Is Ryan Graves Related To Adam Graves? Answered

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Is Ryan Graves Related To Adam Graves?
Adam Graves and Ryan Graves (Credits: Getty Images)

Ice Hockey is a popular sport throughout the world, and it is played at a grand level under NHL tournaments, and many professionals participate in such games. If you are into sports and are fond of Ice Hockey tournaments, then you must know Adam Graves, a former ice hockey champion. He has been in this game for only a couple of decades and left with high scores and many accolades. Graves started his career in 1986 when he was just an early teenager.

He was honored with one of the prestigious awards for being the best player in the 1993-1994 season of the NHL. On the other hand, there is Ryan Graves, former Uber CEO, and a billionaire. Both of them have the same surname, because of which fans often ask Is Ryan Graves Related To Adam Graves? Read on to get your answer. 

Who Is Ryan Graves?

Ryan Graves is a US-born billionaire who was once the CEO of Uber. He was a member of the board of directors and the CEO of one of the largest mobility services providing companies. Currently, he is associated with Charity: Water, Pachama, and Metromile as a member of the board of directors. He must have some equity in the company.

Also, he is the CEO of his family office – Saltwater. Ryan’s career started as an employee at General Electric, a Boston-based multinational company. Soon, he got an internship at Foursquare and grabbed a permanent job.

Adam Graves
Ryan Graves, the former CEO of Uber (Credits: Getty Images)

In 2010, Uber, as a start-up, started hiring people, and Graves was the first one they hired. Travis Kalanick, who is the co-founder of Uber, tweeted, “Here’s a tip. Email me :)” Graves responded and got placed as general manager. He was capable enough for the co-founders, so he grabbed a place as a COO. In 2019, Graves resigned, but he already owned 32.9 million shares in Uber. Later he invested $50 million and entered Metromile as a member of the directors. Also, he founded Saltwater, and currently, he is focusing on his business.

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Who Is Adam Graves?

Adam Graves, or Adam Scott Graves, is a Canadian-born former hockey player. He has been in the profession for a couple of years, from 1987 to 2003, and ended his career with more than 300 goals. During his playing career, he played for three teams, San Jose Sharks, Detroit Red Wings, and Edmonton Oilers, and played in 10 seasons of NHL with a professional New-York based hockey team, New York Rangers.

Graves is better known for his excellent sportsman spirit and determination towards the game. Adam started his career early when he was 12 and participated in Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament with his team, Wexford Toronto.

Adam Graves
Adam Graves, a former professional ice hockey player (Credits: Getty Images)

After that, he joined King City, Ontario, and played for six years. In 1986, his work started getting highlighted as he joined Detroit Red Wings and made an entry in NHL. In the 1987 NHL season, he scored 45 goals, and his hard work started getting highlighted. He was playing for the Spitfires, but in the 1987 season, he played for Detroit. This way, he started his fantastic ice hockey career and became a professional.

Currently, he is an instructor at the club in which he successfully played for ten seasons in NHL which is New York Rangers’ Youth Hockey Camp.

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Is Ryan Graves Related To Adam Graves?

Adam Graves and Ryan Graves are not related to each other in any terms. They are neither siblings nor distant relatives because there is no evidence proving that they relate to each other. On the other hand, if we talk about their family, Adam Graves was born to Robert Henry and Lynda Sophia Graves.

Also, he has two older sisters and no brothers, which gets us directly to the conclusion that Adam and Ryan aren’t siblings. Ryan Graves is married to Molly Graves and has welcomed four kids together. On the other side, Adam Graves is married to Violet and is a father of four kids (same as Ryan).

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