What Happened to Taylor Kinney? Why Did He Leave Chicago Fire?

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Why Did Taylor Kinney leave Chicago fire
Why Did Taylor Kinney leave Chicago Fire

The famous performer Taylor Kinney, known for his portrayal of Kelly Severide in the renowned NBC production “Chicago Fire,” has taken a break from the show, whose duration remains undisclosed. In March 2023, the show’s creators revealed that Kinney’s character would be temporarily absent from Firehouse 51.

Most enthusiasts of the enduring drama have become familiar with witnessing Kinney’s persona in each installment. Nonetheless, the week before, the program’s executives declared that Taylor Kinney should take a momentary break from the series, inducing fans to expect about his character’s destiny.

Tyler’s sudden departure has left the Chicago Fire writers in a state of fury as they work to incorporate this change into the latest episode smoothly. Despite the setback, the team maintained the show’s momentum by introducing a new plotline focused on Severide’s departure for arson investigation training in Alabama.

Taylor Kinney, the actor playing Kelly Severide, left abruptly, causing fans to speculate about his status and how long he’ll be absent from the show. The production team has not disclosed details, leaving viewers uninformed about Kinney’s eventual comeback.

What Happened to Taylor Kinney: Why Did He Leave Chicago Fire?

Reports indicate that Season 11 of the popular television show Chicago Fire started airing in September 2022. The season brings a notable shift as Jesse Spencer, one of the main cast members, leaves the show to pursue other endeavors.

Taylor Kinney
Taylor Kinney Credits: Fox News

Spencer’s departure surprised many fans, given his integral role in the show’s success. He made a guest appearance at the end of Season 10 for Kelly’s wedding to Stella Kidd, where he served as the best man, but he hasn’t appeared since then. Along with Spencer’s exit, it was later announced that Taylor Kinney would also take a break from the show.

Following Spencer Taylor Kinney’s decision to take a break from the show, announced in January due to a “personal matter,” one of the key characters will be absent temporarily. Kinney has not shared any additional information about the reason for his departure or the date of his return to the show, causing fans to speculate about the future of their favorite character and how the show will progress without him.

A former star of the successful TV series “Shameless,” he has consistently supported “Chicago Fire” since its debut in 2012. His role as Severide is admired as one of the program’s most complex and cherished characters, recognized for displaying courage and perseverance during difficult situations. With his exceptional acting ability, this native of Pennsylvania has captivated viewers over numerous seasons.

Taylor Kinney as Kinney Severide in Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney as Kinney Severide in Chicago Fire (Credits: NBC)

Kinney took a short pause from social media and hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since December 2022. Fans eagerly await updates about his future on the show, but he hasn’t revealed any potential developments.

Even with the uncertainty of his involvement in the long-standing drama, Taylor expressed appreciation for being part of an iconic production. His contributions undeniably played a major role in the show’s success and popularity.

Chicago Fire TV show
Chicago Fire TV show (Credits: NBC)

Kinney expressed gratitude for his involvement in the grand show during an interview with US Weekly in May 2022. He stated that “he conveyed his humble appreciation to the Chicago Fire team and his dear friend and executive producer of the show, Dick Wolf. Kinney acknowledged the opportunity to be part of the wonderful show and recognized the team’s persistent dedication and hard work that contributed to its success.”

“The actor anticipates the upcoming season 11 with great enthusiasm. Although the script details remain undisclosed, the star trusts the team’s proficiency to present an intriguing storyline. With the premiere approaching soon, the actor eagerly awaits the show’s new chapter.”

Fans of the show hope for Kinney’s swift return and how the show navigates the departure of a crucial character. In the interim, tuning in is the only way for them to stay updated. Kinney’s absence creates uncertainty, and how the show will compensate for his departure remains to be seen. Viewers eagerly await his potential return to the show.

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