Is Stacy Arthur Really Dead? The Truth Disclosed

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Stacy Arthur
Stacy Arthur

Is Stacy Arthur Really Dead? Questions and rumors regarding Stacy’s death have popped up on the internet more than just a few times. The release of The Playboy Murders Episode 2, “All That Glitters,” on January 31, 2023, has increased the internet’s interest in Stacy’s life. It’s not that unbelievable since the topic itself is a complication for fans and the industry. Not only is Stacy’s death a complication, but also her life. 

Born on June 4, 1968, in Naperville, Illinois, Stacy’s full name is Stacy Leigh Arthur. Her interest in modeling from a young age led to her participation in the 1990 Mrs. America contest, where she won the title of Mrs. Ohio. Though we don’t know when exactly she married James Alan Arthur, by 1990, she already had a kid with him. Working for Playboy Magazine, she won the Playmate of the month title in January 1991.

As per reports, she was also available on Playboy’s 900 calling service where she made $3 per minute for attending calls. But when she picked up James Lindberg’s call, she never knew it would lead to her husband’s death. Our primary focus, for now, is the death of Stacy Arthur, so let’s see the detailed disclosure.

Is Stacy Arthur Really Dead?

According to different reports, Stacy Arthur died on April 5, 2019. Trading Card Database mentioned the date, stating she died in her 50th year. Holly Madison’s show, The Playboy Murders, also says that she died sometime in 2019. Her IMDb page also mentions her death on the same day. But other than these sources, there is no information available on her death, and no media sources reported it.

The lack of more authentic announcements makes people believe it’s an allegation and that she might still be alive. It is believed that she died of a short illness, but we don’t know what kind. Stacy disappeared from everywhere after the suit against Playboy. She was nowhere to be found, which might be why her death didn’t receive any attention.

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Stacy Arthur
Stacy Arthur, Credit: YouTube

Playboy fired Stacy for filing a suit against them, alleging that staff members raped her. It happened sometime between October 1991 and February 1992. October 1991 was the same month his husband James was shot and died on the spot. Let’s see the details of the worst time of her life.

Stacy Arthur’s Rape Allegations And Last Known Appearance

She last appeared publicly on TV shows in 1992, where she filed a $70 million suit against Playboy and three of its staff. According to the suit, two guards and one butler drugged and sexually abused her in the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. However, the accused said it happened with Stacy’s consent when she was in her senses.

Nobody knows what happened, but channels said there were differences in Stacy’s stories. In such cases, it could be a hundred different possibilities. The staff members might have settled their story, or Stacy’s allegation might have been a lie all along. Leave the final closure; we don’t even know if the suit ever received legal importance to go to court. However, we do know that Playboy fired the three for violating company terms and having sex under office hours.

How Did Stacy Arthur’s Husband, James Alan Arthur, Die?

James Alan Arthur died of a gunshot from a guy named James Lindberg. Lindberg entered into Stacy’s life as a Playboy Premium 900 caller. But he became obsessed with her, so he started stalking her everywhere. On a random day in October 1991, while Alan was on his way to go somewhere, he was shot twice as soon as he got into his car.

He tried to run away, but two more bullets were at his back, and he couldn’t move anymore. Police arrived at the scene after the neighbors reported the gunshot, and they found Lindberg in the parking lot with a bullet inside him. He was alive at the time but died in the hospital, taking the reason behind his deed to his grave.

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In a matter of a month, everything changed in Stacy’s life with an alleged suit and her husband murdered. Completely heartbroken, Stacy had nowhere to go, especially when she had her child to take care of. Let’s hope nothing similar ever happens again and await new updates. Meanwhile, do watch The Playboy Murders; it has more detailed information.

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