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IM NAYEON Album Sneak Peek: Get A Taste of Nayeon’s Love

IM NAYEON Sneak Peek

JYP Entertainment has finally released the sneak peek of the solo debut of Nayeon ‘IM NAYEON’. TWICE has been one of the leading figures of K-pop that can pull off any genre. After the members were decided through a survival show SIXTEEN, Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu made their legendary debut with the extended play The Story Begins as TWICE. The girls rose to fame throughout the nation when they released their song Cheer Up. The song was so popular in South Korea at that time that it could have passed as South Korea’s National Anthem. All in all, they are one successful K-pop girl group.

Although the group members did do solo covers and even did solo projects, none of the members had debuted as soloists yet. Looks like the eldest member, Nayeon will be taking the first step in this situation. Fans had been extremely ecstatic when JYP Entertainment confirmed that Nayeon will be making her solo debut with the EP IM NAYEON. In addition to that, the company even released a sneak peek into its solo debut album of Nayeon recently. This is to show what fans can expect from the female K-pop idol with her solo debut. So, without further ado, let us get started!

1. Pop

From the sneak peek, Pop, the leading track of IM NAYEON, sounds like a really fun and bright song. We can surely see us falling for Nayeon’s cute charms in the music video for the title track. Fans are already sure that this will be their summer bop!

IM NAYEON Sneak Peek

2. No Problem

As for the B-sdie No Problem, it sounds like a love song that will perfectly enhance Nayeon’s splendid vocals. As a bonus, Stray Kids’ Felix will be lending his attractive voice for this track.

IM NAYEON Sneak Peek

3. Love Countdown

Love Countdown is another love song featured in Nayeon’s solo debut album IM NAYEON. From what we have heard from the sneak peek of the IM NAYEON track we already know that the song is a certified bop! Plus, it even has Wonstein, who is famous for good R&B songs.

IM NAYEON Sneak Peek

IM NAYEON Sneak Peek

4. Candyfloss

Candyfloss sounds every bit of sweet as the name of the title track itself. Fans can see themselves vibing to the song already. Well, we can expect the album to be cute since its literally Nayeon’s solo debut album, she is the epitome of the cuteness.


5. All Or Nothing

All or Nothing is a song written by Nayeon herself and the music has even been composed by the likes of Destiny Rogers. The song was even produced by The Stereotypes, which is a critically acclaimed production company.

6. Happy Birthday To You

Fans can already see themselves blasting this song on their birthday. From the IM NAYEON album sneak peek, we already know that this song is just perfect to play on anyone’s birthday to make them feel special.


7. Sunset

Sunset sounds as beautiful as a Sunset. We are so looking forward to listening to the whole song!


Nayeon Debut Album

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