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Why Did Lexi Rivera And Ben Azelart Break Up?

Breaking Down Why Lexi Rivera And Ben Azelart Broke Up
Ben Azelart And Alexa Rivera Posing

Lexi Rivera And Ben Azelart were the internet space’s hottest couple during the late 2010s. The couple’s relationship was quite adored by both of their fandoms. Thus, unifying a fanbase. Lexi Rivera spawned success following the footsteps of her elder brothers. The quite popular Brent Rivera, as well as Brice Rivera, are both social media stars. She rose to fame by featuring in her brother’s YouTube videos. Growing up now, she has her own loyal fanbase. On the other hand, Ben Azelart rose to prominence through his adventurous skateboarding videos which often uploaded on his self-titled YouTube Channel. They both saw enormous success in the YoTube space during the late 2010s.

The talks flooded in when Lexi and Ben started featuring in each other’s YouTube videos constantly. It was a matter of time before they reveal their relationship status with the fans. Even though it was just speculation. The rumor turned out to be true. But at the end of the days, that’s the thing about relationships, they either work out or not. Something like that went down between YouTube star couple. They announced there broke up through a video in December of 2020. The fans were quite heartbroken as well with the couple. So anyway, let’s take a look at what happened between the popular vlogger and skateboard star’s relationship.

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Lexi Rivera And Ben Azelart Break-up: Announcement

Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart worked together for like three years. Constantly featuring in each other’s vlogs. Covering lighthearted topics and pranks together. Their fans were quite intrigued if they had a crush on each other. Eventually, they found they are quite in love with each other. Anyway, leaving the drama aside just makes everyone worry. Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart talked things out with their fans before parting their ways in the relationship.

Breaking Down Why Lexi Rivera And Ben Azelart Broke Up

Ben Azelart And Alexa Rivera

On November 22, 2020, Lexi uploaded a video featuring Ben Azelart titled, “We Broke Up”. The couple joined in for fans. Initially, they joked about the split to lighten everyone’s mood. Finally, the couple revealed they respect each other and there will always be love and support between them. Finally, they hit us with the truth bomb. Yes, it’s true that the couple is splitting while also explaining the situation.

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Lexi Rivera And Ben Azelart Break-up: The Reason Explained

Lexi started talking about Ben and her relationship. She countered the fact how it is confusing for the fans. Lexi reconciles the fact stating it is confusing for them too. Especially because they were so on and off with it. They are quite not sure what to do with it either. So, they will be explaining it in the video.

Lexi talked about how they met three years ago. She described how initially they didn’t talk to one other at all for six months. They went on to state that the time they really connected was only on the cameras. They did develop a friendship and some little more. That was three years ago, now they believe they are better off as friends. Ben went on to agree things were different to them as a couple. Different when it comes to off-camera.

Ben explained having a relationship being a thing. But having a relationship online is completely a different matter for them. It is very confusing and isn’t very easy. They believe they were just teenagers and now they are matured. Ben believed throughout the years people change. Initially, it was fun making videos together. They both had fun. Now after all these years, the stuff is quite complicated for the couple. The hard part is making the fans happy as well as themselves. Plus, they believe they are not doing good at both parts. You can check out the entire video posted by Lexi talking with Ben about their relationship below.

At The End Of The Day

As Ben said, people change with time. So, both Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart are figuring things out as they grow up. After doing videos together for three long years, it’s time they look at themselves as an independent. Plus, for fans, this doesn’t mean they closed their relationship gates forever. They can reconnect with each other with some time. For now, they just want to go as friends deciding their future. Plus this was expected. They promised each other during their initial stages of dating. They will break up on good terms if it comes to that.

Breaking Down Why Lexi Rivera And Ben Azelart Broke Up

Ben Azelart And Alexa Rivera Posing For A Photoshoot

For their careers, both Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart are quite young. Both are 19 and there is a long-standing career ahead. They both have die-hard loyal fanbases who are looking forward to their future independent ventures. Until then, we will miss them as a couple and will be looking forward to the time they collaborate all over again for another venture.

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