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Why Did Murray Leave The Goldbergs? Where is He Now?


Last Updated on September 27, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Having premiered for the first time on September 24, 2013, “The Goldbergs” is an American sitcom television series that blossoms on the aching past. If there is anything that locks viewers’ attention for a suspiciously good amount of time and gives any given production an extra punch, it has to be nostalgia. “The Goldbergs” is a resemblance of the time capsule for the 80’s kids that takes the viewers on a trip back in time to introduce the fictionalized family created by Adam Goldberg. 

Every sitcom cast member has done full justice to their characters as they all got their chance to beam. While in the hometown of Jenkintown, the kids Adam, Barry, and Erica engage in all sorts of preadult hood adversities, their peremptory mother – Beverly, who also exhibits the traits of being sympathetic and supportive, does her very best to keep her family in line. Then, of course, there is Murray, a.k.a. Jeff Garlin, who lives up to the reputation of being the typical 80’s patriarch dad. 

However, despite coming back with yet another regaling series, there is one missing element that the fans are having a hard time wrapping their heads around: the sudden exit of Murray. In the season 10 premiere, the dramatic absence of Murray was addressed wherein the viewers found out that the leading character Murray had been killed off. At the show’s commencement, Adam broke the news of their father’s death with a heavy heart and concluded his narration, saying that they all will love him forever.  

Jeff Garlin’s unanticipated dismissal from his character- Murray, has sparked a heat of controversy, and viewers are eager to know to find the reason behind his dramatic disappearance from the show.  

What Caused Murray To Leave The Show? 

As season 9 of the sitcom series “The Goldbergs” rolled on in December 2021, Jeff Garlin’s departure from the show had already been confirmed. Murray, a.k.a. Jeff getting fired, had nothing to do with his performance as an actor or even finances, for a matter of fact. Rather, his disruptive and abusive behavior caused him to lose his character Murray once and for all.  

Jeff Garlin got fired from “The Goldbergs.”

The department of human resources investigated his behavior, and it was later brought to light that Jeff would throw verbal abuses toward individuals on set. It was also confirmed by “Deadline” that Jeff was physically abusive. The word of his exit spread like wildfire, and people quickly celebrated Jeff’s loss from “The Goldbergs.” 

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What Does Jeff Have To Say About His Exit From The Show? 

Jeff Garlin has been pretty candid about his departure. Just before the premiere of the new season, Jeff Garlin made an announcement on Instagram about “bipolar disease being an m************.” People are oblivious about how long Jeff has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder though it is hoped that he is under good treatment.  

How Does Season 10 Of “The Goldbergs” Begin? 

It was assumed that Season 10 of “The Goldbergs” would look like a laboratory test with no idea how the show would proceed without Murray’s character. However, the show did come to fruition on September 21, without Murray, and the show is doing good so far.  

At the show’s beginning, the characters are seen sharing their childhood home again. Their mother, Beverly Goldberg, was no exception. While Erica has finally conceived and is bearing a child, she moved back in after getting married to Geoff, who has been Erica’s longtime lover.  

On the other hand, Adam begins to prepare for his college life, with Barry coming back after his acceptance to medical school.   With so much on the line, it will be interesting to see how the series unfolds without Murray and continues to excite the viewers with the remaining cast members. While Murray’s exit from the show is a big loss, his exit is pretty much justified considering his behavioral misconduct on the show. 

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