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How to Watch Vengeance of the Bride Episodes? Streaming Guide

Vengeance of the Bride Korean melodrama
Vengeance of the Bride Summary and Streaming guide

With its first episode premiering on 10th October 2022 and its current status still ongoing, Vengeance of the Bride is a melodramatic thriller K-drama with sparks of romance- having a little bit of something for everyone. Starring actors like Park Ha-Na, Song Cha-Min, Kang Ji- Sup, and many more, this series has seen support from not just native watchers but from foreign fans as well.

K-dramas like Vengeance of the Bride are often enjoyed by the public as a guilty pleasure. With the time frame of the drama revolving in a realistic space, and the characters developing under natural circumstances, these lengthy K-dramas have a chokehold on those who enjoy the slow-paced nature that often contrasts with their fast-paced reality- are you guilty of being one of them? 

Set to release 100 episodes, Vengeance of the Bride has till now reached Episode 76, which came out on 3rd February 2023. With its grasping plot and intense scenes, Vengeance of the Bride leaves no room for boredom, gaining a person’s undivided attention to its gripping storyline.

This article will provide all the details needed to watch Vengeance of the Bride and a quick background for those wanting to start the show, so stay tuned to learn all the information you’ll need on Vengeance of the Bride!

Vengeance of the Bride Synopsis

The main protagonist of Vengeance of the Bride, Eun Seo-Yun (Park Ha-Na), is a kind-hearted woman having a keen interest in the beauty industry. She runs a small business making and selling cosmetic supplies, all the while working at a makeup salon. 

Vengeance of the Bride Synopsis Thriller K melodrama

Vengeance of the Bride

Eun Seo-Yun and her family shared a close relationship with Kang Baek-San (Song Chang-Min), the owner of a well-reputed cosmetics company. The bond they shared was so deep that Seo-Yun referred to him as a father. There was, however, a twisted turn in events. Seo-Yun found out that the man she respected so dearly was the cause of her biological parent’s downfall- he was her sworn enemy.

Filled with anger and rage from the betrayal, Seo-Yun was devasted and in quick need of retaliation- it felt like a knife had been stabbed into her back when she was forced to face the reality of her ‘father.’ Upon this realization, Seo- Yun is determined to take revenge on Baek-San.

She plans a scheme to lure in Baek-San’s son Kang Tae-Poong (Kang Ji-Sup), and marry him. Tae-Poong had distanced himself from his father after the death of his younger sister. He moved to the US to get his mind off the pain and move on. When he emigrated to Korea, Seo-Yun found the perfect opening to execute her plan to avenge her parents.

How will the plan play out? Will Tae-Poong find out Seo-Yun’s intentions, and will Seo-Yun be able to seek justice for her parents? Watch Vengeance of the Bride to unravel the fate of our female lead. 

When do Vengeance of the Bride Episodes Release?

Vengeance of the Bride airs its episodes every Monday to Friday at 7:50 pm (KST). With its latest episode being 76, Episode 77 is set to release on Monday, 6th February 2033 at 7:50 pm (KST)

Episode 77 of Vengeance of the Bride will release on the following date and time in the respective areas-

  • 6th February, 4:20 pm (IST)
  • 6th February  6:50 pm (MYT)
  • 6th February, 6:50 pm (PHT)
  • 6th February, 7:50 pm (JPT)

Streaming Guide for Vengeance of the Bride

While it is natural for one to be hesitant starting a show with that many episodes, Vengeance of the Bride raises no suspicion about the well-thought storyline and amazing cast and crew! Don’t hesitate and try out this hair-raising K-drama. 

Vengeance of the Bride Streaming guide, Where to watch, Release Dates

Vengeance of the Bride

Since the episodes air five days a week, Vengeance of the Bride will be available to stream on platforms like KBS TV and Viki in selected regions. The K-drama is generous with its episodes, so don’t forget to catch up – you won’t want to fall behind! to get that premium subscription to watch Vengeance of the Bride undisturbed. Get ready to experience a world full of thrill and drama!

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