Tomb Raider King Chapter 398: The End of The King Release Date or Sequel? Explained

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Tomb Raider King
Tomb Raider King

Manhwas have become a go-to choice for a lot of people around the world. They have a significant edge over typical comics or mangas with colored panels, easy-to-read writing styles, and insanely good artwork with exciting stories and characters.

Today we are going to talk about a manhwa Tomb Raider King written by Sanji Jiksong and illustrated by 3B2S. The comic started serializing back in June 2019 and is finished this February 2023. The story revolves around the concept of tombs and relics found inside those tombs.

In the year 2025, God’s Tomb started to appear all over the world. What caused these tombs to appear was the powerful relics found inside. These relics gave some users immense powers, and everyone went on looking for them in the tombs. 

However, one-day, a tomb raider appeared named Seo Joo-Heon, a 38-year-old guy who works for a monopolist Tae-Joon who is also the strongest relic user in the world. Seo Joo used to steal relics from Tomb and give them to Tae. Seo got so good that Tae feared his skills and sent Seo to an impossible task to kill him, but he survived and came back to get all the relics he had stolen for him.

This is the basic plot line for this manhwa. Over almost 4 years, Tomb Raider King made it to the top list of the most famous manhwa’s, competing with some insanely good series like Solo Leveling and The Beginning After the End

Tomb Raider King
Seo Joo-Heon | Irene Holton

Unfortunately, this manhwa has come to an end after its glorious 4 years run, so let’s have a look at the happenings of the last chapter of this story.

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Tomb Raider King Chapter 397: Recap

The chapter starts with Seo Jeon going to talk to the previous king of the relics while he is on the verge of his death. The previous king continues to thank Seo for destroying the throne, and the reason he waited before his death was to bid him farewell.

Afterward, Seo Jeon and his crew made the preparations to launch a new organization called for both relics and tombs called ‘Guardian.’ The information system available inside Guardian is on par with the one they had in Pandora; it is called ‘The Heavenly Eye.’

Seo Jeon-Heon, after becoming the majesty, was successful in changing the views of relics on humans and removing the long hatred they have towards humans. Further, into the chapter, we see Seo holding a summit with powerful leaders from all around the world and starts explaining to them how relics only want people to hear their stories and nothing else.

Tomb Raider King
Tomb Raider King

However, moving on, we find out that it was Julian who was just portraying Seo in his absence from the summit. It’s when he receives a call from Seo telling him that he is across the world raiding a tomb for a relic. Seo then leaves the whole summit on Julian and his team while he completes his raid.

In the last couple of panels, we see that Julian gave the name “Tomb Raider King” on behalf of Seo as the new relic leader. We also find out that the relic Seo was after was a ring, and he plans on proposing to Irene Holton for marriage with this ring. That’s how this chapter, as well as this phenomenal series, comes to an end.

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Tomb Raider King Chapter 398 Side Stories: Release Date

Fans are sad as the manhwa is coming to an end, but there are several side stories of characters like Irene, Seol-Ah Lee, Jae-Ha Yoo, etc. These side stories will revolve around the characters who had some interesting stories hidden, and they will also answer some of the unanswered questions we had throughout the series.

As for the next side story, we know surely that the events of the marriage of Seo Jeon-Heon and Irene Holton will be one of the first incidents that will be covered in the upcoming side stories of the Tomb Raider King, but there is no particular release date announced. 

Tomb Raider King
Tomb Raider King

These side stories will be released on a weekly basis, like the chapters up until now. As of now, we know that the English scans of this manhwa are irregular, and the prologue and the side stories have already been released in the country of origin, which is Korea, on 10th February 2023. 

After analyzing the previous release patterns, we can assume that the English scans of the side story of The Tomb Raider King will be released on Friday, 17th February 2023.

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Tomb Raider King: Where to Read?

The official publishing rights of the original manhwa of The Tomb Raider King are with KakaoPage. You can read all the chapters up to the final chapter, Chapter 397, on their website. You can also order the manhwa from their website and read the upcoming side stories as well. 

For English scans, Tomb Raider King is available on Tapas. However, you need to use the official mobile app of Tapas to read all the latest chapters in English.

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