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Who Is Lace Morris Dating? Dating History and Bachelor Nation Journey

Lace Morris
Lace Morris (Credits- Distractify)

If you are a Bachelor Nation fan, you probably know Lace Morris. The diva was first seen in season 20 of The Bachelor, 2016. A few months later, she joined the Bachelor in Paradise show to find true love. In 2022, Lace got back again in season 8 after six years. 

Now, you must be wondering why Lace has a hard time finding love. Well, that’s not the case. The 33-year-old TV star’s love life is quite interesting, with ups and downs. We will take you all through it. But before that, let’s know more about her.  

Lace Morris is an American real estate agent and a part-time model. She is popular for her stint in Bachelor Nation. The Colorado-based celebrity was born on 3Rd November 1989. Lace has a diversified professional background. 

She is a graduate of Metropolitan University in hospitality management. She has also worked in social media marketing. Her LinkedIn profile tells that she is currently working as an account executive. Lace is surely an all-rounder.

If we talk about her endeavors, Lace Morris loves reading books and hanging out with her pet, Lola. Her Instagram account reveals that the reality star is also a fitness enthusiast. Also, Lace never hesitates to try out good food. 

Lace Dating History and Bachelor Nation Journey 

Lace’s dating journey begins with The Bachelor Nation season 20 in 2016. Ben Higgins was The Bachelor for this season. But, nothing could happen between the two as Ben was more into the other ladies of the house. Lace complained that Ben did not even make eye contact with her.

Lace Morris and Ben Higgins

Lace Morris and Ben Higgins in The Bachelor (Credits: TVInsider)

She was also declared the resident’s villain. Still, she tried to adjust for two weeks. But when she saw Ben kissing Becca Tilley, she left the show in the third week. Lace told the host, Chriss Harrison, that she was not herself in the show. Also, she needs to work on herself before committing to a relationship. 

She also said that the show highlights her negative parts more than her positive ones. We feel sorry for her, but it was surely a brave step. Withindeedew months, Lace came back stronger in Bachelor in Paradise, season 3. She even got engaged to Grant Kemp. Grant Kemp first appeared in The Bachelorette season 12 featuring Jojo Fletcher. 

Kemp is a San Francisco-based firefighter. The two also inked tattoos of the name Grace, a term fans used for the couple. On 7 September 2016, Kemp’s proposal to Lace was aired on BIP. Lace was all head over heels for Kemp. 

Lace Morris and Grant Kemp

Lace Morris and Grant Kemp

They moved in together after the show wrapped up. But their love journey ended within two months. They were still respectful towards each other. 

Things got ugly between them when Kemp was spotted with another woman in January 2017. Lace took a dig at her ex-fianc√© by saying that she was shocked by the pace Grant moved on. She didn’t stop there. In March 2017, Lace met Kemp’s ex-girlfriend Jen Green. She also wrote a caption targeting her former boyfriend. 

This time Grant opened up to US Weekly and said that he is not on talking terms with Lace. He added that their relationship was a volatile one. Also, Lace openly admitted that their bond was more of lust and not love. This is how their cordial ending turned into a sour one.

However, both of them have finally moved on. Lace started dating a Colorado-based man, Russell. She met him on a dating app. Though she was initially very happy with Russell, it couldn’t go on for a long time. 

Their relationship ended in 2020. On 30 August 2022, Grant got engaged to his girlfriend, Chloe Metcalfe. Meanwhile, Lace geared up for another spell at Bachelor in Paradise season 8.

Lace Morris with Rodney Mathews

Lace Morris with Rodney Mathews in BIP Season 8 (Credits: Bustle)

Her romance sparked again with Rodney Mathews. However, the lady left the show when Rodney chose Eliza Isichei over her. And that’s how Lace’s hope of finding love at BIP ended again.

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Who is Lace Morris Dating Now? 

Post Bachelor in Paradise season 8, Lace is finally dating a mystery man. But, it looks like she is not ready to disclose everything at once. The reality star is giving hints about her new relationship. She posted a story on Instagram captioned as ‘soft launch.’ 

In the story, she was seen kissing a bearded man. However, his face was cropped. In another post, she uploaded a video of her with the same man. She was seen putting her arms on his shoulders. But again, his face was not visible.  

The background audio and ambiance suggested that they were in a pub or restaurant. As soon as the posts surpassed her Instagram, fans started guessing who the lucky man was. Some say that it’s Juwasin Glaze, while some think that it’s Clay Harbor. Some also guessed that it is Love is Blind fame, Bartise Bowden. 

We are not really sure about any of these guesses. It could also be someone from outside the TV industry. Whoever it is, we are happy for Lace and wish to see the mystery man soon. Till then, let’s keep on guessing. 

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