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The Live Chapter 118 Release Date: Valoc The Demon King

The Live Chapter 118: Volac The Demon King
The Live Chapter 118

The Live Chapter 118 continues after Baek is defeated by The King of Angels and the fragment is stolen. The King of the Angels is moving with his group heading the land between the Human and Demon Island. Kim meets the Dragon Human to learn about something. The Dragon Human asks Kim if he has met someone before he arrives. Kim replies yes, and reveals that he met with Dragon Human in the Middle Area. He realizes that the Dragon Human with beards is different from the one he met before, and he is stronger. 

The bearded Dragon Human laughs and thinks it is misleading when someone says he is not a regular Dragon Human. He reveals the different abilities of Dragons and admits that he is a regular Dragon Human. Kim asks him what he is curious about something. The Dragon Human takes Kim for a walk since he wants to make Kim learn why he arrives at the special palace. Kim asks about Zahar and why he is the King of Human Dragons. He also asks the Dragon Human about the fragments that he is guarding. The Dragon Human asks Kim if he has come to retrieve the fragment. 

Kim wonders what he should do even though his mission is to retrieve the fragment. He talks about Holy Grail within fragments, and they have clues to his quest. The Dragon Human asks Kim what he will do if he refuses to give him the fragment. Kim thinks to himself and realizes that the Dragon Human is not someone he can fight and win against, and it was not written in his diary. He tells the Dragon Human that he believes he is worthy of receiving the fragment. The Dragon Human reveals that even though Kim has passed Valoc, it doesn’t mean he is worthy to receive the fragment. 



Previously on The Live Chapter 117

Kim wonders if Valoc is amazing, and the Dragon Human wonders if Kim has encountered “him” earlier. Kim realizes that the guy he faced b before has an immortal body, which was tough, and the energy around him is stronger than that of the Dragon Human. Dragon Human reveals that Volac has been weakened. But he has shackles that one of them is enough to seal the Demon King for eternity. The Dragon Human also reveals Valoc’s stretching, which has been lowered ten times his true strength. Kim wonders if Valoc was one of the Demon Kings. 

The Dragon Human believes that Demon King is the failed creation of the “Old King.”He admits that Valoc was the Demon King and the “Key.” But Valoc needs to be the worst Key which made the old King create a being second strongest after him, and that is how Valoc was created. However, Demon King Valoc was s defeated and became in a state where he met with Kim before Kim arrived at the special place. The Dragon Human wonders why the Holy Grail took that decision.  

He realizes that he talked too much and tells Kim not to worry since he will give him the fragment for free, and he was joking with him when he said he wouldn’t give it. He introduces Kim to a pair of Demon Wings. Kim wonders if the secret room was built to welcome a Demon. The Dragon Human reveals that Demon Wing is a symbol, but the secret room is where the fragments are stored. The two talked about Angels and Demons and their relationship with humans. The Dragon Human unlocks his powers, gives Kim a fragment, and tells him to swallow it. 

Kim and The Dragon Human

Kim and The Dragon Human

The Live Chapter 118 Release Date

The Live Chapter 118 will be released on 23 September 2022. The Dragon Humans realize that mighty people have come and sent Kim out after swallowing fragments. Kim reunites with the crew as they are about to encounter mighty warriors in the next chapter. You can also check out The Live Chapter 118 latest updates. 

Read The Live Chapter 118 Online – Raw Details

You can read The Live Chapter 118 online on different websites. The Live latest chapters and updates are available on different unofficial websites since the manga’s official website is yet to be announced. But you can find new chapters online every Thursday. Let’s meet after The Live Chapter 118 is released.

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