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What Happened To Marilyn Monroe’s Body After She Died?

What happened to Marilyn-Monroe
Marilyn-Monroe, Credits: Variety

Who doesn’t know about Marilyn Monroe, she was an icon for decades. She was one of the most famous actresses of the 20th century, being called the major diva, she was a global star and had a huge fan following.

Despite her death, Monroe remains one of the beloved and enduring figures in the world, especially in pop culture she is one of the most inspiring and loved actresses the world will ever witness.

Therefore being an American actress, singer and model, she was very famous in terms of the kind of roles that she used to play in the films she used to do. 

Popularly famous for playing ‘blonde bombshell’ characters, mostly in the films she was seen as a sex symbol and was therefore offered characters of that sort in any film.

She was one of the highest-earning actresses in America, in terms of her personal life, she had been very much involved in numerous scandals, but the fact that she never got an academy award or even a nomination for what kind of contribution she played in the Hollywood industry was a bit shocking to everyone and it is still.

However, it is still in question regarding how she died, what was the reason for her downfall and her death, and the most questioned thing ever what happened to her body after her death.

This article will thus give you every detail regarding what exactly happened with the actress, how she died and what happened to her body after death everything.

What happened to Marilyn Monroe? Her Downfall explained

Marilyn Monroe was the icon of the 20th century, she had a very successful career, but before her death, she faced a lot more controversies and downfall in her career, in terms of the work she was doing, the films that she was doing were not attaining the hit level, and even many critics were criticising or mocking her in terms of what kind of role she had in the film.

what happened to Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, Credits: NewYork Post

Her substance abuse was a major deal in her downfall, she used to consume drugs which became a very huge source of controversy in her life and one of the causes of her downfall, which eventually led to the deterioration of her mental health, and her behaviour.

She was linked to having affair with President John F. Kennedy and was also linked with his brother Robert Kennedy apart from being married thrice, which was also seen as a very controversial and declining thing in her life, which made her remain professionally active in screens very limited.

Having controversy and problems with Fox productions and she failed to show up on film sets, even causing her huge life problems, therefore she struggled to find work and resort to drugs mostly thus affecting her mental health even more.

How did Marilyn Monroe die?

Marilyn Monroe was the biggest icon in the industry which no one can forget, she died in her Los Angeles home on August 5, 1962. The official cause of her death was an overdose of drug pills.

And therefore it was listed that she committed suicide by consuming a heaving overdose of barbiturate poisoning, also according to reports and experts it was stated that she consumed a large number of sleeping pills which took her life in the end.

With the fact that empty bottles were also found nearby her bed and also the dosage in her body was way more than the normal limit, it became clear that she committed suicide.

However, also the thing that she even struggles with mental health issues and was facing huge problems plus behavioural changes and all of the downfall in terms of her professional career that she was facing portrays the fact regarding how she died.

what happened to marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe, Credits: NewYork Post

What happened to Marilyn Monroe’s Body After She Died?

Well, as per rumours it was stated that Marilyn’s body after death was abused by some people at that time, it was also rumoured that her body even went missing. 

But the credible version that she was buried and put to rest at Crypt No. 24 at the Corridor of Memories. However, right next to her crypt, playboy’s owner Hugh Hefner who died in 2017’s Crypt is found. The owner himself wanted to be placed next to Marilyn, even though she never worked with him.

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