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The Only Way Is Essex Season 29 Episode 7: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

The Only Way Is Essex Season 29 Episode 7 - Release Date Is Out!!!

Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The Only Way Is Essex Season 29 Episode 7 is all set to release now. The fun reality series The Only Way Is Essex, which was conceived by Tony Wood and Ruth Wrigley, the 10-part soap opera explores the lives of several characters in the Essex-based community. Don’t be fooled; although the most recent season has been marketed as the thirty-first, it is actually the postponed 29th season.

But now that season 29 of The Only Way Is Essex has begun, six episodes have already been broadcast. Here’s a recap of the show’s events in case you missed them. The Essex returned from vacation on August 21 in full swing. However, the festive spirit did not lessen the turmoil that surrounded them. 

The Only Way Is Essex Season 29 Episode 7

The Only Way Is Essex Season 29 Episode 7 Release Date

The Only Way Is Essex season 29 episode 7 will release tomorrow. Yes, the upcoming episode is all set to be released the following day, i.e. on 2 October, 2022. In the sixth episode, Pete will be the main character because he is taking his job as the Love Guru very seriously. His criminal accomplice Lockie will be back soon. Sims will experience fresh starts this time.

The Only Way Is Essex Season 29 Cast

The previous episode, episode number six, was released on September 25, 2022, and received an overwhelming response among the fans.  The season’s first episode aired on August 21, 2022. On August 28, the second episode aired, then on September 4th, the next episode premiered. On September 11th of last week, the fourth episode aired, and on Sunday, September 18, the sixth episode debuted.

Where To Watch The Only Way Is Essex Season 29 Episode 7?

ITV BE airs The Only Way Is Essex Season 29 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, and ITV2 UK airs it at 9:00 pm BST. Both Prime Video and Hulu offer streaming access to the ITV2 soap opera. You can therefore complete catching up on your missing episodes before the next episode drops on Sunday.

What’s happening in this new season of The Only Way Is Essex?

Amber and Dan, Essex’s very own Ken and Barbie, appear to be becoming more obstinate even though it is only the first episode. Dan suddenly becomes a hot subject of talk as a voice note spreads that implies he became a little too comfortable with one of Amber’s least favorite people and one of the most unexpected people. Even though the drama may seem to be ended at this point, it is only the first episode. Lockie may be making significant moves in the interim. Jordan, a friend, accompanied him on the journey. Additionally, he is striving to restore his friendship with his ex-girlfriend Yaz. 

The Only Way Is Essex Season 29

She welcomes Junaid, a familiar figure in Essex and a good friend of hers. When it comes to his former buddies Courtney, Chloe M., and Amber, where do Junaid’s loyalties lie? What’s he contemplating? After multiple arguments, Amy and Billy might be going through a tough patch. Amy is putting the adage “absence actually makes the heart grow fonder” to the test with Billy to see if it’s true or if it’s all just a lie. Saff is approaching the age of 30, and although she isn’t particularly looking forward to it, it is unavoidable. So how is Saff going to get ready for her birthday?

The Only Way Is Essex Season 29:Episode 4-6 Recap 

Dan and Amber struggled to maintain their composure as Ella’s famed voice note became the talk of the Caribbean Island. Jordan got ready for Ella’s first date. The Great Gatsby, who has just returned from Los Angeles, is waiting for Dani with open arms. The tension between the Girlband and the Bitches is at an all-time high right now since they don’t get along. Additionally, Courtney gave in and contacted Junaid to extend an invitation to her birthday party.

The Only Way Is Essex Season 29

Unresolved conflict persists in Essex in the fifth episode as Courtney celebrates her birthday. However, that is put on hold when word spreads that Yaz was involved in a serious auto accident. Chloe contacts Junaid as well. Ella is concerned about this new development because it might have an impact on her new friendship group.

Saff is moving out of her parents’ house and into her own apartment as she turns 30. But since Saff doesn’t even know where she’s moving to, it’s impossible to predict how her dad will react to the news. Diags’ transition to managing Plumb Point may not be going well. Will he crumble under the strain of failing, or will he show everyone how good he really is by displaying his management abilities?

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