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Al Thaman Episode 18: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Al Thaman Episode 18 preview
Al Thaman Episode 18 release date

Al Thaman Episode 18 Release Date is here. The narrative centers on Sarah, a single mother, and follows her through several aspects of her life, including her career life and her relationship with her children. Sarah has the best career she could have thanks to her tenacity, tenacity, and excitement, but when her son becomes unwell, she is forced to take a risky action.

On January 8, 2023, Al Thaman appeared on television for the first time. The show, which mostly features Basil Khaiat and Razane Jammal, has generated much interest in the Mideast and other regions. Knowing how talented both of these performers are, it is to be anticipated.

Given the show’s captivating and dramatic premise, many fans acknowledge they have become engrossed in it because of the great chemistry these performers possess. Engineer Sarah Al-Khateeb is attempting to land a position at a prestigious architecture firm.

She believes she will only be employed when she meets with the extremely rigorous Zein for an appointment, but Zein hires her after learning that she isn’t married or has any other obligations. The issue is that Ibrahim, Sarah’s son, has leukemia and needs to be treated.

Al Thaman Episode 18 preview

A still from the show.

She was attempting to get a solid job as a single mother to pay for his treatment. She pretends to get the position, but when her son urgently requires a marrow transplant, she is forced to jeopardize her future career.

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The cast of Al Thaman

Most of this series’ cast members are well-known performers who have participated in several popular programs. Razane Jammal, a Lebanon-born woman, began her tv career at the tender age of 15. Her first endeavor was the film Carlos, followed by Djinn.

She gained attention for her work by playing Maggie in the film Paranormal. She played Lyta Hall in the television series The Sandman most recently. Basil Khaiat, the other lead actor, is a well-known Syrian actor who began performing when he was eight.

Al Thaman Episode 18 preview


He enrolled in the Higher Institute of Theatre Arts because he had always desired to work in film. Basil has appeared in films and television productions from various nations, including Beirut, Qatar, & France. After appearing in the series Mysteries of the City, followed by Big Expectations and Women’s Passion, he rose to fame. Shams and Isabelle, along with his wife Naheed Zaidan, reside with him.

Al Thaman: A quick recap

Zein’s heart softened toward Sarah in earlier episodes of Al Thaman. Sara asks Mr. Ibrahim to assist his grandson because she realizes she won’t be able to organize the enormous sum in such a short period, but he declines.

Sarah loses interest in the position after witnessing her son’s depressed mood and resolves to put her son’s needs first. Zein treated Sarah with dignity as he began to recognize her abilities. Still, as soon as she started showing up late for work and being inconsistent, he reverted to his harsh and serious demeanor from when they first met.

Al Thaman Episode 18 preview


Sarah, who is already under a great deal of stress, begins to experience Zein’s increased pressure. She decides to leave her position and look for another one. Ibrahim’s condition keeps deteriorating, and no indicators of assistance are present. Later, Mr. Ibrahim shows up there for Ibrahim, yet he discovers he is late because the situation is already bleak.

Zein says sorry to Sarah for how he mistreated her when the pair returns from completing tasks in Dubai, but she’s already composed her decision. Karam and Zein discover Sarah while doing charitable work and discover her secret.

Zein becomes more regretful, and the business decides to contact Sarah again and make a special exception to the regulation for her. Recent episodes show Sarah adjusting to the new speed at which her job is done while Zein is prepared to carry out a major project.

Al Thaman Episode 18: Release Date

Al Thaman Episode 18 will release on February 1, 2023. Each episode lasts roughly 48 to 50 minutes and is often released on Sundays.

Where Can I Watch Episode 18 of Al Thaman?

MBC Shahid is set to broadcast Al Thaman episode 18. You may view the program with a membership costing about $8.49 for the most basic monthly pack. With the MBC Shahid app subscription, you can access many Middle Eastern television programs nationwide.

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