What Is The Real First Name of Marilyn Monroe: The Tragic Story Behind It Might Shock You!

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What is the Real First name of Marilyn Monroe

Iconic actress, model and singer Marilyn Monroe needs to introduction! But ever wondered what the real first name of Marilyn Monroe is. The celebrity has not only dominated the industry with her meticulous acting but has created a name for herself during the 1950s and early 1960s as a major icon! Several books, movies, and other media adaptations are based on the late icon’s life, and her style has been a piece of timeless beauty for generations! However, the actress led a rather tumultuous personal life that was subjected to some brutal events, and that is how the star emerged stronger than ever. Many interesting facts came up in her unfinished autobiography, My Story. 

She has been credited with being emblematic of the era’s most beautiful figure. Not to forget, Marilyn Monroe was a top-billed actress for almost a decade as her movies went on to gross a whopping $200 million!  You might be surprised to know that the actress’ first real name was not Marylyn Monroe! However, the actress who was known for her looks, charm, personality, and her bold approach towards things had a rather tragic childhood, and she often associated her real name with the traumas that were induced upon her. Let us take a look at all the answers to What is the Real First name of Marilyn Monroe. 

What is the Real First name of Marilyn Monroe?

Believe it or not but the iconic actress’ real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. Monroe initially went by Norma Jeane Baker and Norma Jean Mortenson for most of her early years.  The actress’ had a tragic childhood, given her mother was eventually diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was admitted to a mental health facility.

What is the Real First name of Marilyn Monroe

This unexpected turn of events forced Monroe to move around to various foster care and orphanage houses during much of her childhood. Not only did her mother disappeared from her life, but the actress was even subjected to assault at such a  young age. The actress was married to Jim Dougherty in an attempt to save herself from the orphanage situation; the marriage, however was a short-lived affair and lasted only for four years.

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The Actress Had A Tragic Story Associated With Her Real Name!

In a few chapters of My Story, the late icon implied that she was never really able to relate to her given name. While not happy with her first name, the actress wanted to opt for a name that would be identified with her empowering and cohesive identity. It seems like Monroe unconsciously associated her former name with feelings of abandonment and neglect. Have a look at this movie scene. 

Monroe earlier admitted that she yearned for her father’s name as he allegedly abandoned her while her mother was still pregnant and never tried to look back or connect with his estranged daughter in person. In her autobiography, the late star implied that her name reminded her of something unwanted and somewhat of a shy and orphanage slave or a little servant girl. It was then when she decided to become her true identity, and this started by changing her name. This first step was taken after Marilyn signed with Century Fox, and there was no looking back for the star. 

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There was no looking back after the star signed a movie contract with Twentieth Century Fox. However, the casting directors informed Monroe that she would need a more glamorous name than her former name Norma Dougherty to make it big in the industry. You might not know that, but it was Fox executive Ben Lyon who suggested the first name Marilyn in the first place.

What is the Real First name of Marilyn Monroe

The suggestion was inspired by the Broadway actress Marilyn Miller. Miller rose to fame during the 1920s and 1930s. After Marilyn, she added her last name; it was her mother’s maiden name. It was finally in 1956 when the legendary star legally changed her name to that of her alter ego, Marilyn Monroe, and the rest is history!

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