Is Shloka Mehta Pregnant? The Ambani Family Update

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Akash and Shloka
Akash and Shloka

Shloka Mehta is a member of the Ambani family, one of the wealthiest and most influential families in India. She is the daughter-in-law of Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and largest shareholder of the conglomerate company Reliance Industries, and his wife, Nita Ambani. Born to Russell Mehta, the leading Diamantaire of the country, Shloka has witnessed competitive business and growth in a stressful market since a very young age.

Shloka is known for her philanthropic work and is the co-founder of the non-profit organization ConnectFor, which helps match volunteers with NGOs in need of support. In addition to her philanthropic efforts, Shloka is also highly educated, having received her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Dartmouth College and her Master’s degree in Law from the London School of Economics.

Is there a little one on the way for Shloka?

In March 2018, Shloka Mehta married businessman and fellow billionaire Akash Ambani in a lavish and highly publicized ceremony in Mumbai. The wedding was attended by high-profile guests worldwide, including Indian politicians, Bollywood actors, and international business leaders. Since her marriage, Shloka has become more active in the family business and has taken on a more public role within the Ambani family.

Shloka Mehta
Credits: India Today

Overall, Shloka Mehta is a successful and well-respected member of the Ambani family, known for her philanthropic work and role in the family business. Despite her family’s wealth and influence, she has remained down-to-earth and dedicated to giving back to her community through her charitable efforts.

Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani, both members of the wealthy and influential Ambani family in India, have a love story that has captured the attention of the media and the public. The couple first met when they were in school and have known each other for many years. According to Akash, he was immediately drawn to Shloka’s intelligence and kind-hearted nature.

Over the years, the couple’s relationship grew stronger, and they became close friends. Eventually, their friendship developed into something more, and they began dating. After several years of dating, Akash proposed to Shloka, and she happily accepted. The couple’s engagement was celebrated with a lavish party attended by high-profile guests worldwide.

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Shloka and Akash
Credits: Instagram

In March 2018, Shloka and Akash tied the knot in a lavish and highly publicized wedding ceremony in Mumbai. The wedding was attended by thousands of guests, including Indian politicians, Bollywood actors, and international business leaders. The ceremony was held at the Jio World Centre and blended Indian and western traditions, reflecting the couple’s modern and cosmopolitan outlook.

Since their marriage, Shloka and Akash have enjoyed their new life together and become more active in the family business. They have also continued to support various charitable causes and have become well-respected members of the Ambani family. Overall, their love journey has been a fairytale romance and a true inspiration for many.

Sharing her deep love and affection with her better half, Shloka was blessed with her first child in 2020. After much gossip and assumptions, the couple confirmed to the public that they were blessed with their baby boy in December 2020. With their family’s blessing, the couple named their firstborn Prithvi. Nowadays, the air around the Ambani family hush about “A new addition to the family means Prithvi will be the eldest?”

Prithvi's Second Birthday
Credits: Hindustan Times

Shloka’s recent appearances with her family have raised some eyebrows. People are in wonder that is Ambani’s lime-light couple on the verge of expanding their family and gifting their first son a sibling. If this speculation is true, then it is likely that we’ll be seeing another grand and lavish welcome to a new life in the Ambani family. A look into the recent party in the family, celebrating Prithvi’s, Shloka’s first born, second birthday, let the netizens doubt that Shloka might be on the verge of welcoming her little joy of bundle again.

Despite the recent rumors regarding Shloka being a mother for the second time, there has been no official confirmation either from the couple or the Ambani family. While Shloka and Akash seem to be in eternal love with each other, there have been no official signs that the couple is expanding their family.

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For the time being, we can see that the couple is focusing on their careers and their contribution to the family business. Shloka has a lot of social media following and praise from the masses for her work for the social well and NGO world via her organization ConnectFor. While Shloka and her partner might look like they are expecting their second child, we are eagerly waiting for the couple’s statement verifying this recent discovery.

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