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Who is The ‘Wrecking Crew’ In She-Hulk? Their Comic History Explained

The Leader Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk
The Leader Of The Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk

Tatiana Maslany’s character, Jennifer Walters, finally realized in episode 3 what her cousin Bruce Banner had been trying to tell her: being a Hulk makes you a target. After a long day, Jen is on her way home when she is “jumped” by a group of losers wearing “W” t-shirts and brandishing some cutting-edge/mystic weapons. The Wrecking Crew, a group of villains who Marvel fans have been yearning to see onscreen, made their MCU debut with this episode.

We barely get a taste of the Wrecking Crew in She-Hulk Episode 3, but we already know that they are hired by a boss and have access to advanced alien and/or magical technology. The Wrecking Crew attacked She-Hulk in an effort to draw blood, which may be the very power-up that transforms them into swole supervillains, and there is already a lot of speculation that their low-rent appearance is just the beginning.

Wrecking Crew Comic History

The Wrecking Crew is born when Dr. Eliot Franklin asks Dirk Garthwaite, the Wrecker, to rescue a gamma bomb Franklin had developed with the intention of holding New York for ransom in exchange for millions of cash. The Wrecker was once a violent thug who destroyed crime scenes with his crowbar, but he got his power after Karnilla the Norn Queen mistook him for Loki and granted him mystical powers. Garthwaite is successful in getting his magical crowbar.

Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk

She-Hulk Episode 3 – Wrecking Crew in Comics

Wrecker instructs Franklin, as well as the other inmates Henry Camp and Brian Calusky, to grab the weapon at the same time as lightning strikes. The Wrecker and the other three men are now known as the Wrecking Crew after a lightning strike to the crowbar boosts their strength. Caluski changed into Piledriver, Camp changed into Bulldozer, and Franklin changed into Thunderball. They quickly get out of jail and are defeated by Luke Cage and the Defenders while looking for the gamma bomb.

The Wrecking Crew have had a remarkably consistent pattern throughout the years: they break out of jail, battle superheroes (and lose), and then go back to jail. The Wrecking Crew has faced out against Captain America, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Runaways, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and X-Men, but Thor is their biggest enemy. The Wrecking Crew believes they will easily defeat Thor when they first face him. However, enraged by the fact that one of the Wrecker’s attacks resulted in the death of an innocent bystander, Thor quickly wipes off them all while also seriously hurting the Wrecker. After making his way out, Thunderball finds the Wrecker’s crowbar a few weeks later, forms his own gang, and is eventually defeated by Spider-Man.

Wrecking Crew In Big Marvel Comic Event

The Wrecking Crew is later selected to take part in the Secret Wars against one team of carefully chosen superheroes by the entity known as the Beyonder. The Wrecking Crew’s most infamous act was their involvement in the hero Hercules’ nearly fatal beating while the Avengers Mansion was under siege by the fourth edition of the Masters of Evil, headed by Baron Helmut Zemo. Hercules eventually faces the Wrecking Crew and defeats them with the help of Thor, which helps him regain his self-confidence. Excavator, Piledriver’s son, briefly joined the Wrecking Crew and helped them in their struggle with the Runaways. 

Wrecking Crew In She-Hulk

Wrecking Crew Always Gets Defeated

The Wrecking Crew is compelled to join the Thunderbolts Army during the Civil War crossover event or risk receiving more jail time. Later, in order to dodge the Superhuman Registration Act, the Wrecking Crew escaped to Canada. The Wrecking Crew’s most horrific deed was killing almost all of the guests of a Canadian bar over an “annoying” cell phone ringtone. After that, they partner up with the legendary Great Beasts to take on Omega Flight’s superhero team. They are detained in a jail in Manitoba after being beaten by Omega Flight, but they manage to get out and return to America, where they are invited to join the Hood’s criminal organization.

Just Being A Usual Villain Team

Jigsaw eventually recruited the Wrecking Crew to execute the Punisher as part of his plan to exact revenge on him. The Rhino, who owes the Punisher a favor after the Punisher spared the Rhino’s life, defeats the Wrecker before he can strike the decisive blow. The Wrecking Crew was one of several supervillains who reconnected with the Hood’s criminal organization during the “Secret Invasion” storyline and engaged in battle with an invading Skrull force.

When Bulldozer passed away from an unknown illness, his daughter Marci took his place as the new Bulldozer. Wrecker, Piledriver, and a miraculously regenerated Bulldozer make appearances as residents of Pleasant Hill, a gated community built by S.H.I.E.L.D., during the Standoff! storyline. The Wrecking Crew reunites with the Hood’s crew during the “Search for Tony Stark” storyline as they attack Castle Doom. Later, the Wrecking Crew joined the third iteration of the Masters of Evil led by Baron Zemo.

When Hydra took control of the United States, the Hydra Supreme incarnation of Captain America urged Zemo to have the Masters of Evil join Hydra’s Army of Evil. Wilson Fisk, the mayor, hired The Wrecking Crew to tear down P.S. 20. Demolisher joined them as a replacement for Thunderball, who was unable to. Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl defeated the Wrecking Crew. 

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