One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers: The Potensial Main Villain of One Piece

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One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers
One Piece (via Oda)

We have the One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers; today, we are gonna go over the brief spoiler points that are online right now, and we are just gonna talk a little bit about them, so with that being said, just dip into it. 

So first up, we have the title of chapter 1084, “The Attempted Murder of the Celestial Dragon,” it is a cool title, I am not gonna lie, and then on the color spread, we see the One Piece girls playing in the sea, which is a little bit fascinating, it is not anything we didn’t see coming, because a couple of chapters ago we have the One Piece boys eating something.

That is why we did have to get the One Piece girls adjacent to it; one thing that I am curious about is that when you think of One Piece girls, at least in terms of Straw Hats, we only have Robin and Nami. That is why I wonder if this is just gonna be them or if there will be more One Piece girls that Oda will go through in here to fill in the same.

This is because when it comes to One Piece guys, he just showed the majority of the Straw Hats, so adjacent to this, I do wonder if other characters will make an appearance, maybe Yamato, maybe Carrot, maybe even Vivi, for example.

So yeah, I am curious about that, and if we took the Sanji Cooking Book at the last color spread, I really wonder if Oda would drop some other easter egg in this color spread, as well. 

One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers

In the chapter, we have King Cobra, who is talking to the Gorosei about Queen Lily of Arabasta, who actually, in the past, refused to become the Celestial Dragon. We see that Queen Lily went missing after she left the country, and when King Cobra asks about her and where she went, they explain that they don’t know anything about that. 

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One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers
One Piece (via Oda)

Okay, hypothetically, but if the Gorosei actually did kill Queen Lily, would they admit it to him, like yeah, 900 years ago, we committed a crime, and they killed his ancestor; I don’t know what King Cobra was expecting here; but either way, that is neither here nor there, we are here to talk about Queen Lily, because the name drop and the Void Century significance is pretty huge.

The Past of Celestial Dragons

Back when we learned how the World Government was formed with the 20 Kings and Queens, we also learned that the Nefertaris were the one family that did not go to the Holy Land, and I was always curious as to why, because while Celestial Dragons are bad in the story currently, 900 years ago they might have been completely different, right?

One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers
One Piece (via Oda)

They didn’t start out looking how they do today, acting how they do today, so it does make me wonder if there are some other nuances about the Celestial Dragons that Queen Lily just was not too fond of. 

Another thing that struck me as a little bit odd is the fact that King Cobra asked the Gorosei about what happened 900 years ago, about Queen Lily, and it is like, wait, why would the Gorosei know this, were they there 900 years ago, or do they have more knowledge than the standard folk of One Piece? It could be either one, but if you are on the board that the Gorosei have the Immortality Surgery, and has survived the past 900 years, then those stocks are looking pretty decent.

Shirahoshi was captured

Later in the chapter, we see that Saint Charloss somehow managed to capture Shirahoshi; however, at the same time, Sai and Leo fight him and take back Shirahoshi. 

One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers
One Piece (via Oda)

Saint Charloss should know this; he literally tried to catch her recently in the timeline, and it got beaten by Saint Mosgard, and then what is happening now is he tried to capture her again and gets beaten up again like he did not learn his lesson, but also there is a major thing that arises with this… 

The potential appearance of Holy Knights

Since the Celestial Dragon was attacked, what is the fallout going to be from this normally when you try to attack a Celestial Dragon!! An admiral comes, and a knight in shining armor comes out and protects them, but this time around, Fujitora and Greenbull are both having their hands tried by the Revolutionary Army and other Celestial Dragons, and the main question here is who is gonna make an appearance here!!

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One Piece Chapter 1084
One Piece (via Oda)

I feel like this could be set up for maybe Kizaru or maybe either Akainu to show up, which I don’t think will happen because they mentioned how busy they were already, or this could be leading up to a Holy Knight making an appearance and saving Sanint Charloss. 

A third outcome that we do have to remember, though, is that maybe Leo and Sai will not get punished or cause any alarms for attacking Saint Charloss; you may wonder why!! But hear me out, back when the Reverie first started, after Mosgard attacked Saint Charloss, Leo came up to him and asked if do he have permission to protect Shirahoshi, and Mosgard said yes. 

One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers
CC: yaaaash on Twitter

Maybe, all I gotta say is that maybe Leo can use the pretense that he is working under another Celestial Dragon to hit this Celestial Dragon, so there is some leeway there, but I am really curious to see what is the outcome of this.

Kuma is finally freed

Later in the chapter, we see that Morley managed to free Kuma from his handcuff, which is pretty big, right? Kuma being freed means a couple of things; first, Sabo must have found the handcuffs, and second, Morley and Sabo are nearby Saint Charloss, because Saint Charloss was riding on Kuma, or I think his dad was, but either way, they are all gathering together now. 

The potential main villain of One Piece

Later in the chapter, Imu talks to King Cobra, and Im or Imu actually say something…

Imu has the first voice line in the series, and they say, “Lily…!!!” and that’s it. As you know, we have just got the name drop, and it is hard because, in the manga, we can’t really tell if this is gonna be a guy or girl necessarily unless they add honorifics or if they have some certain speech thing going on here, but we finally get them talking. 

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One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers
One Piece (Credit: Greiish on Twitter)

After that, I am like, we need the Japanese raws; we need the native speakers to translate this one. Are there any nuances with this word!!  Either way, though, Im saying Lily and having the ellipses at the end probably means that Im knew Lily to a certain extent, and I know that is kind of a reach, but if Im is from the Void Century, maybe they do know Lily, maybe they know what actually happened to them.

So, Im finally appeared, and they are talking to King Cobra now, and so the chances of that are pretty high. Also we should also keep in mind the fact that Im is the hidden ruler of this world. A hidden existence, just out of nowhere, decided to show up and talk to King Cobra about Lily. 

This is because the Gorosei straight up turned this man down, they said that they don’t know anything about this, and then like, Im shows up, and he is like, Lily? and then boom! End of the chapter. It is like that is crazy to me, and it is at this point that King Cobra’s fate is sealed in stone. 

One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers
Belo Betty – One Piece (via Oda)

Knowing about Im’s existence is essentially the death penalty, but also, with Im making this conscious choice to appear before King Cobra, maybe Im was hoping to convenience King Cobra to join back into the Holy Land or to play Devil’s Advocate, maybe they are hoping that King Cobra will just keep this entire conversation under wraps.

Maybe even after looking at King Cobra, a fellow Nefertari, maybe Im saw a little bit of Lily within him; there are a lot of things here, and who knows, maybe even Lily is alive and is one of the Holy Knights.

One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers
One Piece (via Oda)

There are so many possibilities, and this is simply because we know nothing about Im or the Void Century or the Formation of the Government; we know bits and pieces, and Oda is finally giving us more details. 

So with Im making his appearance in the manga, do you guys think that we are gonna see, one, a better silhouette of Im; two, we are gonna see Im’s full form; or three, we are gonna get the same silhouette we have been getting for the past hundred chapters!! 

You can read the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1084 on Viz Media.

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