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Are JVN and Antony Really Dating? Everything To Know

Gay of Thrones

JVN stands for Jonathan McDonald Van Ness. He is a hairstylist, television personality, podcast host, Comedian, and Author based in Quincy, Illinois, America. He was born on 28 March and in the year of 1987. His parents’ names are Mary winters and Jonathan Lyle Van Ness. He did his schooling at Aveda Institute. He is also a cheerleader at Quincy Senior High School.

He continued cheerleading for a while at the University of Arizona also. He did his major in Political science. After working in Arizona, he shifted to Los Angeles in the year 2009. His spouse’s name is Mark Peacock. He got married to Mark in the year 2000.

Jonathan started his career as a hairstylist with the Sally Hershberger Salon. He did a web series as work named ‘Gay of Thrones and is also known for the Netflix series ‘Queer Eye. In this series, he has worked as a grooming expert. He is also a host of ‘The Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness podcast. Once, he is sexually assaulted by some boy in the church. Due to this, he set up a foundation of ‘Self Destructive Behaviors. He has taken an interest in and socialized with older boys from his early days.

At times he used his monthly wrap-up on drugs and other unnatural activities. After this incident, he is unable to ask for an allowance from his parents and turns towards Sex stuff. He has started taking some unavoidable things like ‘Methamphetamine’. After involving all these addictions, he lost his work as a cheerleader and opted out of the semester.

Gay of Thrones


Who is Antony?

Antony is also known as Antony Janusz Porowski. He is a television personality, author, chef, model, and wine expert based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was born on March 14 and in the year 1984. He has two elder sisters. He did his schooling at Marianopolis College. He did his graduation from Concordia University in Psychology. Antony has started his study in acting in the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theaters. He finished his study there in the year 2011. He learned cooking from his grandmother. He knows languages such as French, English, and Polish.

He became the part of Queer Eye web series and worked here as a wine and food expert. He worked for some time in a polish restaurant. He consistently worked with Berry Rice as his assistant and in the role of caterer. He is also a part of the music video for Taylor Swift in the year 2011. It has the name ‘You need to Calm Down.’

Gay of Thrones

He did ‘Queer Eye’ with Jonathan Van Ness in the year 2018 and continues. This show has had 47 episodes until now. Antoni’s books include ‘Antoni in the Kitchen’ and ‘Antoni: let’s do the dinner’. For Queer Eye, he gets nominations for the People’s Choice Award. After this, he gets published as ‘Most Sexiest Reality Star’ in the year 2019.

Are JVN and Antony dating?

JVN and Antony have been together now for quite some time. Antony posted a picture of himself and JVN kissing and getting close to each other on his social media platform in the year 2019. Due to this, all the internet channels got crazy about the news. Jonathan then cleared the cloud by saying they are ‘Just Friends’ on June 5th.

 After some time, they worked in the ‘Fab 5’. They are 5 friends, namely Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Antony Porowski, Bobby Berk, and Tan France. So Karamo, among those, again spills the beans by saying in one of their posts in which they are holding hands that ‘it’s real, they are in love. Then on 4th July, at the time of America’s Independence Day, Antony posted a picture celebrating it while kissing and captioned it ‘America’s birthday is our anniversary. This time Jonathan again stopped the rumors created by Antony.

At the time of the shoot, Van posted a kissing picture and gave a caption as ‘Baes between Takes’. Before that, Antony has a relationship with their boyfriend, Trace Lehnhoff. And Van also broke off from his boyfriend Wilco Frone man in the year 2018. At times they were declared the cutest couple in the year 2019.

So, by posts they did on their respective social media platforms, they are in a relationship, as Karamo quoted. But with time, they also are denying continuously that they are not seriously in. All speculations are on hold they are still just close friends. In the interview of Sara and Strahan, they were asked about the relationship they have. But Jonathan denied it and said, “we are bored.” Jonathan added Antony, and he is just a close friend. Ho runs a channel on Instagram and posts pictures of their being together. 

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