Modern Family Filming Locations: Where the Eye Catching Houses are Located?

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Filming Locations of Modern Family
The American Television Family- Sitcom Modern Family

Love Family sitcoms? Then you would have watched Modern Family, one of the fan-loved series that has won fans’ hearts since 2009. Created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, the modern family features an amazing cast and an intriguing Plot. However, what makes Modern Family different is the lavish houses where the families live in. The location of the houses is wonderful, and fans have always got curious about where these houses are based in.

If you are one of those Modern Family viewers who are eager to know everything about the Filming Locations of Modern Family, we have got you covered! But before we begin, here’s a bit about the American Television series Modern Family.

As the name suggests, Modern Family takes you to the world of different kinds of families that resemble real-life modern families, be they nuclear or same–sex. Each family has a different scenario and is going through its hurdles. However, the families are entangled with the family of a wealthy businessman, Jay Pritchett, the seniormost member of the Pritchett family. 

There are three important families featured in the show, and all of them live in three different houses, considerably far from each other, in the city of Los Angeles. Modern Family houses and other eye-catching filming locations have always been part of the discussion on the internet, so here is everything you need to know about Modern Family’s film sets.

Modern Family Filming Locations in the Glorious City of Los Angeles

In the series, it has already mentioned that all the families belong to Los Angeles, one of the gorgeous cities in California and the home to Hollywood. As many movies and series get shot in this city, even Modern Family had the option to shoot at different amazing locations, but it went for the studio instead.

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According to IMDB, 20th Century Studios, formerly known as Fox Studios, is based in Century city, just west of Beverly Hills was the main shooting location of Modern family for all eleven seasons. Century Studios is also known for filming many prominent movies such as Avatar(2022), Trolls (animated movie), and The Barbarian (2022).

Most of the interior scenes are taken at the studio, but for the location change, for taking minor shots, creators have covered many different exterior locations in Los Angeles.

20th Century Studios
20th Century Studios (Fox Studios), where Modern Family was filmed

For example, the scene when Haley and Alex help Santa in the shopping mall was shot at the Westside Pavilion Mall based in Los Angeles. Also, the location of Luke and Manny’s school in the show is Palisades Charter High School, based in Los Angeles, California.

Now, the part you have been waiting for! The location of the houses featured in the show. The modern family was not entirely shot in 20th-century studios. As mentioned earlier, many different exterior locations make the visuals of the show eye-catching, and the location of the houses of all three families is one of them.

However, the most important concern is if the real properties were part of the set or if there was a mere artificial set that served as a backdrop. Well, it is thrilling to know that there was no artificial set formed for the show, but all the properties were real-life houses instead, and they are located in Los Angeles and in the nearby areas of L.A.

1)  Jay and Gloria’s Lavish Mansion

Jay, being a wealthy businessman, was expected to have the bigger and posh property, and makers could not find a better villa than the Brentwood Property, the opulent mansion that contains five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

As many scenes were filmed in 20th-century studios, Jay and Gloria’s house was not fully visible in the series as it is much bigger than anyone could ever think of. The premium location, Brentwood, where many wealthy locals live, makes this property more status worthy.

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Modern Family - Jay and Gloria's House
The lavish mansion where some scenes of Jay and Gloria’s house were shot

The Brentwood mansion was built in 1992 and was sold in the year 2013 for $7430000 and is based at 121 S. Cliffwood Ave., Brentwood, California. If you are a big Modern Family fan, then Jay and Gloria’s mansion is the most recommended Modern Family set to visit.

2)  Claire and Phil’s House – The Dunphy House

The dream house that any family craves to live in. The perfect cozy vibe where you feel comfortable while spending the most amazing time with your loving family, Claire and Phil’s house will give you such feels.

The modern but vintage Dunphy home is based at 10336 Dunleer Dr., in Los Angeles, CA. Again, the pleasing Modern Family L.A.-based house location just made a special space in fans’ hearts.

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Claire and Phil's house in Modern Family
The house where Clair and Phil’s family live in Modern Family

The Dunphy house contains a total of two living rooms, two bathrooms, and four bedrooms and is the dreamy place for any nuclear family.

3)  Mitchell and Cameron’s Vintage House

Mitchell and Cameron’s house is the inspiration for all those who want to build a homely and charming place for a family of three. Mitchell and Cameron have always shown living happily with their daughter, Lily.

Mitchell and Cameron’s House - Modern Family
Mitchell and Cameron’s Sweet Home

Mitchell and Cameron’s house is located at 2211 Fox Hills Drive, in Century City, CA, the nearest house to the 20th-century studios. Mitchell and Cameron’s house is one of the vintages in the show and was built in 1929. 

Filming Locations Outside of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, had always been the primary location to shoot the whole Modern Family series, including 11 seasons. However, there are several other places other than Los Angeles where the shoot for some scenes has happened.

The noteworthy scene is when the entire family vacationed in Hawaii to celebrate Jay Pritchett’s birthday.

There are several other locations, such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the Pritchett family travels, and Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena, where Phil takes his kids to show that he helped build the place in the past, and became notable Modern Family filming locations.

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