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Who Is The Leader Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk?

The Leader Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk
The Leader Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk

She-Hulk episode 3 teases a mysterious main villain as Wrecking Crew’s boss. She-Hulk introduced new heroes and enemies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite all the hype surrounding its return of well-known characters. The series is also bringing to life a number of obscure comic characters, most notably the lead character played by Tatiana Maslany, Jennifer Walters, and the villain Titania, played by Jameela Jamil. The Wrecking Crew were first introduced in She-Hulk episode 3 and were promptly defeated by Jennifer.

In She-Hulk, the Wrecking Crew is reimagined as a team of Asgardian construction weapons-powered villains for the MCU. They each have powers connected to construction and demolition tools, which keeps them true to the comics. The “W” emblems on their clothing, the weapons, and the fact that one of them goes by the name Thunderball make Marvel’s goal clear even though She-Hulk’s Wrecking Crew isn’t given a name. As a result, Piledriver, Wrecker, and Bulldozer are unquestionably the other three men that make an effort to fight She-Hulk while also allegedly stealing some of her DNA.

Although it is not surprising that She-Hulk easily defeated the Wrecking Crew, She-Hulk episode 3 did hint at a twist surrounding the gang. It is hinted that the boss of the Wrecker Crew won’t be pleased to find that they weren’t successful in obtaining some of She-Hulk’s DNA. In She-Hulk episode 3, the mystery villain’s identity and their potential motivations for wanting Jennifer Walters’ blood are not further explained. That leaves a lot of room for speculation on the identity of She-Hulk’s Wrecking Crew leader.

Here are Possible Leaders Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk:


Marvel may possibly disclose that Contessa Valentina is the leader of the Wrecking Crew in She-Hulk. Her appearances in Phase 4 have clearly shown a desire to put together her own super team, which, based on Marvel’s Phase 5 announcements, appears to be the Thunderbolts. Valentina might realize that obtaining her version of the Hulk is very challenging after hiring Yelena Belova and John Walker. It would not be shocking if they hired the Wrecking Crew to test her skills and attempt to obtain a DNA sample knowing that they could someday face She-Hulk. Val might be able to build a new Hulk for the Thunderbolts if the latter was successful. The fact that Valentina is in charge of She-Hulk’s Wrecking Crew will only serve to highlight how serious of a threat she is.

The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk


Titania might be the unnamed boss of the Wrecking Crew in She-Hulk. Titania and Jennifer Walters have a rivalry that the show hasn’t fully explored, but after their courtroom brawl, the super-strong social media influencer would undoubtedly have a grudge against She-Hulk. It wouldn’t be too shocking if Titania attempted to learn more about She-Hulk’s strengths and limitations using her social media influence and potential followers. She may even wish to get some of She-Hulk’s DNA in order to transform herself into the Hulk. One option for Titania to accomplish it while avoiding revealing her connection with the baddies is by ordering the Wrecking Crew to attack She-Hulk.

The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk

Who Is The Leader Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk – Titania


There is a slight possibility that Kingpin could lead the Wrecking Crew in She-Hulk. There are extremely large plans for Wilson Fisk now that Vincent D’Onofrio has returned to Marvel as the character in Hawkeye. Although his current objectives are unknown, the New York crime lord may have expanded his influence to Los Angeles. It makes sense that Kingpin would hire the Wrecking Crew because She-Hulk may be seen as a legitimate and powerful danger to his plans. This link between Kingpin and the plot of the series may even help to explain Daredevil’s appearance in She-Hulk. Wilson Fisk has a number of upcoming appearances, thus it’s possible that he will appear in She-Hulk.

The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk

Who Is The Leader Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk – Kingpin

The Leader

Having The Leader from The Incredible Hulk as the Wrecking Crew boss would be a wonderful surprise from She-Hulk. Samuel Sterns, played by Tim Blake Nelson, hasn’t been seen since the 2008 film, and according to She-Hulk episode 1, Bruce Banner’s gamma blood may have caused his death. The show might even give Sterns his Boss nickname as a result of being the hidden Wrecking Crew leader; nonetheless, The Leader is a genius and would be a logical choice to have a significant interest in She-Hulk’s DNA. After explaining what happened with The Leader following The Incredible Hulk, Marvel might even transform him into a major villain.

The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk

Who Is The Leader Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk – The Leader

A New Character

Of course, She-Hulk’s Wrecking Crew leader may be someone viewers haven’t yet seen in the show or the MCU as a whole. Any of the minor Marvel characters that the show will reportedly introduce in upcoming episodes could potentially take this role. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law may let the mystery surrounding the Wrecking Crew’s boss linger for a few more episodes given that Marvel’s Disney+ series have a horrible habit of delaying the “real villain” reveal until later on.

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