Why Did Katherine Heigl Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

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Why Did Katherine Heigl Leave Grey's Anatomy?
Why Did Katherine Heigl Leave Grey's Anatomy?

Here is Why Did Katherine Heigl Leave Grey’s Anatomy? Katherine Heigl was one of the main characters in The Grey’s Anatomy and left the show in the sixth season in 2010. She was a fan favorite and was also awarded Emmy awards. Since she left the show, fans have been wondering what could be the possible reason for her departure from the show.

She was awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for Supporting Actress for a drama series in 2007. There are many theories about why she left the show. Here in this article, we have tried to give some of them.

Gray’s Anatomy is a medical drama that premieres on ABC. The show has been on for 19 seasons, and during these seasons, many of the fan-favorite characters left the show or were fired with a dramatic story, and after their departure, the show tries to justify that with a reason in the episodes.

One of the examples is Patrick Dempsey, who left the front, and the show showed that by showing him dead. And another example is Katherine Heigl, and this article is about her only. So let’s see who she is and why she left the show.

Who is Katherine Heigl?

Katherine Heigl plays the role of Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy. She came on the show as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital under Dr. Miranda Bailey. Her roommates in the show were Meredith Grey, Christrina Yang, and George O’Malley, who were also an intern.

She also had a love interest in the show in the form of Alex Karev. Izzie came from a poor background and a lower-class family, due to which she was portrayed as a low-confidence person, but after some time, her character changed, and she was seen as a powerful character.

During season 2, she was engaged to a heart patient Denny Duquette who was admitted to the hospital where she worked. After some time, she broke the hospital’s rules to get Denny a heart transplant operation earlier than his time because of his worst condition. Even after getting the transplant, Denny died. Because of this, Izzie left the hospital to mourn for him as she was in pain but returned on probation after some time.

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl

Alex was seen as a love interest to Izzie in season 5. She even had cancer that season and later married Alex during her treatment. In the same season, she was operated on, and a tumor was removed from her body in. She almost died, but the doctors saved her. She was fired in season 6 when she injected the wrong dosage into a patient.

Why Did Katherine Heigl Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

One of the main reasons she left was because everyone made her look like she was challenging to handle. She used to speak anything without thinking about what would happen from her words and what those words could cause. One of the most prominent examples is when she said that she did not deserve to get an Emmy nomination.

Because, according to her, she didn’t have enough content in comparison to other actresses who performed better. She asked the academy to remove her name from the nominations and choose a deserving actress.

Due to this, fans didn’t like her and thought that she didn’t appreciate the love and awards that she received.  The second reason was that she used to complain publically about anything. She didn’t have a filter on her words and used to say whatever came into her mind without thinking twice. She used to criticize anyone publically.

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl

Once, she slammed her show, The Grey’s Anatomy, in The Late Show With David Letterman in 2009 about the work hours of the shooting. She said that the crew used to shoot for 17 hours a day, which is not acceptable and cruel.

The host asked how long she could survive in the show with that working hours, to which she said she was thinking. It can be one of the primary reasons she left the show the following year after this statement because the other actors and crew were unhappy with her message.

One of the reasons can be her ego which grew from time to time. When she joined the show, no one knew her, but after some time, she became a famous actress, which was why her ego was on fire, and she did two big movies, including Knocked up and 27 Dresses which made her more popular.

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