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Gigi Hadid Dating History: Who has she dated?

One Direction

Gigi has her full name as Jelena Noura Hadid. She is a television personality, model, influencer, founder, and creator of a clothing brand named ‘Guest in Residence’. She established her clothing brand in the year 2014. She was born on 23rd April and in the year 1995.

She was based in Los Angeles, California, US. Her mother’s name is Yolanda Hadid, who is of Dutch origin, and her father’s name is Mohamed Hadid. She has two siblings. Their names are Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid. Her partner’s name is Zayn Malik.

She was born in a Palestinian family. She also has siblings from her paternal side, whose names are Alana and Marielle. She has been declared International Model of the year. The agency that declared this named as British Fashion Council. She was raised and brought up in Santa Barbara.

Gigi Hadid Dating History: Who has she dated?

From there, she and her family shifted to Beverly Hills. Gigi did graduation from Malibu High School in the year 2013. She also studied criminal phycology in the New School. After some time, she left out from studies to continue her modeling line. So, she has worked with several brands like Vogue, Reebok, Maybelline, BMW, Victoria’s Secret, and many others. 

Gigi and Patrick Uretz

She has dated several people in her life. First time in their life, she dated Patrick Uretz in her school Malibu Highschool. Patrick is a Polo player. After dating him for around six months, she broke up in December 2011.

Gigi and Cody Simpson

Hadid was in a relationship with Cody in the year 2013 to May 2015. Cody is a musician based in Australia. She is part of his music albums Flower’ and ‘Surfboard’. They broke up in May 2015. After breaking up with Gigi, Cody started his relationship with Miley Cyrus. Currently, he is in a relationship with Emma Mckeon, who is a swimmer based in Australia.

One Direction

Gigi and Joe Jonas

Gigi and Joe started dating after breaking up with Cody in May 2015. Joe is also a musician and singer. She worked with him as a director for his music band, DNCE. His music video name is ‘Cake by the Ocean’. After some time, Joe gets married to Sophie Turner. Sofie is the ‘Game of Thrones star. They have two kids together.

One Direction


Gigi and Zayn Malik

Gigi and Zayn started dating each other in the year 2015 last months. Zayn has full name as Zayn Javadd Malik. Zayn belongs to Arabic origin. Zayn is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. He is a singer and songwriter based in Britain. His father is from Pakistan based, and his mother belongs to the British concord.

She also worked on his music videos. His video includes ‘Pillowtalk’. They have been dating on and off. After dating him for quite a while, they informed people about their expecting first child. So, in the year 2000, they announced happily. The two had a daughter who was born in September 2020. Her daughter’s name is Khai Hadid Malik. Zayn Malik has a music band named ‘One Direction.

One Direction


Zayn has been dating Gigi from 2015 to 2018 continuously. Gigi did break up with him after a mishap between Zayn and Her Mother, Yolanda. Even though both have come to the point that they will look after her daughter Khai. She is 13 months old at that time. Zayn also made a statement on Twitter about her daughter’s concern. During the year, Zayn gets 350 days ultimatum for his anger issues. He even attended his program on anger management and domestic violence behavior.

Zayn is also known as the nickname ‘Bradford Bad boy’. Zayn went on with Gigi on the Vogue magazine cover in the year 2017. He also established a music band ‘One Direction, with his five other members. He left that group band in the year 2015. Gigi and Zayn made a separation in the year 2021.

One Direction


Gigi and Tyler Cameron

Gigi has dated Tyler for around two months. After two months, they broke off.

Gigi and Leonardo DiCaprio

Di Caprio recently made a public separation from Camilla Morone. Camilla is a model and 25 years old. After this announcement, Leonardo appears with Gigi being cozy in the New York fashion week on 12th September in the year 2022. They were seen being close to each other at the party by Leo’s companion at Casa Ciprani. Some of their friends confirmed the news of dating them.

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