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Little Women Episode 4 Release Date: The Game Has Begun

Little Women Episode 4 will be filled with more twists and turns. The sisters are all facing their dark times. In Kyung on the verge of getting fired due to her drunk actions in front of Park Jae Sung’s house, In Joo trying to figure out the entire situation with the money and In Hye whose heart bled while selling off her painting to Park Hye Rin, however, had to do it as she never wanted to become a burden to her sisters. 

Meanwhile, Park Jae Sung is in for a strong game and he is in no mood to back off. Hye Rin’s parents has no plans to invest in In Hye’s career. Even if they sent her to the Arts Schools, certainly that will not be with the intention to make her an artist. 

Little Women Episode 3 Recap

Director Shin’s death caused a shift in the situation. Someone tampered with his car breaks leading to his tragic death. In Joo tried to revive him by performing CPR and within that time the ambulances also arrived. 

Little Women Ep 4

Do Il And In Joo

Meanwhile, In Hye went to Park Hye Rin’s party to celebrate. In Kyung went there and somehow in the process to bring In Hye out from there, a scene was created. It seems Park Jae Sung has planned it big to make his daughter’s career, with In Hye just being a scapegoat in it.

She was just being used to fulfill his ulterior motive. All information regarding In Hye was sorted out, except for her sisters, one of them being a reporter and ironically In Kyung suspects Park Jae Sung to be the mastermind behind many other crimes. 

Little Women Ep 4

A Still From The Series

On the other hand, Do Il got the CCTV footage from the bank where the footage showed Hwa Young managing 20 slush funds accounts. The day before she left for Europe, Ha Kyung shifted the money to other accounts and withdrew 2 billion won in cash.

Now, Do Il was sure that it was meant to give to someone else. Some acquaintance or someone important in her life. 

“You Are Already In Trouble”

When Do Il prescribed In Joo to blame Director Shin, she asked him if it was a threat or not. To this, he mentioned how he doesn’t need to threaten her as she is already in trouble. 

Little Women Ep 4

In Joo Escaping Won Sang Woo’s Place

In Joo tried to put aside whatever happened and wanted to start afresh. However, she went to meet Won Sang Woo after witnessing his name in one of the letters that Hwa Young left behind. 

After meeting the fellow outcast, In Joo expressed how the money wasn’t making her happy the way she thought. Instead, it was making her anxious. To this, Sang Woo told her to spend the money. Buy whatever she desired for the day when she would have so much money. 

Little Women Ep 4

A Still From The Series

A sudden appearance by Do Il made them anxious and In Joo escaped the place with the help of a harness. 

In Joo went to Park Jae Sung’s house to have a word as they were planning to send In Hye abroad along with their daughter. However, her role will be just of an acquaintance. In Joo’s expensive shoes and cash worth 70 million made his wife suspect. 

Little Women Ep 4

In Joo Confronting In Hye

In Kyung found a clue regarding the orchid from the CCTV footage. She found the money that In Joo was hiding in the kimchi containers. In a confrontation with her sister, In Joo and In Kyung stand as opposites. 

Preview Of Episode 4

In Kyung is trying to gather more information about the orchid. It was noticed how there was an orchid-related book in Park Jae Sung’s house. Moreover, Do Il seems to have a bigger motive in this entire scenario.  

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Where To Watch Little Women Episode 4? Online Streaming Details 

Little Women Episode 4 will be available on its original network, tvN. For international fans, the drama is streaming on Netflix. For that, you need to buy the subscription plan. You just need to choose which plan suits you the best, and then you are all set to watch Little Women. 

When Will Little Women Episode 4 Release?

Little Women Episode 4 will release on 11th September, 2022. The drama has already made a mark for itself for its storyline and acting by the cast. The series has its way of expressing certain situations, especially the undertones where the influential feels that they can do anything is placed quite well. 

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