Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Summary & Spoilers: The End Of The Prequal Arc

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 92
Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

We have Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Summary & Spoilers in regards to what is bout to transpire moving forward to the Prequal arc, as it would only now appear as though Toyotarou plans on actually adapting the Dragon Ball Super Superhero movie in the form of the manga, the million dollar question now moving forward is will the manga adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super Superhero be very different to the movie, or are we about to see a quick Superhero arc transition before finally getting into the events of what happened with Black Frieza.

According to the spoilers, Dr. Hido is going to not only go as far as to confront both Goten and Trunks but also now manages to land himself in prison, courtesy of his actions in having to go against the heroes, which interestingly enough, it looks as though in the manga, Dr. Hido is not really going to spend that much time behind bars. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Spoilers & Leaks

As the events that landed Dr. Hido in this set position happen to have taken place during a party because of course, you can see Tunks was now finally able to get Mai and convince her to go to this party with him, of course, he also mentions that he not only will his superhero idol god be attending this part, but Trunks and Mai’s aren’t going to be the only ones, that are going to be attending this party.

This was because unbeknownst to Trunks, Dr. Hido actually learns about the fact that his Superhero Idol, Clean God, is also going to be at this event as well, so coincidently at the same time without having to know each other, or even acknowledge each other, both Trunks and Dr. Hido are now coincidentally attending the exact same part at the exacts same time.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90
Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

Now by the side to side, to where a little later on Dr. Hido ends up actually unleashing upon every single individual at this party is, this in fact, a gigantic dinosaur but it is not just an ordinary living breathing dinosaur, but in fact, this is actually an Android dinosaur created by Dr. Hido and what Dr. Hido hopes to accomplish here isn’t really having to retrieve the confidential disc that was taken by Trunks, of course, that had

Not only all of the information and blueprints by Dr. Gero is creating cells, but Dr. Gero simply wants to go about destroying  Goten and Trunks by any means necessary, given the fact that towards the end of the chapter, it looks as though Dr. Hido doesn’t even care about the confidential disc anymore, only because he now has the information embedded within his brain, to which now we are going to go get into all the explicit details on what is about to transpire moving forward in Dradon Ball Super Chapter 90.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Summary

The next chapter of the manga is titled “Showdown with Dr. Hedo” we see that the chapter will open up with Officer Krillin, who is investigating the ticket District’s citizens, and asking them if they know which is the convenience store in the area, at which the zombies worked at. After this, one of the civilians points his finger to a particular store, indicating the answer to his question.

When Officer Krillin enters the house, he approaches the zombies and says that they should come to the police station with him so that he can investigate further in the case and ask them about who their boss is. When he is still in the middle of his conversation with them, Officer Krillin notices the presence of Pilaf Gana’s Mai and gets distracted because of this. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90
Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

The zombies get this as a chance, and to protect themself from this investigation, they try to run away from the convenience store, but the brave police guy stops them at gunpoint and finally arrest them. While on the other hand, we see Goten and Kinto’un on their way to school. In order to cover the remaining distance from the schools, Goten gets off Kinto’un and decides to get there by bus.

The reason he did this is that he wanted to let them know that he is coming to the school far away, and it is a secret as well. On his way, he sees Chok, who is waiting for him at the bus stop. Chok asks him that is he really lives this far from school because he has never seen him outside the school at any place in the town.

In order to keep his secret, Goten lies to him and says that he doesn’t like to come out of the home as much as the other students do. Later in the chapter, we see Fayla, Goten’s classmate, who asks him about Trunks.

She asks him, as Trunk is older than him, how they suppose to know each other and how he is on good terms with Trunk. Goten replies to her question by saying that he and Trunks’ family have been really close for a long time, and this is the reason why he and Trunks grew up together since childhood.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90
Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

After getting her answer, Fayla request asks him to request Trunks to ask her hand as his partner in the upcoming dance party that is coming the next weekend. Although Chok thinks that Trunks might have already selected his partner for the party because he is very famous and girls always want to befriend him.

Goten reveals that this is not the case, he still has didn’t ask anyone to go with him to the dance party, but he is about to Mai for the same.  Suddenly from nowhere, Dr. Hedo’s Beta No 7 stands in front of the bus, and it stops. Then Beta No 7 calls out for Goten and asks him to come out of the bus, and also reveals that the knows he is a Sayanman.

At this time, Chok also noticed that this was the reason why a lot of people had been following Goten for a long time. In order to help Goten escape from the bus, Chok opens up the window of the bus and asks him to leave. Goten gets this chance, runs towards an alley, and uses his wristwatch so that he can transform himself into the Saiyanman X2.

Now Saiyanman X2 comes forward to help the children on the bus. This is where Chok and Fayla notice that Saiyanman only shows himself when Goten disappears, and they are never at the same place at the single time. Later, Saiyanman X2 defeats Dr. Hedo’s Beta No 7 without much effort. 

Later in the chapter, we see Mai joins the conversation, after noticing something, asks Trunks if he is okay to be her partner in the upcoming dance party this weekend, and as expected Trunks, he accepts her offer. After that, we see that Mai notices a spy bee flying around her and Trunks in the room. This bee is none other than from Dr. Hedo, who listened to their whole conversation and gets really excited about knowing that Clean God himself will attend the party. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90
Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

After this, Dr. Hedo decides to give up on the mission to find the disc and now wants to o the party. Here Alpha 12 notices that anyone would be only allowed to enter the party only and only if they are with a partner and too with a female partner. 

The scene changes to the school, where we see that Trunks tells Goten that he is very happy because he doesn’t have to reveal to Mai that he is one of the Saiyanman and things have gone smoothly. As Trunks is going to the party with his crush, this is why he drops Goten’s idea to play games and goes to buy a dress to wear to the party. 

As Goten wonders how to respond after Fayla’s question, Mai warns him not to reveal, says that they are being watched or something, and shows him the spy bee, and if he reveals his true identity or where he lives, it is over for him. Mai also thinks that these Androids from before had been watching them all this time everywhere. 

This time, Goten also notices that they know where he is and then sends their androids. Later Mai remembers what Beta No 1 had said to them. It revealed that he was made by Dr. Hedo. After searching for some time, Mai finds out that Dr. Hedo s someone who is an expert in the Androids. 

As nobody knows the true hideout of Dr. Hedo, Mai decides to lure him by something mentioning a more interesting plot and then decides to mention the Clean God Dance Party because she is familiar with the fact that he is a big fan of the hero. 

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