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Let’s Run An Inn On Dungeon Island Chapter 20: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Let's Run an Inn on Dungeon Island
Let's Run an Inn on Dungeon Island

“Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island” finally makes it’s return with the 19th chapter and the beginning of the fourth volume. If you are looking for updates about chapter 20, look no further. In this chapter, we will be talking about the release date of chapter 20, any spoilers and where you can read it.

“Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island” is an adult adventure, fantasy and harem manga, written by Yuuki Shinichi. The manga is about a young man named Sanada Shirou who works at a “black company”, leading him to being extremely overpaid and underworked. While fishing, a black void opens out of nowhere, sucking Sanada into itself.

Sanada finds himself in a strange place, and the moment he lands, he gets apprehended by the Imperial soldiers. But to his shock, all the soldiers in the unit are actually women. Sanada learns that in this world, the women are aggressive and strong because only the women can use magic. To Sanada’s surprise, he has been gifted with the powers of crafting magic.

Let's Run an Inn on Dungeon Island

Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island

Sanada is imprisoned with the warrior Princess Chris, who is doomed to face execution in three days. With Sanada’s help, both of them escape the prison and set sail but end up getting lost. They find themselves on a deserted island and together with Chris’s powers and Sanada’s crafting magic, they make a temporary house to live in. Soon after, Chris leaves for the Empire, while Sanada stays back at the island to level up his magic skills.

Sanada’s quiet life at the island is disrupted as more and more people start coming on the island. Sanada starts an inn for all his visitors, providing his guests with bed and breakfast. He is awarded with money and magical stones for his services. More often than not, Sanada also finds himself as the target of these women’s lustful feelings, making his life more and more adventurous and complicated.

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Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island: Chapter 19 Recap

In the previous chapter, Sanada prepares tempura for his 100 Imperial soldiers, staying on his island while they raid the dungeon. The tempura is well received by everyone as they devoured the food prepared by Sanada. Later, they have a meeting where the Imperial Soldier’s Leader asks Sanada to lend them his golems with their iron shield to protect the vanguard and reduce casualty.

Sanada receives hefty payment from the Imperial Soldiers in form of magical stones, cash and beef. Sanada is happy about the deal and sets his mind to making beef bowl. Next day, the soldiers along with Sanada and his golems prepare to raid the dungeon. 

They open the gates and monstrous creatures creep out and fight with the soldiers. Tanaka is escorted inside by Gram-sama and her lieutenant as his guards as he orders the golems to fight with the soldiers. Tanaka soon becomes overwhelmed by the lack of oxygen inside the dungeon and faints on the spot.

Let's Run an Inn on Dungeon Island

Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island

Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island: Chapter 20 Release Date

The author usually uploads the successive episodes of the volume together and then takes a break for a couple months. Since this chapter is the first installment in the volume 4 of “Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island”, we can expect more regular uploads to follow.

The estimated release date of chapter 20 is 8th March 2023. We can expect to see more action as the soldiers and Sanada go deeper inside the dungeon. Sanada may get injured or hurt due to his lack of strength, and we can also expect some romantic development between Sanada and Gram-sama.

Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island: Chapter 20 Spoilers

Unfortunately, no spoilers are available for “Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island” chapter 20 yet. We can expect some spoilers to be released 1-2 days before the chapter is published. The estimated date for spoilers to be released is 7th March 2023. The spoilers are circulated on platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Discord.

Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island: Where to Read?

“Let’s Run an Inn on Dungeon Island” is available on the official website of Ichijinsha. The manga is also serialized in the montly magazine called Comic Rex. Unfortunately, English translations have not been licensed for this manga yet, so the English readers will have to rely on unofficial websites or fan translations.

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