Where Is Hud Filmed? Photos & Filming Locations

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Hud Filming locations
Hud Filming locations

Hollywood has been one of the most iconic cinema industries to have ever existed in this world. The works belonging to the Hollywood cinema industry go a long way back.

Many legendary movies were released in the past century, and many directors and actors rose to fame along with the success of such films. Some movies considered old or retro are still loved by audiences worldwide, and ‘Hud,’ directed in 1963, belongs to that legendary list of movies.

Western culture had a severe influence throughout multiple parts of the world. The culture also had a major impact on the Hollywood industry.

Many films belonging to the western genre were released during that period, and Hud was one of the prominent western genre films from the past era. It has been over half a century, but the film always amazes its audience through accurate execution and an interesting yet dark storyline that is pretty advanced.

Directed by the late American Director Martin Ritt, Hud has owned many rewards and nominations. The film has been nominated for more than 6 Oscars and has won 3 of them.

This legendary movie has seen commercial success and was considered a huge success at the popular Venice International Film Festival in its initial release stage. Hud is now considered one of the nation’s greatest cinematic masterpieces and is included in the National Film Registry.

An interesting fact about this film is that Hud was the first production of the popular film-producing company known to us as Paramount Pictures. Based on the novel “Horseman, Pass By,” written by an American author named Larry Jeff McMurtry, the story of Hud has a pretty interesting plot that gets intense as the story progresses. It talks about the relationships between the main characters with unique, troubled perceptions about each other.

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The Plot of Hud 

The story of Hud revolves around the lives of characters named Hud Bannon, Homer Bannon, Lonnie Bannon, and Alma Brown. These characters reside under the same roof. Each character has a unique perception of the other. The plot emphasizes projecting the lead character, Hud, portrayed as a reckless man who pretends to be living in his teenage years. His actions are reckless and irresponsible. We can consider him an anti-hero through his actions which has zero to no morality.

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Hud Filming locations
Hud (Paul Newman) and Alma (Patricia Neal) from Hud (1963)

On the other hand, we have Homer, the father of Hud. He is the very opposite of Hud. Homer is sincere and lives his life by the law. Lonnie is the nephew of Hud and grandson of Homer, who gets inspired by the wrongful actions of his uncle actions for quite some time. He does not favor his uncle’s actions all the time, though. We also have Alma, who works as the housekeeper for the family.

Various events revolve around the lives of these main characters, making the storyline sourer yet interesting. Read along and find out the Filming locations of Hud.

Hud: Filming Locations

Hud Filming locations
Town of Claude, Texas.

The Filming of the movie Hud primarily takes place in the American state of Texas. Many fans did recognize the film was shot in Texas as most of the western films of the past era would often choose Texas as their primary Filming location.

Hud majorly contained shots that included multiple fields and a ranch. Several shots included a town as well. The movie’s creator decided to start his Filming in the small town of Claude, belonging to Texas state. 

Hud Filming Locations
Gem Theatre, Texas.

The film had a scene that included a place known as Gem Theatre, which still exists to date. The town shown in Hud is entirely fictional and was named ‘Vernal’ per the Director’s wish.

Every single scene from the film was filmed in and around the borders of the town of Claude. Key regions of Claude, such as Trice Street and Hoffer Street, appear in the film now and then as the story progresses. Hud is the optimal choice if you are looking for a western movie with a pretty dark concept.

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