The Greatest Rappers of All Time [Updated 2023]

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All Time Rappers
All Time Rappers (Credit: Getty and Instagram)

When it comes to music genres to listen and enjoy how one can forget about rap and its effect on the human mind, well raps are one of the best ways to send a perfect message to society. Rappers all over the world are appreciated for their raps and the particular messages they send to society.

Rapping is the best way to let the audience know about those emotions that they hold inside them and can’t let go of. Raps provide a way where one can understand how emotions can be worded up and used as a source of music.

Nicki Minaj
All-Time Hit Rappers Nicki Minaj is a hit Female Rapper (CC: Instagram Account Nicki Minaj)

There is a famous rapper all over the world who has been recording the best raps of all time, and no doubt that their fan adores them and can give their life. Well, Billboard comes with a record of those raps and rappers who never give up when it comes to giving the best of their music life.

If you are one of those fans and audience who are obsessed with rap and music and then here you can watch how raps and rappers have a mind-blowing record. We would like to recommend to our audience one of the best rappers of all time in the history of Billboard.

Rick Ross

Rick is one of those rappers who include themselves in a category of hustlers who have hustled their whole life. As per the record, her has released many raps in the media and he is one of the best rappers of all time. He has accepted many offers like Diddy Bad Boy and Irv Gotti Murder Inc. 

As per the record, he has released many debut albums in history which might give you goosebumps and so on. He was born in Mississippi and raised by his family in Florida.

Rick Ross
Rick Ross (CC: Getty)

He was in an occupation where he worked as a correctional officer, and in interviews, he told the media that he was not satisfied with his job title and work. He chooses his passion over workload, and he was always into music since his childhood.

If you have listened to his raps, then you must know that he was one of the best rappers of all time, and he has contributed to the music his way of talent.

Rev. Run 

When it comes to the best rappers, how can we forget about Rev. Run, who can be seen as one of the best rappers in the music industry? As per records, he founded a member ground and founder of the hip hop group named Run-DMC, which was one of the biggest hits at that time.

He got his popularity when he came into the media on MTV reality show. When he got his popularity, the show was named Runs House, where his role was well appreciated by the audience and fans.

Run-DMC (CC: Oprah Daily)

His real name is Simmons, and he was born in the year of 1964 in New York. His brother is also a co-founder of the records named Def Jam Records. As per his personal life, he was married to Valerie Vaughn as his soulmate.

After that, he gains married Justine Jonne in the 1994 year. He has four kids, and one of them is adopted. As per his income and net worth, he is wealthy and right now lives with his family in a luxurious house where he and his wife are taking care of their kids. He adopted a vegetarian lifestyle in 2017 as he believed that his god wanted him to adopt it.

Melle Mel 

Melle is one of the rappers and songwriters who comes with a history of many songwriting. The Grandmaster Flash is one of the best songs he has written in his career and history life. As per the record, he started performing when he was in his 1970 era.

He was one of the first rappers who called himself by the unique name MC, which means masters of ceremonies. In his gang of Grandmaster and Flash, he has recorded many songs with fantastic raps.

Melle Mel
Melle Mel (CC: Getty, 65th Grammy Award Show)

He got a hit in his career with his song named the message, which was appreciated by the fans and audiences. In his history of songs and raps, he has gained well recognition.

The message was one of the hip hop records he has with maximum appreciation by the audiences. He became the later leader of the furious gang and started writing songs and rap for the gang. He was also recognized for his role in the movie named Beat Street.

MC Lyte   

In the history of rapper, where male was also dominant, MC Lyte comes with a breaker. She is one of the best female rappers of all time; her bold voice and notes are what make people worth listening to. She gained fame in the year 1998 when she became one of the first female solo rappers. As per the record, she has released eight studio records in the music industry.

MC Lyte   
MC Lyte (CC: Instagram Accont mclyte)

She has contributed to the music world with songs like Cha Cha, Ruffneck, and Poor Georgia. She is well recognized for all these related and many more released. If you have great taste in rap songs, then you can go ahead with choosing music and songs of MC Lyte.


His real name is Jason Terrance, and Jadakiss is his stage name; he is popularly known among the industry and fans by his stage name only. He began his career in the era of 1990, when he was one of the members of The Lox trio.

He leaves the band and trio in 199 so that he can pursue for better future. He started to sing and record his records. Fortunately, his records started selling at a good rate.

Jadakiss (CC: Instagram Account JADAKISS)

He has done many internships related to his hip-hop career so that he can be experienced in what he is doing. At a very early age, when he was 12, where he started his career and attracted the attention of the party.

He impressed Mary Blige, who was impressed by his lyrics and wanted him for his studio and singing. His future after that becomes secure, and now he comes under the most talented and better rappers.


His real name is Tracy Lauren, and he is the son of Alice Marrow. He is American and African identity due to his mother and father, who has married each other with different religion and background.

At a young age, he was bullied for racism, and people used to bully him for being different than them. Racism affects his life badly, and after a while, he becomes aware that people might hurt him just because he different color complexion than them.

Ice-T (CC: IG Account icet)

He was also in the army, and after leaving the army, he decided to stay away from gangs and the army. He decided that he would make his name famous so that no can could hurt him. He started receiving the invitation for rapping and singing after a while.

He has been seen on the screen as a songwriter, singer, and rapper. He was also interested in movies and worked in a few too. He has worked with Eminem, Tupac Shakur, and 6 in the morning. His raps recognize with a touch of guitar and strong lyrics.

Queen Latifah 

Latifah is an American rapper who is a singer and also an actress. She has received many awards for her work and talent. Some of the awards she has received in the past are the Primetime Emmy award and Grammy award.

She became the first hip-hop artist who has received the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it was meant to be a big award for any celebrity out there. She has released many of the albums, such as All Hail the Queen, which was released in 1989 year and other albums like Black Reign are one of the hits.

Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah (CC: IG Account queenlatifah)

Her life as an actress changed when she got a chance to work for the Set of Off movie in 1996 year. Even after those successful movies, she gets an award titled as an academy award for best supporting actress. She has worked in many HBO series and gets recognition for her supporting roles.

Bun B 

His real name is Bernard James, and his professional name is Bun B he is most popular by his stage name, so everyone recognizes him by his Bun B name. he is one of the best-known rappers in America, and he has released many solo albums into the market some of them are included Music industry prices.

Bun B 
Bun B (CC: IG Account burnaboygram)

As per his personal life, he is one of the freemen who was born in Texas, and after a while, he met Pimp C, who raised him in Texas. One of his albums named, TRILL OG, has got many hits, and he realized how much important it was for him to get into musical groups.

He is married to Queenie, his kids are also rappers, and one of them is well-recognized for his work. American rapper Young B is one of them. Once, he had shot an intruder who came to his house which the intention of stealing and robbing his house. One of the hots albums is Trill and Return of the Trill, which is famous amongst the audience and fans.

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His real name is Reginald Noble, and he is famous for his stage name named as Redman, one of the American rappers and DJ. He has another profession also, along with being a rapper named Actor and producer.

One can say that Redman is a talented person who got many the profession so that he can live his life to the fullest. He was recognized for his work and collaboration with one of his closest friends named method man. He was raised in Newark, and he has completed his studies there.

Redman (CC: IG Account redmangilla)

If you are one of the biggest fans of Redman and you still believe in old-school raps and lyrics probably, you are one of those 90’s kids who are always nostalgic to these raps and never stop ranting about how much you praised these rappers over your social media handles, and it is pretty fine. One can praise and give respect to what they think and feel is safe for us and our generation.


Earl Stevens is his real name, and he was one of the best American rappers of all time; his nickname is E-40. He is one of the American rappers and a wide member of the group named the click. Even he was also a member of the sick wide, where he recorded many of the records.

He has released a total of 26 studios where he has appeared in many of the soundtracks, and his appearances were the best in the rapping industry. In his career, he has collaborated with many of the mainstream rappers. E-40 got popular when he released one of his mainstream songs and album named Tell me when to Go, which got a huge hit.

E-40 (CC: IG Account e40)

He was raised by his stepmother with his other sibling. He got into the hip-hop world, as he started getting into music when he was in the 4th grade and started playing drums and snare, which kept him interested in rap and music. He was also in the music and basketball kind of things.

Dr. Dre

Andre Romelle Young is his real name, and he is professionally named Dr. Dre in the rapper world. He is one of the rappers in America and even a record producer when it comes to profession. He is multi-talented and can be seen in more than one profession.

He is also the CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and also co-founder of death row records. His raps target street violence, and he has been famous for his work in the rapping world. One of his albums, titled Doggystyle, is one of the biggest hits of all time.

Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre (CC: IG Account drdre)

In his interview, he told the media that he was inspired by Grandmaster Flash, and his favorite is one of the songs named Flash on the Wheels of Steel. He used to attend clubs, and he once met an aspiring rapper at that time named Antoine Carraby, where he found that he also wanted to be a rapper.

There are many albums and songs that people can recognize by his title; some of them are Keep their heads Ringin and Above the Rime. As per his net worth, he is well recognized for his healthy lifestyle, where he has brought a house, and one can mention that luxury word here. He is one of the richest musicians in 2015 ear as per records.


Christopher brian bridges are his real name, and he is recognized by his stage name named as Ludacris. He is an American rapper and actor who can be seen in many hit Hollywood movies. He is also recognized for his role in the movie titled Fast and Furious, where he played the main lead role as a drag racer.

He started rapping at an early age, and he moved to Atlanta and began his rapping career from there. As an actor, he is best known for his role as Tej Parker in the movie titled Fast and Furious.

Ludacris (CC: IG Account Ludacris)

He has also played many roles in television history. Some of them are, Crash which was released in 2004 year and Karma’s World. Even he has worked for some of the Netflix series, where he has gained publicity through his amazing acting and roles. Ludacris is also a private pilot, and it is news and information that might be new to his fans.

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For his contribution to the music world, he has won many awards and some of them the grammy award and the critics choice Award. He is one of the most award winner singers and rappers of all time in the music and television industry.

Gucci Mane

He is an American rapper known for his hip-hop music records and albums. His real name is Radric Delantic Davis, but his stage is Gucci Mane. He is well known for his records and album collection all over the world. The first album of his, named Trap Music, is one of the hits over there. He has worked for many studios and released his best albums and music in the music industry.

Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane (CC: IG Account laflare1017)

He was also in prison and has a police record where he was arrested for cocaine charges and even sentenced to 90 days in the police station. His life is real chaos when it comes to legal charges; he was on the police records many times. In self-defense, he hurt many people, and for it, he got sentenced to a few days in jail. He was famous for his rap and music records.


His real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, and he is famous for his stage name Common. He is an actor and also a rapper who has contributed his talent to the music and cinema industries equally. He was well known for his one of the mainstream names. Can I borrow a dollar? And get a huge success after it.

After that, he achieved more of it by releasing water for chocolate. He was nominated for Best rap album in the rapper music competition and also won many awards.  Even he has got selected for the best granny awards, and one can say that he is one the most talented rapper.

Common (CC: IG Account common)

Common was born in the era of 1972, and his parents are teachers and lecturers by job. He was one of the best basketball players. In his music career and industry, he has written and played many of the raps, which was well appreciated by the people over there. In his personal life, he belongs to America, and he chooses to be a vegan.

Yasin Bey

He is well known by his stage name Mos Def; Yasin Bey is his real name and only documented in the paper. Audiences and fans know him for his singing and rapping skill and even by his name Mos Def.

His hip-hop and rapping career starts from the year of 1994. He was always surrounded by people who were into rapping and hip-hop culture too, so it is pretty obvious how he came to this world of hip-hop.

Yasin Bey
Yasin Bey (CC: IG Account Yasiinbey)

In his raps, he is vocal about police brutality and the real cause in the country, which causes peace to the public in another sense. He has a big fan following when it comes to attendance which loves and adores him for his work and raps. In his raps, he can be seen maintaining the real cause of chaos in the country’s people.


Future is his stage name, and he is well known by his real name, too; his real name is Nayvadius DeMun Cash. He is an American rapper best known for his raps; the audience also recognizes him by his stage name, Future.

He comes under the most influential rappers. His raps consist of the issues faced by the generation, which is why he is famous for his work and raps. The current generation loves him for his contribution, as his words ignite confidence in them.

Future (CC: IG Account Future PLUTO)

Future has seven kids who are from different women and has also adopted a kid; he loves all his kids equally. He is also in legal issues when it comes to child support, where his wives sued him for not paying enough money in child support. He has faced many legal issues when it comes to kids.

Chuck D

His real name is Carlton Douglas, and he is well named for his polarity. His nickname is Chuk D, and he is one of the best-listed rappers of all time. He has been in many studios before releasing his major hits.

Some of the biggest hits of his life are Supergroup Prophets of Rage. One of the albums he realized that got a big hit was Autobiography of Mista Chuck.

Chuck D
Chuck D (CC: IG Account mrchuckd_pe)

One of his works with the public enemy is what he is most recognized for; he has won many granny awards for his work. The best award he has received is the lifetime achievement award.

As per his personal life, he has two kids, and he lives in California with his family right now. He was known for his work and rap in the music industry. Chuck D has a huge fan following; even today’s generation is also into his kind of music.

Busta Rhymes

Busta’s real name is Trevor George Smith Jr., A well-known rapper and American producer and actor. Who has been in many of the professionals? In his music career, he has received more than 11 Grannies awards and is one of the nominated artists in the award show.

Which shows that he has a real talent that the public appreciates in him. He has gained many of exposure to music from senior artists and is known for his work in the music industry.

Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes (CC: IG Account bustarhymes)

In his personal life, he has been in many legal issues and has been there in jail. So basically, he also falls under the category of those rappers who are also active in legal issues. He has six kids, and right now, he is taking care of them all. He is not open to an LGBTQ community because, once in his interview, he was uncomfortable over the topic.


His real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. He was born in the year 1980 and is well known by his stage name T.I. He is a well-known American rapper, and his upbringing was done by his parents in Atlanta.

He is known for his hip-hop rap and trap music. He has been in jail before and sentenced to many months in jail. Meanwhile, it was recorded that his legacy record might be harmful to him and it may cause him a category of defame.

T.I (CC: IG Account troubleman31)

He has been part of get hard and the Marvel cinematic universe. Many audiences may recognize him for this work for sure. He has also been in the grand hustle, where he played his role very well.

His music career has had many ups and down from 1996 to 2000 year, and he has recorded many records. Some of them are Trap Muzik and Mac Boney; he has realized many of the songs also in the music industry.

Lil Kim 

She is one of the goddesses of the rapping world and one of the best female rappers known by her stage name Lil Kim. Her real name is Kimberly Denise Jones, but she is well known by her stage name among the audience and her fan following.

In the American television world, she is also a reality show personality, where she has well played her role as per the record; she was born in new york and is well known for her career. In her teenage days, she was blessed with her freestyle rap style.

Lil Kim 
Lil Kim (CC:  IG Account lilkimthequeenbee)

She was inspired and influenced by the rapper named Lady Gaga and Mc Lyte. Her music career started with an album she released in the year 1996 named and titles as Hard Core. She has also completed her singles named Not Tonight and Crush on You. Many of her singles and raps got selected for the Billboard Hot 100.

Lauryn Hill

Her real name is Lauryn Noelle Hill, and he is one of the songwriters, actresses, and producers of all time. She is one of the most influential rappers of all time.  She is one of the breakers who break the rule of females not being a rapper.

She breaks all the barrio for all female best rappers out there. There were some rules and regulations for all the rappers out there, but here she has been seen breaking all the rules. She brings hip-hop and music together with her works and melodious voice so far.

Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill (CC: IG Account mslaurynhill)

She has released many albums in the music industry and is well known for her Grammy awards. Some of the big hits were One-night Woman and Mary J.Blige. Her albums have received many critics too. She has worked with Bob Marley and has been in movies too.

Black Thought

His real name is Tariq Luqmaan Trotter, and he is well known by his stage name among the audience and in his fan following. He is one of the best rappers and songwriters, who writes his songs and raps by himself and is famous for his creativity in the music world so far.

Black Thought
Black Thought (CC: IG Account black thought)

He leads a group named MC and a hip-hop group named Robots. He was one of the most talented and skilled rappers of all time. His mother was murdered at a very young age, and it affected his whole life. He remembers his raps. He has a profile of the best rapper of his time.

As per his personal life, he has four kids with his wife Michelle; they both are raising their kids together now as they married in 2010 year. He is known for his best rap, although he is not active in the music industry. His last song was released in the year 2022 and is titled Disgusting.


Q-Tip’s real name is Kamaal ibn, John. He is famous by his stage name, Q-Tip, among the whole fan out there. He is well-recognized for his rapping talent and singing talent. In his early life, he used to be interested in Jazz and rap.

He has participated in many battles, and in where he has done many ballets in rap and music. He has done many singles, including one on the album named the love movement. He decided to move in life further when he got to know that his group was now separating ways, and he had to go with another thing in life.

Q-Tip (CC: IG Account qtiptheabstract)

He has a record of one of the movies named Prison Song, where he played his role very well. Q-Tip converted himself to a different religion Islam. He is now called by another name Kamaal. He is into a Vegetarian diet now and into deep spiritual life.

Big Pun

Christopher Lee is his real name, and he is known by his stage name, which is Big Pun, which in short means Big Punisher. He was one of the American rappers known for his hip-hop culture. He has known for his hip-hop music in the history of hip-hop culture.

In their early life, he was in a stage where he was one of the basketball players and was known for his boxing life also. In school, he was one of the sport-active people who loved to play games. He got into his rapping culture when he started loving songs.

Big Pun
Big Pun (CC: IG officialbiggun)

In his person, he has struggled with depression and anxiety also, it was a big challenge for him to deal with depression, and it was pretty clear how his life was before depression. He became obese, and it was even hard for him to tie his shoelace. He starts his rap career in the 1980 year, and after that, he never looks back then.

Method Man

His real name is Clifford Smith, and he is hit in the world by his nickname, which is Method Man in the industry. He won the granny award in the 1996 year when he was famous for his best rap performance.

Even he has appeared in many movies like Belly and how high. His career takes place as an actor, and also a rapper is what made him talented. He was passionate about sports and was a big fan of physical activities at that time.

Method Man
Method Man (CC: IG Account methodmanofficial)

His sons are also active in sports and play football as he used to in his teenage days. As per legal issues, he has been into marijuana possession, and one can watch how he has been into controversies due to these controversies for a very long time. He was also part of a gang that deals with drugs and marijuana. He also has been into controversies.


His real name is Lawrence Kris Parker, and he is most popular by his stage name KRS One; he is well known for his unique raps and songs, which always amaze people with his talent and hard work. 

He has worked with a hip-hop group named Boogie down production. He started recording his songs and raps when he realized that his name matters; his albums, like criminal mind, are one of the greatest hits of all time to watch in your life.

KRS-One (CC:IG Account teacha_krsone) 

He is also one of those rappers who can be seen active in social media and political parties. Many hip-hop artists said that he is one of the influences in their life and so on. His childhood was not that smooth, and he suffered violence and beating in his childhood. He decided to leave home when he was just 16 and, after that, lived a life of a homeless.

Kurtis Blow

Kurtis Walker is his real name, although he is known by his stage name Kurtis Blow; like all other rappers, he is also known for his stage name and his best raps that the audience love and appreciates for his work in the music industry.

He has signed with many record labels, which helped him become a great rapper of his time, and there is no doubt that he is one of the best rappers of his era. In his whole career, he recorded 17 albums, some of which get a big hit.

Kurtis Blow
Kurtis Blow (CC: IG Account Kurtisblow)

He was raised in New York City and completed his education by studying film and communication ministry, which helped him understand industry life in detail before becoming a part of it.

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At the early age of 16 where he faced issues like homeless feelings and spent his childhood like a homeless kid. Even he has ruled the hip-hop world and become one of the billboard experts.

Ghostface Killah

His real is Dennis David Coles, and he is also known by his popular stage name Ghostface Killah. He is an American rapper, and in the world of hip-hop, he is best known for his talent and hard work.

He experienced many solos works in the ear in 1994. He started his work in the field of rapper and as a songwriter in 2006 year. He was able to manage his success at a very early age.

Ghostface Killah
Ghostface Killah (CC: Getty)

If you have ever heard of Ghostface rap, then you must be from the 90s era; one can listen to his songs when they are depressed as his words might help you in coping with anxiety and stress at a certain level. We would like to recommend Ghostface Killah songs and raps to all 90’s kids out there.

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Mark Simmons is one of the most well-known rappers and singers of all time. He died in 2021 and is remembered for his rap and music, which he contributed to the world of the music industry. He began his career in the year of 1990 and continued it till he died.

He sold 251,000 copies of his first release which was a huge success for him at that time. He was on the Billboard 200 chart and one of the best rappers who sold 74 million copies.

DMX (CC: IG Account dmx)

He has also seen in some of the movies, Belly and last hour are one of those movies. Even he also worked in TV series in 2016 year; he has also published a well-written book titled The Autobiography of DMX. In which all of his life details, a fan can read and understand his life journey from his point of view.

Big Daddy Kane

Antonio Hardy is his real name, and like all other rappers, his stage name is also more popular people recognize him by his stage name Big Daddy Kane. They are a popular rapper and one the actors, and even h started his career in the year 1996 after that never looked back his entire life.

He was one of the members of the Juice crew when he started his rapping career and was skilled in MCs. One of the hip-hoppers whose song name titled Rolling Stone ranked number one in his era.

Big Daddy Kane
Big Daddy Kane (CC: IG Account official big daddy kane)

He is considered one of the golden age rappers who influenced and inspired many young rappers of his time. All rappers still remember him for being the legend of rap and songs. His raps were famous for their deep meanings and their rhythm. One can watch and listen to his raps.

Missy Elliott

Melissa Arnette Elliott is his real name, and she is known for his raps; she is one of the female rap artists who has ranked on a top hit list when it comes to popular female singers. She is also a songwriter, and after a while, she becomes a member of R&B.

She has worked on many projects like Aaliyah and Total. In 1997 year, she launched her famous album named Supa Dupa. Sock it 2 Me is one of the singles released which comes under the 20 single hit music and albums.

Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott (CC: IG Account missymisdemeanorelliott)

In her childhood, she faced many problems in Virginia; she was one of the kids who suffered financially and emotionally. She gives all her life motivation credit to her mother, who has been with her all her life and always motivates her.  

Ice Cube

His real name is Jackson Sr, and his professional name is Ice Cube; he comes from the famous American rapper. He is also an actor and a successful filmmaker. He became popular when his album got released in the year of 1988 becomes popular by, and Straight Outta Compton is one of the raps which wide preceded the whole worldwide.

Ice Cube
Ice Cube (CC: IG Account IceCube)

Other albums like The Death Certificate and The Predators are some of the albums that got many hits. It was said that he was obsessed with his music career and one of the dedicated ones. He has released many gangster rap and political hip hops that were appreciated by the public and audience.

His rap has standards, and he always uses words that give an insight to youth about political wrongdoing and how they can come forward to take a step.

50 Cent

In the era of hip-hop and raps how one cannot ever be heard of 50 Cent’s name; his real name is Curtis James Jackson. He is one of the best American rappers and also an actor. He is also a businessman who worked hard when it comes to any profession.

He began his musical career when he produced one of his musical albums, which was released in the market named Power of the Dollar. He has become famous since then and 2000 year is one of the best years.

50 Cent
50 Cent (CC: IG Account 50cent)

His first album, which was named Get Rich and Die Tyrin, is one of the best albums he released in the year of 2003. His albums can always be seen on the billboard list, which is why he is one of the best rappers. According to him, his fans have his back and support him blindly. His raps are well appreciated by the audience.


His real name is Brad Terrence Jordan, and he is popular with his stage name, which he gives to himself. His stage name is Scarface, and he is one of the most popular and most famous American rappers; he is famous for his hip-hop rap.

He is famous for his lyrics; he ranked 16 number when it comes to in the top 50. Some of his albums which get a huge successes after release, are The Diary and other one The Last of a dying breed.

Scarface (CC: BET Hip Hop Award Show)

He released in the year 2002 an album named The Fix, in which he wrote the lyrics by himself. He became the most wanted lyricist of his time as it is pretty clear how he is famous for his rap culture in the well respected. He is one of the well-known pop culture artists and is respected in the media for his genuine nature.


His real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole, and he is also known by his stage name like others. His stage name is J. Cole, and he is one of the best rappers of 20’s era. He is also a songwriter and a successful businessman. He became popular when he released one of his tapes named the come up into the Marker, and after that, everyone became obsessed with his talent.

Cole (CC: CNN)

Some of the releases were named the warm-up and the other one Friday Night, which was released in the 2009 year and after that, this album became famous and well-recognized by society.

Even he has worked in many movies like Road to a Homecoming, where he played a role of himself. In 2016 Forest Hills Drive movie was released in which he has the role of Executive producer. He worked in the last movie, named Off-season Documentary in which he played the role of himself and as an executive producer. It was one of the 2021-year movies.

LL Cool J

His real name is James Todd Smith; again, he is like another rapper he is one of those rappers with the name LL Cool J. Here, the interesting part is that his name has a meaning, it means Ladies love Cool James. Basically, his following consist of female mainly. 

He came into the limelight when he released one of his rap music named Bigger and Deffer. Other songs are Walking with a Panther; Mama said knock you out and Phenomenon. He has released many albums and hit raps from the era of 1987. He has a heartbreaking childhood where his father has shoot and nearly killed his own family. He has his traumas.

LL Cool J
LL Cool J (CC: uDiscover Music Cover)

He faced a lot of depression and mental issues due to traumatic childhood where his knowledge harassed him physically and emotionally at a certain level. He is one of the rappers who comes under the category of GOAT, which is the greatest of all time. One of his hit music, GOATS, was also released and become a billboard chart list.


His real name is William Michael Griffin; he has his stage name, Rankin. He falls under the category of American rapper and also a record producer who has produced and released many albums in the music industry. He is among the most influential rappers of all time.

He inspires and motivates people through his lyrics and raps. He is considered one of the transformational figures of all time in pop culture, and he is famous as other rappers in the list above.

Rakim (CC: HipHopDX)

Rakim, in his early days, grew up the New York, and his upbringing has done there. He wanted to be a football player, but time and God had other plans. In the meantime, he gets attracted to music and now is a rapper whose name everyone knows out there.

He joined Islam, and his new name even means God; Rakim means Allah. He was spiritually connected to Islam and chose to be a part of it.

André 3000

His real name is Andre Lauren Benjamin, and known by his stage name is mostly Andre 3000. He is popularly known for his album named Southern hip hop; he worked with Big Boi. Andre has been ranked in the category of best rapper, and he has many albums which got selected for Billboard, including The Source and Complex.

André 3000
André 3000 (CC: IG Account andre3000)

Apart from his music career, he has also worked in series like The Shield and Four Brothers. He has been active in actor life also, although he never forgot his first profession as a rapper and music writer.

Is was raised by his single mother; his mother worked many odd jobs so that she could give him a better education. He has made appearances in many other hit movies like Be Cool, and Semi-Pro is one of them.  

Kanye West

Kanye has his own nickname and stage name Ye, where he has recorded many sessions, and he is also a fashion designer. His first official release was Hip hop rap which made him popular. In a while, he got a chance to be a leader of a company named Hip Hop in 1978. One of his albums named Chyna Doll became part of the Billboard 200 chart, and from here, his real-life rapper struggle started.

Kanye West
Kanye West (CC: IG Account kanye_west)

Kanye West is the husband of famously Kim Kardashian and has always been in fame for being the husband of a model. He becomes the best rapper and gives credit to her wife for his success. But now they are both divorced and living their best life. His single titled Love London is one of the best he has in his music career.

Nicki Minaj

Nicky Minaj is a queen of real pop culture, and everyone knows her for being a rap queen. She is well known for her musical versatility and her unique way of rapping. She is one of the bold singers and a genuine person in life.

She got into the limelight when she started her career by releasing her first song, named Pink Friday. She has earned the total of a pop queen and is famous among fans. She has a big follow list on social media and topped the Billboard chart.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj (CC: IG Account nickiminaj)

Nicki has lived a life where her father was alcoholic and was toxic to her; she dared to move out of the house and became a stripper. She has siblings with whom she has lived a toxic life with her family.

Nicki has lived a life where she was a stripper, and she did not like her job, but for money, she did it. She is one of the famous celebrities in Hollywood and today’s generation.

Snoop Dogg

His real name is Calvin Cordozar, and his stage name is Snoop Dogg; he is famous for his rap. He has been famous in the music industry since 1992; he has been famous for his singing and freestyle rap. He has sold more than 20 million copies of The Chronic and has become famous in the world of pop.

His biggest achievement is that he has received 17 nominations for the grammy awards. He has won many rewards before, one of them being the Grammy Award.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg (CC: IG Account snoopdogg)

He is also famous for his obsession with drugs and cocaine. He has been famous for his obsession with marijuana, too; he was sentenced to a few months in prison also. He had married his lover named, Shante Taylor. Unfortunately, they got separated in 2004, and after that, they again got along, and they had three kids together.


His real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, and he is well known for his rapping and singing skills. He got popular after his shown named Jimmy Brooks; he has also worked on the next generation series.

His first album, thanks me later, and another one named Take Care, was released in the 2011 year. He is one of the best-selling music popular artists who are famous for their talent and rap. He has won more than 5 Grammy awards and other titles and is on the Billboard list. He has won other awards also, and some of them are billboard awards.

Drake (CC: IG Account the Drake)

He wanted to be an actor and wanted to be a celebrity when he was just 15 years old. Darke played the role of Jimmy Brooks in the next-generation series. He got huge success after his mixtape was released, is the girls who love Drake are one of them. If you are one of his big fans of him, we are pretty sure you all know about his raps, and most probably, you have listened to his songs and raps before.

Lil Wayne

His real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, whose stage name is Lil Wayne, and there is no doubt that he is one of the best American rappers. He is one of the most influential hip-hop artists. To his fan, he is one of the best rappers of all time and is well-known for his rapping style.

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He got into the rap world when he was just 12 years old; he had a fragile childhood. His father leaves him and his family. After that, they survive on their own. When he was only eight years old, he wrote his first rap, and after that, he recognized his talent.

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne (CC: IG Account liltunechi)

Even when he was 12 years old, he suffered an attack of a gunshot in which he got injured badly. He joined his first group, titled Hot Boys, and started his journey as a singer from there; he started his career in the 1997 year. The biggest hit of his life is I Need a hot girl and That Azz Up. If you are a fan of Lil Wayne, there are popular for his songs and raps so far.

The Notorious B.I.G

His real name is Christopher George, and he is known by his famous name, The Notorious B.I.G. He is interested in gangsta rap and hip-hop music. His music comes with telling the hard truth of criminal minds, and he enjoyed all the celebrations too.

As per the record, his gangsta rap is most famous among the youth who like the same taste and match with the same energy as B.I.G. His first album was released in the year of 1994, and after he became famous among other rappers.

The Notorious B.I.G
The Notorious B.I.G (CC: IG Account the notorious big)

His album sold millions around the world, and he even ranked number 3 in the list of one of the greatest titles, The greatest MCs of all time. He is always ranked a number in some kind of list, and no one can deny how amazing he is when it comes to music and rap. If you are one of his fans of him, we would like to recommend the raps to you all.  


The real god of the rap world is named Marshall Bruce Mathers, and he is well known by his stage name Eminem. He is one of the most popular American rappers who is famous for his fluency in his raps and songs. He comes from a broken family, and he has struggled a lot in his childhood; he has faced real traumas.

Eminem is one of the rappers who is famous for his albums and songs, including Encore and Relapse. He is also seen in many movies, including The Marshall Mathers and Kamikaze. All of them were the big hits of their time.

Eminem (CC: IG Account Eminem)

No doubt about how many albums and records he has sold; he has a record of the best-selling musical records of all time, and no one denies the fact of it. His childhood was not good; he was bullied. In his life, he was one of the kids who was bullied multiple times.


Tupac’s full name is Tupac Amaru Shakur, and he is one of the most well-known rappers of all time. He died in 1996 year and left behind his legacy to all die-hard fans. His raps constitute social issues, and he is one of the activists who are there to spread happiness and knowledge of equal rights among the generation. He comes from a background of activism, too; his parents are activists and worked for social issues that are held in the state of the country.

Tupac (CC: IG Account 2pac)

Tupac Shakur came to fame after his popular release named Strictly four my NIGGAZ and another one named Against the World. He is famous for his gangster rap and music career, which he had praised by the audience; even our today generation still listens to his music. Along with being a rapper and singer, he is also an actor who can be seen in the movie like Juice and Above the Rim. He is one of the 90’s superstars.


His real name is Nasir Bin Olu Dara, and he is a popular American rapper and a hip-hop king. His jazz songs are popular in the whole world. His stage name is way more famous than his real name; the audience out there knows him by his stage name Nas. His parents are African American; he has an upbringing in African and American culture.

Nas (CC: Getty)

He has released many hit albums like Jay z, and Takeover is one of those. He was on the hit billboard list. Many times, his songs got selected for the Billboard 100, and his hip-hop albums were famous for his unique beats and music. He had always performed with other hip-hop superstars like Ludacris and Darryl McDaniel.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is one of the hip-hop rappers who comes under the list of most influential rappers and is well-appreciated by the audience. He was one of the top hit-list rappers of his time. He started his career by doing a hip-hop group name Balck Hippy, where he learned another style of music. He got into fame after he released one of his very first albums named Section 80 and which is one of the hip-hop styles.

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar (CC: IG Account Kendrick Lamar)

His gangster rap style is what audio love to listen to. Even Swimming Pool and Don’t kill my vibe was one of the best pieces of music which come under gang. His record sold over 70 million, and it is one of the best records of that time. He has received many awards like Grammy and other nomination awards.


His real name is Shawn Corey. He is one of the 90s famous rappers and singers. He is also like other rappers is famous for his greatest raps of all time. He has worked with other pop and rap artists; Kanye West and Rihana are one of those.

 He was born, and his upbringing was done by his parents in New York, where he completed all his studies and career. He has released 12 albums in his starting career; The Blueprint and Amercian Ganster are one of those.

Jay-Z (CC: IG Account jaywillzofficial)

In the year of 2019, he becomes one of the billionaires and the richest singer of all time. He started his business in 2003 year; he started his luxury sports bar and club. Where he has earned a good amount of money, and one can say how he became so successful when it comes to his career and business. We would like to recommend his songs to all rap lovers out there. He also worked with many pop artists in collaboration, including Def Jam and The Notorious B.IG.

Lil Baby

His real name is Dominique Jones, and he is famous by his stage name Lil Baby; he becomes famous in the year of 2017. He started his career with the song titled Harder than Ever in the year of 2018. His song becomes the Billboard 100 top 20 singles and mixtapes.

His other hit singles and mixtape are Drip Too Hard and street gossip. One of his best albums was My Turn which was released in the 2020 year and is well-appreciated by the fans and audience out there. The Voice of Heroes is a mix tape that was released by Lil Durk and Lil Baby.

Lil Baby
Lil Baby (CC: IG Account lilbaby)

He has received many awards, some of which are Grammy and MTC video awards. Lil Baby comes from a family where he survived his teenage days in poverty. Even he was into the drug dealing business and also got out of there and chose a career in music and rap. His talent. He has a history of marijuana dealing and even got into prison with a sentence of 2 years.

21 Savage

His real name is Sheyaa Bin Abraham; he is also known by his stage name 21 Savage. His whole career took a turn when he released one of the best songs of his life named EP Savage Mode, and Metro Boomin is one of those. His music comes under the billboard list. His whole profile changed when he started to work with Drake in 2016 when he got along with him for a single titled Sneaking, which was released in the 2016 year.

21 Savage
21 Savage (CC: IG Account 21savage)

He has a past of illegal life where he was arrested by police for his wrongdoings. He belongs to an African tardyon as his mother is also from African tradition. He has much time charged for being involved in drugs and has spent his life in prison.


His real name is Nayvadius DeMun, and he is an American rapper who is famous for modern trap music and freestyle rap. He is considered one of the most popular and influential rappers of all time in the music world. His hit singles are Turn on the Lights, move that dope and Fuck Up Some Commas. He began his career by sharpening his skills first; he believed that one has to be good at writing lyrics and songs.

Future (CC: IG Account future)

At the beginning of his career, he signed a contract with Epic Records, and in the 2011 year, he became famous. His songs were on the Billboard hit list; his rap songs can always be seen on the Billboard 200 top hit list. Even his biggest success was when one of his albums became number one when it gets sold in 2004 year. His top album is The Wizard, which becomes famous in the 2019 year.

Lil Durk

Durk Derrick Banks is his real name, but he is also famous for his stage name in the world of rappers. Lil Durk is his date name, and he is famous amongst his audience and fans. He is the main head of only the family, which is also known by the short form OTF. His career began with his first single, which he released in 2013 year.

Lil Durk
Lil Durk (CC: IG Account lildurk)

His album becomes a hit in the 2015-year ad Lil Durk becomes famous. His childhood days were not that easy, and he did many odd jobs just to provide food on his family table. He became a father at a very early age when he was just 17 years old, and he realized that he had to earn money and become more serious in life.

His father always being in jail made his life worse, and with time, it became obvious that he become the head of the family, and earning money for him at 17 years was a big deal. Durk also gets caught with weapons and drugs, which is why he has been to jail also. Durk is famous amongst his fans for his great sense of lyrics which he used in his raps.

Wiz Khalifa

Cameron Jibril is one of the American rappers and comes under a list of rappers who are known for their famous image. His stage name is Wiz Khalifa. He is also a singer and actor by profession, along with a rapper. His album titled Show and Prove is one of the best pieces of music that he has sung in his career.

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa (CC: IG Account wizkhalifa)

This song also gets a huge success in 2007 years. Wiz is from North Dakota, and his parents are from a military background. He is a military brat and can always be seen moving from one place to another place due to his parents.

In their school days, he realized his real talent when he got to know that he is good at songwriting and rapping. He chooses his name Khalifa because it means a person who always chooses wisdom and success. He became a successful rapper at a very early age and was passionate about his job.  

Cardi B

Her real name is Belcalis Marlenis, and she is known as the goddess of pop music and the best rapper. She is famous for her punchlines and best lyrics which she used in all her raps. Her first album was named Invasion of Privacy, which she released in 2018 year. She is one of the best, and number one ranked female rappers. In the world of rappers and music, it is impossible that one cannot know her.

Cardi B
Cardi B (CC: IG Account iamcardib)

Her singles and mixtape can be seen yearly on the Billboard Hot 100 list. She collaborated with singer Marron on a song titled Girls like you, which became one of the best pieces of music. She is famous for her two releases titled WAP and Up, which she released in 2020 and 2021 years; these two songs are her biggest success.

Cardi B is appreciated and loved by her fans; she can be seen active on social media and interact with her fans through live chat. She is one of the images of Forbes, which mention her as the best singer and female rapper of all time. She is adored by her fans and has a big following list over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A$AP Rocky

His real name is Rakim Athelaton, and he is known for his rap songs. His stage name is also famous as A$AP Rocky. He is a rapper and also a record executive; he has a huge collection of hip-hop and pop music from the century. One of his career’s first songs, Live Love, is one of the hits which helped in moving in life.

A$AP Rocky
A$AP Rocky (CC: IG Account asaprocky)

He is married to one of the best singers named Rihana. They both are expecting a baby soon this year and living a happy life. His singles as New Year’s Day and Lord Prettu Falco Jodye 2 one of those hit singles. He is also interested in business and become one of the richest men in the music industry.

He is a religious person, and he said in an interview that how he prayed each day before he sleeps. As per his legal life, he has been into drugs and was caught many times being into it. His raps and songs are well written and liked by the audience out there who wants to listen and enjoy the same vibe.

Lil Yachty

His real name is Miles Parks, and he got into fame when he first released named One Night into the industry. In the year of 2017, he realized one of his albums named Teenage Emotion which got a massive hit after that. He said in many interviews that his inspiration is Psychedelic Rock. His biggest success is that his four songs get hit on the billboard list, and become one of the best rappers of this generation.

Lil Yachty
Lil Yachty (CC: IG Account lilyachty)

Lil Yachty adopted a name so that he could start a fresh new life in a new city. In the early days of their career, he used to work in Mc Donalds; he worked hard so that he could fulfill his daily life. He builds his life on Instagram in his early days so that it can help him in his career. He is adored by his fan following.

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