What Happened To Ali Matta On Q101? Here Is Everything We Know

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What Happened To Ali Matta On Q101? Here Is Everything We Know
What Happened To Ali Matta On Q101? Here Is Everything We Know

Ali Matta is a radio personality from Chicago and was known for hosting Q101 Morning Crew with other presenters Justin Nettlebeck and Brian Haddad. Ali’s longest job in her career was at Cumulus Rock “93X” KXXR for nine years, and in 2018, she joined Q101.

92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara was her debut radio show, and she used to work in the music industry previously. She left 93X in 2018, and she gave the reason that she wants to do some other things of different interests to keep her family close to her. She also told me about her plans she wants to live in Minnesota till the summer, and after that, she can go to California.

Since December 2018, the trio of Brian, Justin, and Ali hosted the show, but after that, one member from the trio was not seen and was absent from all future broadcasts. And she was Ali Matta. The listeners noticed that because the trio had a unique combination and they were soo good, it was quickly noticed that Ali Matta is not present in their broadcast now. So let’s know What happened to Ali Matta on Q1010?

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What Happened To Ali Matta On Q101?

According to Justin Nettlebeck and Brian Haddad, Ali did not want to renew her contract after 2018 and was no longer associated with the Chicago Station. On 28 November 2022, Brian announced that Ali has refused the offer to re-sign with Q101. After that, he says that he misses the moments they three had spent in the last four years, and they will miss her. 

Justin Nettlebeck also said this on the broadcast about Ali leaving the show. He wrote a post on Facebook on 28 November 2022 that it is very difficult to announce that Ali will not be part of the show, and it is a very difficult time for him as well as the listeners, and he can’t process this loss, but life is hard, and sometimes we have to face something that we don’t want, but he tries to remind himself that sometimes changing is good for life.

Ali Matta
Ali Matta

And Ali wanted that change for their good, and she need that for herself. And he can’t control Ali on achieving her dreams whether he likes the decision or not. And he wants Ali to be successful and happy. He also said that the trio always said and joked that they will not let Ali go and will hold her back, and that joke is still going on. Ali is a hard worker, and she needs to do what she wants she deserves all the success and happiness in the world.

And they are proud to have her as a sister, and friend, and they were happy working with her for the last four years. The four years were so fast that they couldn’t even imagine, and now even though they have to continue the show alone but they are excited to do that. You must know that Ali herself never gave the reason why she left the show, and neither is information that where she went after that.

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Who Is Brian Haddad?

His voice has been heard on illustrious stations including WRCX Chicago, WKQX Chicago, and KDKB Phoenix, as well as Detroit, and others as a morning radio host and imaging director. He has never broken the bond between his personality and his voiceover job. He has been in national Weber Grill advertisements as well as XBOX games like Saint’s Row and Project Gotham Racing. Additionally, he has routinely provided the voice for numerous rock and sports/talk stations from California to Springfield, Massachusetts.

Brian Haddad
Brian Haddad

The first time Brian realised how strong his voice was was in the second grade, when he was instructed to leave the classroom because he was talking too much to the girl seated next to him whose name was Megan. This story is what he described as his inspiration to keep on this track.

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