Bridgerton Season 2 Ending Explained: Do Kate and Anthony End Up Together?

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Bridgerton Season 2 Episode 8 Explained
Bridgerton Season 2 Main Cast (Credit: Netflix)

Excited to know how season 2 of Bridgerton ends. Then you have come to the right place. The second season of Bridgerton brought so much drama, romance, conspiracies, and betrayals and the finale episode of it was a rollercoaster of emotions for all the fans. If you are looking for all the information on how Bridgerton Season 2 ends then continue reading this post till the end. But before we begin, here’s a bit about Netflix’s hit series, Bridgerton.

Released in the year 2020, Bridgerton takes you to the British Regency Era, where the prominent Bridgerton family has a huge influence on society. Bridgerton follows the story of the eight siblings from the family, trying to discover what love is while looking for the perfect partner who would make their life more joyful. However, they are surrounded by rivals and enemies all around which brings challenges to their lives, but they conquer them with utmost courage and achieve what they desire.

The first season of Bridgerton was a big hit on Netflix and the second season was renewed in the year 2022. Fans are so excited to know what exactly happened in the second season of Bridgerton and whether there is a possibility for the third season to release. If you have any questions regarding the ending of Bridgerton season 2 and the renewal of season 3, then continue reading. Just to let you know that this post contains huge spoilers about Bridgerton Season 2 plot and finale, so if you are reasonable with spoilers or if you have watched Bridgerton Season 2 then, certainly, you can enjoy this post till the end.

Kate and Anthony Finally confess their feelings for each other

The most awaited romance from Bridgerton season 2 finally starts to bloom and keeps the fans’ expectations high that they would finally be able to see their favorite enemies turning into love birds soon. Well, even in the finale episode of Bridgerton season 2 it was very hard to see Kate and Anthony getting close, however, it’s not them but it is their feelings that finally bring them together.

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After falling off the horse, Kate gets badly injured. Anthony rushes towards her and arranges everything for her treatment. Sadly, she gets into a coma for about a week, while traumatized Anthony blames himself for Kate’s bedridden condition. When Kate finally wakes up from a coma, Anthony proposes to her to be his partner. However, Kate has different plans in her mind. Even though she loves Anthony by all her heart she does not want to accept her feelings and wants to go back to India after resolving all the matters with her sister.

Bridgerton Season 2 Plot
Kate and Anthony from Bridgerton season 2 (Credit: Vogue)

After having a conversation with her stepmother, Kate understands that she deserves a partner, just like Anthony who will be with her on all the paths of her life. Surprisingly, Kate and Anthony reunite at Featherington Ball, where they announce their love for each other. Anthony, who always carries a fear of losing his loved ones, finally gets the love of his life, when Kate says “I love you too” and kisses him after the ball. Six months later, just before we see Anthony and Kate playing pall mall at Aubrey Hall they make love when Anthony calls Kate “viscountess” and this is when we get to know that they finally tied the knot.

What Happens to Colin and Penelope?

Penelope and Colin’s love story is something that fans wanted to have a happy ending, however, there’s something different written in Penelope’s fate. After getting discovered that she is a lady Whistledown, the only hope that was left in her life was Colin. Even though we did not see that coming, sadly, Colin breaks Penelope’s heart. When Penelope starts looking for Eloise during the Featherington ball, after the whole Lady Whistledown thing, Penelope overhears the conversation that she was not supposed to.

Bridgerton Season 2
Colin and Penelope from Bridgerton season 2 (Credit: Glamour)

Penelope eavesdrops on the conversation between Colin and his friends when they ask him if he loves Penelope. Colin says that even in his wildest fantasies, he would never court her. She was surely not ready to endure the pain of getting heartbroken by Colin after losing her best friend, Eloise. But, does this mean that Colin and Penelope’s love story has ended? Probably not. In fact, this may be the new beginning for heartbroken Penelope, and in season 3 it is expected that Colin and Penelope’s love story will continue to evolve.

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Edwina Finds A New Potential Match!

The Edwina-Kate-Anthony love triangle brought so many intriguing moments for fans, however, when fans were looking forward to seeing something happening between Edwina and Anthony, the whole story turned upside down and Kate and Anthony fell in love with each other. Certainly, Edwina loved seeing both happily dancing at the ball, but talks about Edwina’s broken wedding started to emerge.

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Bridgerton Season 2 Ending
Kate and Edwin From Bridgerton Season 2 (Credit: Netflix Life)

As always, Queen Chatroulette handles the situation for Edwina, letting everyone know that they were supposed to find a new partner because the ruler decided to call their wedding off. Soon, Queen Charlotte introduces her to Prince Friedrich, her nephew who is not yet married and is looking for a potential woman to tie the knot with. As Prince Friedrich has come back into the picture, we may see the beautiful love story of Edwina Sharma and Prince Friedrich in season 3.

Who is the Lady Whistledown?

Not only the love stories that played a huge part in Bridgerton season 2 finale but dark secrets related to many of the main characters of the show were revealed in the last episode. Starting with Penelope, who lost the love of her life is still hoping that she can repair her friendship with Eloise.

Bridgerton Season 2 Synopsis
Eloise confronts Penelope – A Still from Bridgerton Season 2 Finale Episode (Credit: Netflix)

So, what happened between her and Eloise? After trying thousands of attempts to track down Lady Whistledown, Eloise feels betrayed when she discovers that none other than her best friend is Lady Whistledown. While Penelope tries her best to explain everything that she did, enraged Eloise warns Penelope that she never wants to see her again.

Real Identity Of Jack Featherington

In season 1, after the devastating demise of Lord Featherington, the cousin Featherington, Jack arrives out of nowhere to take charge of the Featheringtons. But it is soon revealed that he is not rich and confesses the same to Lady Featherington. Both of them make a plan to con the Bridgertons by persuading them to invest in Jack’s business and then running away with the money that Bridgertons would invest in his mining business.

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Bridgerton Season 2 Ending Explained
Colin confronts Jack for conning Bridgertons (Credit: Netflix)

Surely, they get success halfway through their plan, but Colin discovers how Jack is tricking Bridgertons all these days. In front of Penelope, Colin proves that the jewelry that Colin sells is made up of t just a glass that Bridgertons were considering to be the precious outcome of his mining business. Lady Featherington turns her back on Jack and betrayed cousin Featherington gets the order to leave London from Colin.  

Now that you know everything about Bridgerton season 2, if you are curious about season 3 of Bridgerton, then look forward to it. Because season 3 is confirmed to release. The release date has not been announced yet but the good is in March 2023, Bridgerton Season 3 was done filming, So, fans can get an announcement about season 3 anytime soon now.

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