female protagonist of My Dress-Up Darling. She is a top waifu people love and go crazy about. She is a thinly built woman with a small waistline. Above that, she has an average height. Her eyes are dark brown, but she wears pink contacts. She has long, silky blonde hair with bangs.

Kitagawa Marin

My Dress Up Darling

Marin is loud, messy, and clumsy. However, she acts mature when required. She is kind, friendly, and cheerful too. Fans love her because she is a cosplayer and an Otaku. She loves reading manga and playing adult video games. She is non-judgemental, earnest, and very bold. These personality traits serve as an addition to what fans love about her. Besides, she procrastinates a lot. She gets easily embarrassed. She’s not all sugar and everything nice. The little spice she comes along with makes this top-notch Waifu an absolute delight.

2. Ninym Ralei

Ninym Ralei is an over-the-top anime waifu. She features in Tensai Ouji no Akaji. She wears a frilled white top and a skirt. Besides, she pairs it with a drape starting from her waist and extending to her knees. It is purple in color. She is a beautiful girl with white locks and red eyes.

Ninym Ralei

Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu

Fans adore her because of her strict personality combined with her caring side. She is very particular about completing every task on time. Meanwhile, she makes sure to sneak a little fun into the working hours. She teases the royalty she’s sworn to from time to time. Additionally, she tries to bring out the best in the people around her. On top of that, she is extremely loyal and intelligent. All these character traits make fans go head over heels for this top-grade waifu.

3. Aki Makoto

Aki Makoto is one of the top-ranked anime waifus. She is a character from the anime Princess Connect. She has purple hair extending to her waist and bright yellow eyes. Her attire includes a black tank top paired with frilled purple shorts. This wolf girl can charm anyone with her looks.

Aki Makoto

Princess Re: Connect

She is loyal to her teammates and leaves no stone unturned in defending them. Her loyalty is one of the many things fans adore about her. Another thing would be her superhuman strength and sword fighting skills. Her primary weapon is a single-edged sword. Besides that, she is bubbly and loves making sweets in her free time. There’s no way anyone would not succumb to this top-class anime waifu’s beauty.

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4. Yor Forger

This top-ranked anime waifu makes people lose their minds. She is a tritagonist in Spy x Family. She is an assassin and goes by the name “Thorn Princess”. Additionally, she is fair, has red eyes and long black hair. She wears a backless red sweater paired with black tights at home.

Yor Forger

Spy x Family

Yor is introverted, socially awkward, and incredibly polite. She asks if she can take her target’s life away before the assassination. Moreover, she is kind and cares for her brother and adopted daughter deeply. She imagines solving every problem through murder in her mind. On top of that, she has an affinity for weapons. Some fans find this personality trait sexy. Besides, Yor is extremely gullible and easily befooled. It depicts an adorable aspect of the character of this top-notch anime waifu that fans go crazy for.

5. Tokisaki Kurumi

Tokisaki features in Date A Live. This top-grade anime waifu is actually an antagonist. People love her for her evil nature. She is called the worst spirit and reported to be the most dangerous spirit ever known. Her skin is pearly. She has long black hair, which she ties in two twin tails. One of her eyes is tinted in red, while the other is clock like and golden in color. She covers it with her bangs. Apart from that, she is breathtakingly beautiful.

Tokisaki Kurumi

Date a Live

Tokisaki dislikes humanity and has killed 10,000 people. However, she deems her acts as just. It is because the people she killed were mostly rapists and murderers. Despite the positive in her twisted sense of justice, she thinks of herself as evil. Tokisaki almost attacks anyone who speaks well of her. She puts on an innocent face and appears polite and elegant. However, in reality, she is a mad woman with extreme blood lust. This top-rated anime waifu’s toxic, dual nature is why fans rate highly of her.

6. Kiruya Momochi

Kiruya Momochi is a character in Princess Connect: Re Dive! This top-grade anime waifu goes by the alias of Karyl. Karyl has fair skin with sharp green eyes. She has long dark gray hair. She ties them into two pigtails curled at the end. As her attire, she wears indigo and a gold-colored bodice. Her sleeves are ruffled and off-shoulder from above. She has cat ears.

Kiruya Momochi

Princess Connect Re Dive

She is a chatterbox and doesn’t think before she speaks. Moreover, she is easily annoyed and confused. Karyl is mostly a tsundere. She is harsh on the outside and soft on the inside. It is depicted in the way she constantly complains about her friend. Yet, she follows her without flinching. Fans love that she is kind-hearted. They sympathize with her when she feels lonely. Kiruya loves cats. Another thing people completely adore about her. This over-the-top anime waifu has managed to win a million hearts.

7. Mira Suou

Mira Suou is considered as a top-notch and hottest anime waifu in 2022. She features in World’s End Harem. She has tanned skin and blue eyes. Her long purple hair extends to her waist. She has white eyelashes and a mole on the top of her eye. Her curvy figure is what makes fans drool over her. Her attire includes a black, light blue, and white shirt with a zipper going down in the middle.

Mira Suou

Mira Haremette

Mira is calm and non-expressive. As mysterious is the new sexy, this personality trait intrigues her fans the most. On top of that, she is kind and thoughtful. This first assistant haramette has caught the fans’ attention. They look forward to seeing a new side of her in the future.

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8. Desumi Magahara

Desumi is a character featuring in Love After World Domination. She is a top-level anime waifu. She has bottle-green eyes and blonde hair. Her attire includes a beige skirt with a bow on the waistband. She wears a plain white t-shirt and a black bralette over that. Her simplistic features and attire make her stand out and look absolutely stunning.

desumi magahara

Love after world domination

People are afraid of her due to her superhuman strength. On top of that, she is a hand-to-hand combat expert. She is selfless and has a tendency to put others first. Fans find her to be the perfect girlfriend material. She is caring and gets jealous easily. Moreover, she is honest and cannot fake emotions. Her romantic relationship with Fudo is what most people desire. Therefore, fans are not wrong in imagining themselves in Fudo’s place. She’s a top-grade anime waifu people cannot resist.

9. Takagi

Takagi is the female protagonist in Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san. This top-notch anime waifu is closest to perfect. She has an average height. Her complexion is fair and her body is lean. She has shoulder-length brown hair. They’re neatly combed and reach till her upper back. Her eyes are brown in color. She has a rosy tint on her cheeks. She wears a sailor uniform to her school. In winters, she wears a red bowtie, blue skirt paired with stockings.

Takagi is kind and caring. She is clever, smart, and intelligent. She is a great student and stands out with exceptionally good grades. Additionally, She has the ability to read faces that fans admire. She can tell what’s going on in someone’s mind by looking at them. What an admirable quality for a waifu to have! On top of that, she is fearless and not easily scared. Also, she is carefree and holds herself in high spirits.


Takagi San

Another of her commendable traits is her ability to hide her emotions. She can fake a smile and hide her emotional despair. However, she is mature enough to face her emotional problems on her own. She is motivating and can lift up people’s spirits. Besides that, there is a childish and adorable side to her as well. She almost faints when her love interest tells her he’d rather walk her home than play video games. additionally, her cheeks turn red. This Kawai, top-level anime waifu is a complete package. This top-notch waifu is one of the most popular and appreciated characters.

10. Tirol Ochagama

This top-class anime waifu features in Sabikui Bisco. She is a supporting character. Her eyes are yellow, and her hair is pink. A few strands of her hair are braided from below. It makes them look like jellyfish. She wears a pink and black crop top and shorts beneath. On top of that, she wears a blue overcoat.

Tirol Ochagama

Sabikui Bisco

Tirol is beautiful and intelligent. What makes fans go crazy after she is that she is great with numbers. Her dexterousness and mysteriousness are the best things about her. What’s more, she has a mysterious element added to her personality. However, to show that she’s not all work, she has a goofy side too. She’s often crappy while handling money. This top-level anime waifu is a true beauty with brains.

11. Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya is the protagonist of Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai. This top-level waifu is a member of the Archery Club and the Vice President of the 67th and 68th Student Council. She is fair-skinned with large almond-like eyes. She has long black hair tied with a red ribbon. Moreover, she is usually dressed in Shuchi’in Academy’s school uniform.

Anime Waifu

Kaguya Shinomiya – Kaguya Sama

Kaguya is rational and inexpressive. At first, she lives in denial of her feelings for Miyuki. Gradually she starts accepting them. She belongs to a wealthy family. Sometimes, she is boastful of her skills and intelligence. However, she feels pressured to keep up with her family’s name. She is also popular among school girls. They come to her for relationship advice. However, she has no experience when it comes to relationships herself. She lacks sexual knowledge and is unaware of sexual innuendos and sense of humor. This top-rated anime waifu has charmed people by being herself unapologetically.

12. Chateau Dankworth

This top-class anime waifu features in Koroshi Ai. She is a bounty hunter. Her body is lean, and her eyes are turquoise in color. She wears formal attire. It includes a lined white turtleneck, a brown trouser, and a brown blazer. She has blonde hair with curtain bags. She usually ties her hair in a ponytail.

Anime Waifu Chateau Dankworth

Chateau Dankworth – Koroshi Ai

Dankworth is straightforward, calm, and likes being by herself. She has a mysterious aura surrounding her, which fans cannot resist. A skilled assassin as she is, she takes pride in her combat abilities. However, she is taken aback to be defeated by a man. Additionally, she turns down a man’s romantic advances portraying herself as uninterested. This top-grade waifu’s hard-to-get attitude is what makes fans go crazy for her.

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