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Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah Thomas? The New Relationship in Making

Here, we shall discuss is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah Thomas! If you are unfamiliar with them, here is a brief breakdown. Benjamin Roger Azelart is a renowned Youtube star with a massive fan base, more precisely, over 10.8 million subscribers on the platform. His videos are based on funny challenges and pranks, enjoyed by people insanely. He has also collaborated with other Youtube channels, one of which is AMP World. Besides this, Ben Azelart has also played a role in Brobot, gaining enough recognition. On the other hand, Hannah Thomas appears to be a stunning Instagram model. She mainly posts about make-up, fashion, traveling, and beauty content.

After Ben Azelart’s breakup with Lexi Rivera, fans started to speculate if the Youtube star had someone special in his life. He uploaded a video of him trying to find a new girlfriend. The fans confirmed that he wasn’t romantically involved unless he revealed it to be Hannah. Still, there are always ups and downs and rumors circulating online that make the fans question if they are still dating. If you want to know if Ben Azelart is Dating Hannah Thomas, you are exactly at the right place. Do dig in.

Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah Thomas?

Yes. Ben Azelart is dating Hannah Thomas at present. They often post pictures of themselves on their respective social media platforms. Moreover, the love birds also make videos on Tiktok. Hannah has also gotten herself featured in some of her Youtube videos of Ben. Also, they have been spotted together at various events, making the fans suspect their romance. Well, these, they are romantically involved.

Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart

On 14 May 2022, Ben Azelart made his relationship with Hannah Thomas admitted to his fellow Youtuber, Jordan, in one of his videos when asked. Before that, they also made it official with an indirect note by celebrating Valentine’s Day 2022 together. They posted pictures of them with a bouquet of red roses. As the pictures say, he didn’t fail to make her feel special on the day. They are not just casually dating; Ben appears to feel lucky enough to have her in his life. Things between them have appeared very serious, and hopefully, their bond is getting stronger than ever.

Best Wishes to Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas for the upcoming days of their career. Hoping to see more of their collaborations, be it a prank video or anything. They look adorable together! For more updates, you may follow Ben Azelart on his Instagram account.

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