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The Return Of Superman Episode 448 Release Date: Meet The Cast

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The Return Of Superman 2022

The Return of Superman is not just a children’s show. It is usually addressed as a reality TV show that lets you take a peak at the celebrity families. This show helps the viewers recognize celebrities as normal people when they usually feel distant. Since 2013 when it was added to the Happy Sunday line-up on KBS, it has received immense support. 

The Korean TV series, also known as Superman is Back, was initially a segment from the Happy Sunday line-up. Before the premiere, the show used to air only as the Chuseok special. Chuseok is the widely celebrated mid-autumn harvest festival that takes place in South Korea on a full moon day in the 8th month according to their lunar calendar. Due to being a festive show, it has nostalgia associated with it, which is why people watch it to this day. 

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The Return Of Superman Cast Members

Since the show started, many well-known faces were seen on the show. Yoo Ho Jeong was the narrator during the first two episodes of Chuseok Special and the next one had no narrators. From the season premiere, Chae Sira joined as a narrator and continued till the 27th season. From then, the narrator position was filled by Shin Ae Ra in the 28th episode and Heo Su Gyeong in the 38th episode. Currently, the popular singer Yuk Joong Wan and the actress So Yoo Jin narrate the show.

Since the premiere, many participants have left including Kim Jung Tae, Jang Hyun Sung, Uhm Tae Woong, Choo Sung Hoon, and their families. In the last few years, famous faces appeared in the show including Park Joo Ho, a professional soccer player, along with his daughter Park Na Eun and son Park Geon Hoo. In 2021, Sayuri Fujita made an appearance with her son Zen Fujita, and Shin Hyun Joon was present with his two sons Shin Min Joon and Shin Ye Joon, and daughter Shin Min Seo. 

In 2022, Kim Dong Hyun, the famous martial artist and television personality, is present with his wife Song Hu Yul and children Kim Dan Woo and Kim Yeon Woo. From the 440th episode onwards, interior designer and television personality Jasson will be present with his wife Hong Hyun Hee, and son Ttongbyul. This year, the show is set in Seoul. 

The Return Of Superman Show Format

The South Korean reality show features fathers and their kids who are left to their shenanigans. Set in the celebrities’ real houses, this show shows how celebrity fathers take care of their kids. Mothers are told to leave the kids to their dads for 48 hours while cameramen hide all over their homes. Mothers usually write down tasks for the fathers to complete while taking care of the kids. Along with the fathers, sometimes other family members or friends also make an appearance. There are new celebrity families shown after a set of episodes. 

Before each episode, the parents are interviewed instead of the kids who are too young to speak. In the interview, they are asked some questions related to the show.

The Return of Superman Episode 448 Release Date

episode 448

Jasson And His Wife Hong Hyun Hee

The 448th episode of the much loved Korean reality-variety series The Return of Spiderman is set to release on 16th September 2022. The series was first announced to be broadcasted on KBS on 17th October 2013. Currently, it airs on KBS2 at:

  • 9:15 pm KST on 16th September 2022, Friday
  • 5:45 pm IST on 16th September 2022, Friday
  • 8:15 am EST on 16th September 2022, Friday
  • 5:15 am PST on 16th September 2022, Friday
  • 7:15 am CST on 16th September 2022, Friday
  • 10:15 pm on 16th September 2022, Friday

How To Watch The Return of Superman?

Besides its original network, it can be streamed online from the Viki app as well. The app offers a subscription plan that starts at only $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year along with HD access and an ad-free viewing experience.

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