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Who is Christina Mandrell Related To? Answered

The very popular reality dating show The Bachelor is back with its 27th season, and it is gonna take us through Zach Shallcross’s journey to find love. From a total of 30 women that chose to compete in the show, it’s now down to only 20 of them fighting and hoping in love with the hunky bachelor in the latest episode of the show that aired.

Out of all the pretty ladies, one suitress in specific has been gaining special buzz, Christina Mandrell, especially when she revealed she is related to a celebrity artist during one episode of the show. So with the famous Mandrell surname added to her name, she is definitely getting a good buzz out of it. Let’s get to know her more and who she is related to.

Who is Christina Mandrell?

Christina Mandrell seems to have already secured her place in this season of The Bachelor. She makes a great impression on Zach when she arrives on a party bus on the first night of The Bachelor.

 who is christina mandrell

credits: Distractify

 When the group of 30 women gathered at the estate for the first night of filming, the two were able to reconnect and get to know each other even better. Later that evening, on the bus, Christina questioned Zach about himself, and the two kissed.

The 26-year-old Nashville native works as a content creator. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  With her day job as a content creator, acting also looks to be one of Christina’s loves. Her Instagram handle, @ChristinaMandrell, has a massive following of more than 83,000 followers, where you can give her a follow to keep updated. 

Christina has some acting experiences under her belt too, including an appearance in Taylor Swift’s 2009 music video for Fifteen, as a high school student. She also appeared in movies like Hannah Montana: The Movie, After Darkness, A Belle For Christmas.

who is christina mandrell

credits: WFAA

Christina has a five-year-old daughter named Blakely. Blakely is the child from her previous marriage with Blake Dennis. After more than three years of dating, Christina and Blake married in 2015. However, they ended their relationship in November 2020, with Christina filing for divorce the following month. In March of 2021, the divorce was finalized, as per reports.

So, following a divorce, she appears to be yearning for a fairy tale romance with Zach Shallcross.

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Who is Christina Mandrell related to?

Christina proclaimed on the first night of The Bachelor’s that she is connected to Barbara Mandrell, who we all know as a country music artist who had six No. 1 songs and 25 top 10 singles during her career. Barbara was once regarded as one of the most successful country music musicians. She rose to fame as a prominent country singer in the 1970s and 1980s, and she is now a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Christina mandrell

Barbara Mandrell; credits: uDiscoverMusic

Barbara was a sibling to two other sisters, Irlene and Louise. Christina is Irlene’s daughter.  While many people may remember Barbara more than Irlene or their sister Louise, but Irlene has also cracked a lot of glasses during her career peak.

Irlene is addressed as one of the first commercially major female drummers, as she addressed in an interview in 2018. Irlene, though, has long since departed the music industry, but it was her time spent behind a drum kit that inspired so many aspiring musicians.

Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters were hired by NBC in 1980 to host a national television variety show. NBC broadcasts the show for two seasons. And if you have seen the show, it definitely Is sure that her mother, Irlene, might have passed on her penchant for the dramatic.

Christina though is proud of her family’s history, but it doesn’t seem she wants to perform as her older generation did because she said it in the first episode that she likes music and will play if she has to, but it isn’t her passion. Rest said, how do you like this season of the show? Which suitress are you rooting for the most?

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