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Condoleezza Rice’s Net Worth in 2022: Everything We Know

Condoleezza Rice net worth

Let us talk about Condoleezza Rice’s net worth. Touted as the first female African-American Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice needs no introduction to the world of politics. Remember, we are talking about the highest-ranking woman in the history of the US for the presidential election. The year 2000 changed everything in her career. During the tenure of George W. Bush, Rice was elected as the National Security Advisor. She was the forefront member who was behind the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Besides that, Rice also handled the security matters at the time of 9/11 as well. So, here is the scoop on Condoleezza Rice’s net worth. Stick to the end to know how wealthy is this American politician.

Condoleezza Rice was the only child of her parents, Angela and John. She was born in 1954 in Alabama. Her father was a minister and dean, while her mother worked as a teacher. After her early education, Condoleezza Rice moved to Colorado, where Rice completed her graduation from the University of Denver in political science. This was when Condoleezza Rice realized her love and passion for politics, and the rest is history. As a result, Rice completed her master’s in political science. It was the year 1977 when Condoleezza Rice stepped into the world of politics for the first time as an intern in State Department. Do you know that Condoleezza Rice also obtained her Ph.D. in the field of political science?

Condoleezza Rice salary

Condoleezza Rice Salary

If you think that Condoleezza Rice earns money only through her political career, then you might be wrong. Condoleezza Rice has different sources through which she fills her bank accounts. One of the sources is Stanford University. According to the reports, Rice earns 305,000 dollars as an annual income from Stanford University. Not only this, but in the year 2019, Rice got 400,000 dollars for being an exclusive board member of the company Dropbox. She isn’t the only member of Dropbox. Besides this, Condoleezza Rice takes handles the position of a board member of the company through which she earns around 300,000 dollars per year.

Before talking about Condoleezza Rice’s net worth. Let us put some light on her personal life and relationships. It seems that Rice has dedicated her whole life to her career and has no time for love and relationships. Reason? We are not the ones claiming that, but her dating history says so. The 67-year-old politician never married. However, she has dated some men in the past. In order to know her dating history, let us take you back to the 1970s when she dated the NFL player Rick Upchurch. According to the hearsay, she took her relationship with Rick to the next level, and both got engaged. However, their love life could not last long, and both decided to call it quits.

Condoleezza Rice career

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Condoleezza Rice’s Net Worth

Now is the time you have all been waiting for. Known for her several roles, such as politician, professor, and civil servant, this 67-year-old woman enjoys a net worth of $12 million dollars. Yes, you read that right. Rice handles the position of a board member, diplomat, and professor all at once. So, this was the scoop on Condoleezza Rice’s net worth. Stay tuned for the daily dose of entertainment as more is coming your way.

Real Estate

Now is the time we talk about how much Rice has invested in real estate. The only investment made by Condoleezza Rice we found online was the house in Palo Alto, Ca. But the story of this investment is a bit complex. Stick with us for a minute to understand her real estate investment. It was the year 1998 when Condoleezza Rice and two other investors were interested in the property located in Palo Alto Ca. Luckily, Condoleezza Rice got the house, and for the ten years right from 2008 to 2013, Condoleezza Rice was the owner of the house. However, she sold the house in 2018 with a whopping amount of 2.3 million dollars. According to several published reports, the buyer of the house belonged to Stanford University.

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