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If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12: Release Date, Streaming Guide And Preview

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 will reveal more secrets regarding the patient in Room No. 403. The way team Genie handles the wishes of every patient is so endearing. 

Jun Kyung is still thinking about bringing Gyeo Ree back into her life which is not possible. Seok Joon, on the other hand, had his one-sided feelings and it kind of hurt him even more than Jun Kyung always wanted Gyeo Ree in her life ( though her relationship is toxic). The drama has many angles that are still under wraps and we will get to witness them in the forthcoming episodes.  

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Recap

The episode starts with a flashback and takes us back 20 years. Tae Shik was driving back home with his wife and son, however, halted due to a call from Yoon Ki Chun.

If You Wish Upon Me Ep 12

Seo Yeon Joo And Gyeo Rye Visiting Mr Kang

He seemed a bit anxious, though told his wife to return with their child as he has some business to complete. His wife wasn’t pleased with all after hearing the name of Tae Shik, however, Tae Shik insisted.  

Meanwhile, at Ki Chun’s place, it didn’t seem that anything business related will the discussed over there.

Later on, Tae Shik received a call from the hospital that informed him of the accident of his wife and child. 

If You Wish Upon Me Ep 12

Team Genie With Mr. Song

Coming back to the present, Tae Shik has regained consciousness, while Gyeo Ree and Seo Yeon Joo are relieved to see him.

Gye Ree insists he takes the chemo for the last time. He even teased him that they will all him and head towards Mokpo. How he will have to live to fulfill as many wishes as he can. 

Meanwhile, something suspicious was going on in the hospice. Choi Deok Ja saw the patient from Room No. 403 and it seems nobody else knows that he has gained consciousness.  

On the other hand, Gyeo Ree feels like he saw someone who resembles his sister, only to know afterward that it wasn’t her.  Seo Yeon Joo wanted him to just call her so that he will be less anxious.

If You Wish Upon Me Ep 12

Seok Joon Amd Jun Kyung

However, Gyeo Ree wasn’t on board to take that step. It is interesting how Gyeo Ree and Seo Yeon Joo perceive a situation differently. For him, the effort is never enough, however for Seo Yeon Joo there are more things that don’t require effort in this world, like how she fell for him, even though Gyeo Ree never tried that hard. 

Team Genie was off to fulfill yet another patient’s last wish, this time it was of Mr. Song. On the journey, Tae Shik, mentioned how he is not as fine as the doctor has mentioned about his cancer. 

Though Gyeo Ree told him to take the chemo, for Tae Shik is an extremely difficult and painful process. 

The team reached Lee Gil Young’s place however his wife informed him that he lives in a different place. Mr. Song, wanted to know about his husband’s life after he was released from prison. 

To this his wife mentioned how life was difficult for him after serving 22 years wrongfully in prison, as later on the real criminal was arrested. 

Meanwhile, Jun Kyung woke up to see Jang Seok Joon by his side, however, she only wanted to know about Gyeo Ree’s whereabouts. She suspects that Seok Joon has a crush on her and even tries to kiss however she rejects the advancement. 

Mr. Kang was regretting how Mr. Song’s last wishes were not completely fulfilled. Meanwhile, finally, Gyeo Ree sneaked into Room No. 403 and at that moment the patient became hyper and kept saying that he already told sorry. 

Preview Of Episode 12

Everybody in the hospital couldn’t figure out what exactly happened in Room No. 403 as according to them the patient was always unconscious. Meanwhile, we will also get some Gyeo Ree and Seo Yeon Joo moments.

Where to Watch If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12? Online Streaming Details 

If You Wish Upon Me will be broadcasted on its original network, KBS2 ViuTV. For the international audience, the drama is available on the Rakuten Viki app where you will get the content in various languages and Wavve.  

To avail of the drama on the Rakuten Viki app, you will have to buy the Standard Viki pass. Choose whatever plan suits you the best to get the best experience.  

When Will If You Wish Upon Me 12 Release? 

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 will be released on 15th September 2022. Only a few episodes are left before the drama ends. 

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