Who is Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend? Former Partners Make Shocking Revelations!

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Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend
Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend

What do we know about magazine mogul Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend? Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner took the entire world by storm after launching the magazine that raised too much attention. As Hefner found Playboy back in 1953 the magazine soon went on to become the largest-selling men’s magazine in the world. So much so that it sold as many as seven million copies a month! The mogul passed away at the age of 91 in 2017. Now, after a while later, the newest docuseries is making some shocking revelations about the Playboy Mansion and Hefner’s personal life.

Several women have come forward with claims that include allegations of drugging and grooming young girls and making them work as per Hefner’s will. So much so that some of these former girlfriends have described the Playboy founder as a vampire who had sucked the life out of young girls! Former partner Holly Madison has called it a cult-like atmosphere inside the Mansion. Crystal Hefner has come in her late husband’s defense stating that a lot of these women speaking out negatively wouldn’t be where they were if it wasn’t for Hefner. Let us unravel all the details and lesser-known facts about Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend. 

What Do We Know About Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend?

Hugh Hefner’s then girlfriends include Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson. While the late mogul has been gaining media limelight acted some of his former flames have made some smoking revelations. These details turn around some dark facts about their relationship with the mansion mogul. Contrary to Madison’s claim of Hugh being verbally abusive to her, Crystal, who also was a former Playboy model, claimed that Hugh was humble and kind to everybody.

Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend
Hugh Hefner

While some of his girlfriends have defended Hefner’s name, former partners including Holly Madison has admitted that it was toxic and how they were rather stuck in an unwanted situation and feared that their private pictures will be leaked. Hefner’s widow Crystal Hefner also made similar claims as revealed to have found and later destroyed thousands of disposable camera photos of women who seemed to be largely intoxicated.

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Hugh Hefner Made An Early Revelation About His Girlfriends!

The late business mogul admitted that while he dated brunettes and even married one, he always had a soft spot for blonds. Hefner earlier explained that since the end of his marriage, all of his girlfriends have been blonds. Many have pointed out how most of his girlfriends looked identical and had similar features including signature blond hair. Take a look at Crystal’s tweet as she made a big revelation about her late husband and founder of The Playboy magazine.

Madison also revealed that the mogul’s girlfriends were not even allowed to visit their families unless it was during actual family holidays. These women had to follow a rule while living in the mansion that forbade them from having any boyfriends outside of their relationship with Hugh. It was not the same for Hefner as he had maintained multiple girlfriends at once.

Hugh Hefner’s Ex-Girlfriend Makes Grooming Allegations!

In the newest docuseries based on the life of Playboy mogul, one of Hefner’s ex-girlfriends Sondra Theodore claims that he groomed her. When they foray met at a party, Sondra was just 19 and Hefner was 50. In an exclusive interview, Sondra admitted that Hefner groomed her into bringing other women for five long years. adorable and their beauty just washed away. We were nothing to him. mansion hosted group sex events, fuelled by drugs, five nights a week.

Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend
Hugh Hefner With His Girlfriend

Sondra further adds that Hefner kept painting this fairy tale to her and that he had his way of twisting her world badly. She admitted that while they all wanted to come out with their stories, however, they were blocked eventually. Holly Madison also made similar accusations and even compared living in the Mansion to being in a cult. She went on to admit that things spiraled down at the very end of their relationship. 

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