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Al Thaman Episode 20: Streaming Guide, Release Date & Spoilers

Al Thaman Episode 20 preview
Al Thaman Episode 20 Release Date

We have got a streaming guide and release date for Al Thaman Episode 20 here. Al Thaman, a popular Arabic serial, is gearing up to premiere its 20th episode on February 5. This series, Al Thaman, is an adaptation of the Turkish series “Binbir Gece,” also known as “1001 Nights” or “Love Remains,” which aired in 2006.

The plot of the series centers around Sarah, a single mother and talented architect. She joins a reputable construction firm, where she meets Zein, her manager, who doesn’t like women and openly hates them due to some events in his childhood.

The first episode of Al Thaman aired on January 8. After only one episode, people were captivated by the show. People praised the cast, which included renowned actors such as Basel Khayyat and Razane Jammal. It did well not only with Arabs but also with foreign audiences.

People have been fascinated by Al Thaman, especially Sarah, the main protagonist, who goes to any length to provide proper treatment for her child who has Leukemia at such a young age. The daily challenges she has to endure in balancing her work, her obnoxious boss, and her family. The emotions are well-portrayed in Al Thaman, keeping viewers hooked till the end and anticipating what will happen next.

Al Thaman

Al Thaman Episode cut (Source: MBC1)

Sarah displays as a strong, independent single mother looking for work despite previous experience. She was in difficulties because she was a widowed mother. She appears to be an unmarried woman and joins as an architect in the new construction company. When her son’s immune system continues to deteriorate, the doctor recommends a bone marrow transplant, but the procedure is overly expensive.

To afford her son’s urgent treatment, Sarah pleads with Zein to lend money as a debt. Zein offers to help her on the condition that she spends the night with him in exchange for the money she has requested. This builds an unfavorable bond between Sarah and Zein.

The Cast of Al Thaman:

The series ‘Al Thaman’ features prominent artists of the industries. They have earned popularity for their previous works in Lebanon and other Arab countries. The main cast includes Razane Jammal, Basel Khayyat, Sara Abi Kanaan, and Nicolas Mouawad.


Razane Jammal is a British-Lebanese actress who started her career when she was 15. Her major works include the Netflix series Paranormal and films such as Carol, which premiered at Cannas film festivals. Her recent work includes DC comics The Sandman (2023) as Lyta Hall. She has worked on many British, French, and American projects.

Al Thaman, Sarah still cut (MBC1)

Basel Khayyat is a Sayrain actor and a recognized name in the Arab industry. He is known for playing challenging roles and proving this acting skill to the world. He is active in television, theatres, and movies.

Sara Abi Kanaan is a Lebanese actress who has been in the industry since she was 11 years old. She has won many awards for her acting in tv series. She is the first Arabic actress nominated for an Emmy in 2018. Nicolas Mouawad is a Lebanese actor and television personality. He is actively involved in both the US and Arab industries.

Al Thaman: A Quick Summary 

Sarah’s attempts to obtain a loan for her son failed, she contacts Mr. Ibrahim, the grandfather of Ibrahim, but he refuses to help. Zein begins to be harsher with Sarah by increasing the pressure at work. She learns that the only way to help her is to sacrifice herself. When Zein learns about Ibrahim while visiting the hospital for a charity event, his guilt intensifies.

Al Thaman (MBC1)

The corporation reconsiders its rigid maternity policy to help Sarah. While Sarah considers leaving the firm, Zein apologizes for his mistakes and makes sacrifices to keep Sarah in the company. Zein sympathizes with Sarah and begins to have feelings. To get closer to Sarah, Zein uses the exhibition as an opportunity. Zein’s mother now expresses displeasure with her son’s feelings for Sarah.

Al Thaman: Episode 20 Release Date

On February 5, 2023, the 20th episode of Al Thaman will premiere. Each episode is 45 minutes long.

Where To Watch Al Thaman Episode 20?

The 20th episode of Al Thaman will be available on MBC Shahid. To watch Al Thaman, you must purchase a subscription which starts at $8.49. There are numerous series, movies, and other programs available on the website viewers can enjoy.

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