Who Are The God Knights In One Piece?

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One Piece Chapter 1084
One Piece (via Oda)

Are you guys wondering who are the God Knights in One Piece? We got the chapter in its entirety, and it is surprisingly lining up with the spoilers that we got. There were some worries about the spoilers, maybe not being entirely accurate, but that is not the case. Pretty much everything that we were told is playing out here, but of course, we are getting more context and nuances than what we were able to see before.

Just from reading these spoilers, because we get to see the panels and everything, and I wanna go over the most significant thing that is revealed in this chapter, which of course, is the Holy Knights, but let me just go over how we got to this point.

So at the end of the previous chapter, it was revealed that Sabo was, in fact, alive, which we pretty much assumed because, you know, he, of course, survived the attack before, because he was at the boat at a distance, watching it get nuked, and he was eventually able to make it back to the Revolutionary Army on Kamabakka Queendom, and he met back up with Dragon.  

One Piece Chapter 1083 Full Summary and Raw Scans
One Piece 1080 Raw Scan (via Oda)

With this, Ivankov started to tell them everything that had transpired. Now we thought that he was going to talk about Imu in the Empty Throne, which was implied from the end of the previous chapter; I don’t know; I guess they are talking about it off-panel or something, or they just plan it over because it is not being mentioned here, but what Sabo does say is that all of their objectives have been taken care of, is that they declared war with the Celestial Dragon by also destroying their symbol.

One Piece Chapter 1083 Full Summary and Raw Scans

Along with that, they might have also rescued Kuma and also fleed as many salved as possible, and we kind of knew this already for most of the part; aside from them freeing as many slaves as possible, which is always cool but they also mention that they were able to Marie Geoise’s food reserve, but not only that, the other members of the Revolutionary Army are also attacking Government supply carriers all over the world, to stop resources from reaching Marie Geoise.

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 This is an amazing development, I love this kind of warfare, especially on the side of the good guys, taking like the hideous evil bad guys here, and I say good guys because the Revolutionary Army is probably the most altruistic faction in the series, besides Straw Hats. 

One Piece Chapter 1083 Full Summary and Raw Scans
One Piece 1080 Raw Scan (via Oda)

It is so refreshing to see the Celestial Dragons finally getting a taste of their own medicine, and Ivankov expresses those sentiments in this chapter because, you know, their whole thing is being hedonistic sociopaths. So it is nice to see that the tables are finally turning on them, and this is for sure starting the motion that is going to lead us into the final war.

In addition to this, more and more mutinies are going to come of this because we also find out that there are other countries that are just straight up not paying taxes anymore to the Celestial Dragon, and while this is great and all, and they are getting some serious momentum, Dragon in this instance is staying steadfast, and he is like silently they have done a good job. 

At the same time, he is also like, they are not just for those who will just take all of this lying down, which is, of course, true; I mean, if you just made the tiniest slight against the Celestial Dragons, you will pretty much get shot in the head. 

So straight up, waging war against them, and cutting off their food supplies and everything, you can imagine how angry they are going to be, and that is where Dragon says that a real battle will start when they mobilize the “Holy Knights” or “God Knights” because it was not officially confirmed as we do not have the official translations yet. 

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With this, we finally see the silhouettes of these Holy Knights here, and these Holy Knights are also mentioned in chapter 1054 by Akainu; I think that was the first time in the series we were told about these individuals, and by my count, there is at least nine of them, could be more, but we can see at least nine there in the silhouettes. 

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