Where Does Spy x Family Anime Leave Off In The Manga? Answered

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Who does not like watching childcare anime once in a while? Even if it’s a spy-theme anime with a cunning spy and a dangerous Assassin. We know you miss watching the Spy x Family anime series, and so do we. It’s been a while since Spy x Family Part 2’s last episode aired, and with the rising popularity of the series, we are pretty sure we will get another season.

The question is, but when? We are not sure either, so what can we do until the next season of Spy x Family is released? We have to keep ourselves busy with the manga. Let’s get to the point: We are pretty sure you watched the anime without reading the manga first. Don’t worry; that’s what most of the viewers did, including me.

That does not mean you can’t read it now, Tatsuya Endou did not disappoint us with his creation, and we are pretty sure he will continue to grow our love for the manga with new volumes. So today, we will tell you how to start reading the manga even if you did not pick it up before watching the anime. Let’s discuss how you can start reading the manga from where the Spy x Family anime left off.

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About Spy x Family

Spy x Family follows the story of Twilight, a spy who is assigned the task of collecting confidential information on a political figure. However, to do so, he must form a fake family and enroll his kid in the same elite school as the political figure’s child. Twilight begins his mission by forming a family with a mysterious kid named Anya and a dangerous assassin called Yor, without a clue that their family is far from normal. 

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Spy x Family

The husband and wife juggle their lives as normal people while still doing their mission without having a clue that their young daughter knows all about their secret professions. As the series progresses, the three of them go about their daily lives as if they were any other family, but they constantly find themselves caught between their fake family life and their true profession.

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Twilight keeps up his cover as a loving family member while carrying out his spy missions, while Yor finds it hard to follow her assassin agenda while protecting Anya. Meanwhile, Anya tries to mingle with the kids at her school while helping her parents with her special abilities without their knowledge. 

Where Does Spy x Family Anime Leave Off In The Manga?

You can begin reading the manga after Spy X Family Chapter 39 if you have watched the first season of “Spy x Family” to get an idea of what will happen after episode 25 (“First Contact”).

If you are not sure whether or not you will be satisfied with the manga, let us inform you that manga is as good as anime, and that’s a fact because the manga has sold millions of copies, and with its growing popularity around the world, there’s no doubt that people are getting more and more invested in the story.

Spy x Family Part 2 was released the same year as season 1, and following the success of season 1, the viewership did drop quite a bit, but the manga sales have only been rising with each volume. So we are pretty sure you’ll love reading the manga since most of the parts that were not covered in the anime will be there in the manga, and you can get to know the characters better with the manga.

Spy x Family manga is more flexible in terms of story development because you might have noticed with just 25 episodes, Wit Studio could not explore the depth and complexities of the characters and the story, so there’s no doubt that the viewers prefer the manga over the anime.

However, given that it was created by Wit Studio and CloverWorks Studio, we doubt anyone would pass up the opportunity to see their favorite anime being adapted by their favorite studio.

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You can stream Spy X Family Part 1 & Part 2 on Netflix.

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