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Summer Time Render Episode 14: Release Date And Where to Watch?

Summer Time Render
Summer Time Render
Summer Time Render Episode 14 is set to release this week. The manga Summertime Rendering was written and illustrated by Yasuki Tanaka. It was published on the 23rd of October 2017 and ran until 1st February 2021, covering 13 volumes in total. The OLM studio took on the production of the anime adaptation. The first episode of Summertime Rendering was released on April 15th, 2021.
The anime Summertime Rendering presents us with a world that is not so normal, where the main character, Shinpei Ajiro, has supernatural powers that haunt him. However, he wasn’t alone as he lived with two sisters named Mio and Ushio. As a result, he grew up living with them and then decided to live independently in Tokyo as an adult. He enjoyed a peaceful life there until he heard the news about Ushio’s passing. It appears Ushio drowned, so he went to his adoptive home to attend her funeral. Knowing the marks around her neck indicate she had been strangled, he questions the cause of her death and how she died. A few days later, he begins to have visions of Ushio pleading with him to save Mio.
Furthermore, several dark entities live among the people of his hometown who are a threat to his life, as well as those of everyone around him. It is clear at home that Ushio’s death was more complicated than just drowning. Shinpei must investigate the cause of Ushio’s death to prevent mysterious happenings in the future.

Summer Time Render Episode 13 Review

In episode 13, we were given a new opening song, and I’m not going to lie, when I saw the second opening song, I was like, wow, we’ve finally gotten a real anime opening for summer render. We also got quite a few answers already, and the first one is not exactly an answer since we already know it from previous episodes.  However, in this episode, he reiterated that his ability is not time travel. He’s not time looping, he’s like something the word that they use is like the war that Shinpei observed will become a reality, so in a sense, Shinpei is moving across parallel walls. So, that’s why Haine took so long before he recognized it.


Hizuru Minakata From Summer Time Render

The ability for Haine to look for Shinpei immediately after he is marked by Haine is scary.  Shinpei provided us with a rather creative and interesting style based on what he said already.  Shinpei and Ushio, once they master the ability of this time travel stuff, may realize that hey, maybe it is too late for us to stop, and they then give champagne the eye ok, that’s right, Haine’s right eye was given to Shinpei by Ushio.

I thought the story would explain this further down the line, but I speculate that maybe in the future, Shinpei and Ushio may realize once they master the ability of this time travel stuff that, it is too late.  They seem to lose time because every time they start a new look, the time moves forward and forward again. I felt that this was because Shinpei doesn’t know how to control the ability yet, and Ushio is also not at full power yet, so I reason that maybe further down the line, Ushio can learn to control it.


Haine From Summer Time Render

Shinpei diagonal fully understands their abilities, and they can choose exactly what dead and what time to go back to. And the biggest mystery we haven’t yet reached an answer to is Ushio, how did the Ushio send a voice message to hizuru on the 21st of July. Based on what we saw here, I don’t know, but it’s like Ushio knew about hizuru, but hizuru hasn’t been on the island for a long time, so for Ushio to have his rule number, she would need to have it from the future. In this episode, we are shown two very important abilities. The first is that Ushio can share memories with other people through touch. This is extremely crucial because we cannot waste time every single time we see them explain what happened. They will spend a lot of time trying to convince the party they’re with about what happened. A shared memory of the Ushio will enable everyone to be on the same page at a very high speed, and that will enable the port to run smoothly.


Summer Time Render

The next issue is that Ushio, as usual, can pull across everything that she scanned previously in the previous loop. However, she has limited memory capacity so she won’t be able to scan too much at once, like scanning the shotgun and nail gun simultaneously. However, she can probably delete some stuff like the outfit. That way, she can make room for the shotgun and bullet and all that stuff so that she has more space. I feel like we will see this ability become more widespread in the future. He and she got soul fathers we got a new scene with these fathers in the episode when they encountered each other confronting him about Ushio, and when the father called someone, and then I believe it was her talking to them.

Summer Time Render Episode 14 Release Date

Summer Time Render episode 14  is scheduled to be released on July 15, 2022, Friday at 12:00 AM(JST). The episode title has not been revealed yet.

Where to Watch Summer Time Render Episode 14?

Fans can watch Summer Time Render Episode 14 on Disney+ when it is released; meanwhile, you can also watch previous episodes.

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