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How to Watch Payback: Money and Power Episodes? Streaming Guide

Payback Money and Power Streaming guide
Payback: Money and Power Streaming Guide

The K-drama industry has been noticing people’s love for suspense and thriller dramas, and so, because of its high demand from the general public, the industry has brought yet another gritty K-drama to fulfill their wishes – Payback: Money and Power! 

Payback: Money and Power will not disappoint you with its well-thought storyline. Its interesting storyline and passionate actors prove the drama fruitful of all the efforts put in by the cast and crew. With each episode lasting approximately an hour, time flies by in no time, as it keeps you on the edge of your seat, making you wonder- “what happens next?” Stay tuned, for you wouldn’t want to miss out on this new and upcoming drama!

The cast of Payback K-drama

Payback: Money and Power boosts of an amazing cast on set. Starring actors like Lee Sun-Kyun, Moon Chae-Won, and Kang You-Seok, these well-known actors make the drama all the more worthwhile with their real-to-life acting skills and dedication to their roles.

If you’re unfamiliar with who they are and what other dramas/movies they’ve worked on- you’re at the right place! A brief character sketch of the cast of Payback: Money and Power will be provided in this article. 

Lee Sun-Kyun

Playing Eun Yong, the main character in Payback: Money and Power, is an award-winning actor best known for his roles in ‘Coffee Prince,’ ‘White Tower’ and the Oscar-winning movie ‘Parasite.’ His acting career started back in 2001.

Payback Money and Power Vengeance K-drama

Sun-Kyun debuted in the industry through a musical called ‘The Rocky Horror Show.’ Sun-Kyun, through his role in Payback: Money and Power, shows great professionalism and enthusiasm, which can be felt by the viewers as he tackles the corrupt system.

Moon Chae-Won 

This well-loved actress plays the role of Eun Yong’s benefactor’s daughter, Joon-Gyeong. Best known for her role in ‘Flower of Evil,’ Chae-Won is a critically acclaimed actress who exhibits her talent and experience through Joon-Gyeong’s character.

Payback Money and Power Vengeance K-drama

Payback Money and Power| Moon Chae-Won

Holding the ‘Best New Actress’ award after her breakthrough with ‘War of the Arrows,’ Moon Chae-Won is a much-loved actress who is dedicated to portraying all her roles with great expertise. 

Kang You-Seok

Playing Eun Yong’s nephew in the drama, Kang You-Seok is a young actor who is known for his supporting and guest roles in various popular K-dramas like ‘Dr. Romantic 2’ and ‘Starts Up.’ Payback: Money and Power gives You-Seok a platform to showcase his acting skills as a main role. 

Payback Money and Power Vengeance K-drama thriller

Payback Money and Power| Kang You-Seok

Apart from these 3, the other actors include actor Park Hoon (The King: Eternal Monarch, Big Mouth) playing Hwang Ki-Seok and King Hong-Fa (I Want To Know Your Parents, The Night Shift) playing the role of Myung In-Joo in Payback: Money and Power.

Synopsis of Payback: Money and Power

Lee Sung Kyun plays the role of Eun Yong, a business titan. Having quite a reputation in his trade of work, he’s seen returning to Korea after living most of his life in the country of Mongolia. His return, however, comes with a purpose- to help out his nephew Tae-Chun (Kang You-Seok), and the daughter of his old patron Joon Gyeong ( Moon Chae-Won).

Through a series of events that occur along the way, Eun Yong is forced to fight against the corrupt system and tackle the higher powers while avenging the death of his late friend. How will the story play out? Will Eun Yong be able to triumph victory over the people he’s fighting against? To find out what happens in Payback: Money and Power, don’t waste time and rush to watch this binge-worthy K-drama! 

Streaming Guide for Payback Money and Power K-drama Episodes 

Currently standing at 10 episodes with its latest release on 4th February 2023, Payback: Money and Power is packed with action and thrill, catering to the audience’s best interest. The K-drama will have you absorbed with its gripping plot, making it hard for you to take your eyes off the screen.

Releasing episodes every Friday and Saturday, Payback: Money and Power is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 11 will be released this weekend, so get ahold of that Prime Subscription and enjoy this exciting show! For Koreans, SBS will be showcasing this drama at 10 pm (KST) every Friday and Saturday. 

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