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Who is Young Thug Dating? All About His Spicy Personal Life

Young Thug dating

Let us today discuss Young Thug’s dating life. Jeffery Lamar Williams, popularly known as Young Thug, is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to rap. Recipient of several accolades hit the headlines when he and Gunna were arrested in connection with RICO charges. Amidst this, there is something else that is doing rounds on social media. People are speculating whether the 30-year-old rapper is dating someone or is still single.

His fans are always curious about knowing even a tiny detail about him. And when it comes to dating and love life, no one can put a hold on themselves. So, here is the scoop on Young Thug dating, current girlfriend, kids, and much more. Stick to the end to know everything about his love and dating life.

Who is Young Thug Dating?

Social media is scorched with the murmurs of Young Thug’s girlfriend. The social media buzz begs the question, who is the current girlfriend of the 30-year-old rapper? So, answering your question, some reports claim that Young Thug is head over heels with his fiance Jerrika Karlae. However, some dating sites claim that Young Thug is in a relationship with a singer called ‘Mariah The Scientist’.

Young Thug dating 2022

Is Young Thug Dating Mariah The Scientist?

Anything about his relationship is still under the veils. But we must tell you the rumor that has set everyone’s tongues wagging. The entertainment galore is abuzz with the murmurs of Young Thug dating his fellow singer named Mariah The Scientist. Speculations were rife for quite some time when Mariah was publicly seen carrying the message of ‘Free Young Thug’. Not only this, Mariah has recently posted a picture of roses on her official Instagram handle.

Within no time, her fans chimed into the comment section and guessed the roses were sent by her beau Young Thug. However, some doubted this theory as the thirty-year-old rapper was put behind bars. Not only Young Thug but Gunna (rapper) has also been put behind bars in connection with the RICO charges, and they are awaiting the trial that is supposed to happen in January next year.

Young Thug girlfriend

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Does Young Thug Have Kids?

It seems that the rapper loves to keep his personal life under the veil. The reason behind this is when you google about his past relationships, wives, and kids, you will get no answer. But don’t fret, today, we have managed something for you. Some people are curious to know whether Young Thug has kids or not. According to the hearsay, Young Thug was in a relationship with a girl when he was seventeen years old. Unluckily, her girlfriend got pregnant, and she gave birth to her firstborn.

However, Young Thug successfully kept the identity of his girlfriend and his firstborn under the veils. Some more published reports even claim that Young Thug has three daughters. But the identity of their mother is still unknown. Whether her girlfriend is the mother of his three daughters or did he adopt these kids is still a mystery.

So, this was the scoop on Young Thug dating. Stay tuned for the daily dose of entertainment as more is coming your way.

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