Who is Damion Lee’s Girlfriend? The NBA Player’s Love Interest

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Here, we shall discuss who Damion Lee’s Girlfriend is. What do we know about the professional basketball player’s romantic interest? Starting from the basics, Damion Lee is gaining massive popularity by playing for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA.  He has always been passionate about this sport and thus ended up playing college basketball at Drexel University. This year, he has made it to the NBA Championship, pretty successfully. Well, he has played for several other teams such as Atlanta Hawks, Santa Cruz Warriors, and many more. It was in 2016 when Damion Lee won the Second Team All-ACC.

Knowing his versatility in the world of basketball, fans are lately interested to know what’s going on in his personal life. Well, Damion Lee is quite open about his romantic love life. You will be happy to know that your favorite basketball player isn’t just dating but is already hitched to the love of his life. Moreover, he is also the parent of a son, born last year. So, Damion Lee is indeed leading a very happy life with his wife and son. But, who is she? Let’s dive into this article to learn about Damion Lee’s Girlfriend.

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Damion Lee’s Girlfriend: The Basketball Player’s Love Interest

Talking about his love interest, Damion Lee’s Girlfriend is no one but his beloved wife, Sydel Curry-Lee. In case you don’t know her identity, Sydel Curry-Lee is the daughter of another great yet former professional basketball player, Dell Curry. Also, she is the sister of Stephen Curry and Seth Curry respectively. Not to forget to mention that her mother, Sonya Curry is a former volleyball player. When it comes to Damion Lee’s Girlfriend, Sydel herself used to play volleyball at her University and college. She played for the Carolina Union. The major reason behind her retirement from the sport is her injury. In brief, Sydel herself comes from a sports family, and thus, they got along quite well at the beginning.

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At present, Sydel works as a mental health activist. She hosts a podcast that goes by the name ‘Because Life With Sydel.’ It focuses on sharing several positive vibes and words for mental health. Relationship with Self as a Function of Healing is one of the topics that has been discussed in her podcast.

Little did you know that Damion Lee’s Girlfriend or his wife, whatever you say, Sydel also runs her Youtube channel named ‘A Curry Girl.’ The content of her channel is travel blogs, hang out, skincare routines, hauls, and many more. It has garnered more than 98.4K subscribers to date.

Damion Lee's Girlfriend
Damion Lee with his wife, Sydel Curry-Lee

Relationship Details

Damion Lee and Sydel Curry met each other for the very first time at one of the basketball matches with Seth Curry. In case you aren’t aware, Seth is just not her brother but also his friend. So, it seems like both of them were there to cheer him up. Later, they started to chat on Instagram, and eventually, their love story began. It is reported that they started dating each other in the mid of 2016. Also, it was on the 2016’s New Year’s evening when the basketball player confessed his love for her.

It was on 1 September 2018 when Damion Lee and Sydel Curry-Lee got hitched. The love birds are blessed with a cute little son, who was born on 26 November 2021. They named him Daxon Wardell-Xavier Lee. When asked about Sydel, he shared that he feels lucky to have her in his life as his soulmate. Both of them never fail to gush about each other when asked in the interviews. It is very much evident that their relationship is growing strong. From the very start, they understood that they are made for each other, as shared by Damion himself. Such has been their compatibility.

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Damion Lee's Girlfriend
Damion Lee’s lifelines- Sydel and Daxon

Best Wishes to Damion Lee for the upcoming days of his career. Hoping he wins all of his next basketball matches. Also, we hope that his relationship with Sydel lasts forever. Sending loads of love to their little Daxon!

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