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How To Watch Grace Season 3 Episodes? Streaming Guide

Where to watch Grace Season 3. Credits: ITV
How To Watch Grace Season 3 Episodes? Streaming Guide

There were several surprises and dramatic moments in the Grace season 2 finale. Based on Peter James’s finest books, the ITV crime drama has established itself as a great fan favorite and was renewed for a second season not long after the first one concluded last year.

Before delving into the Grace season 3 episode air dates and streaming schedule, let’s take a look back at the season 2 conclusion of the program. Grace and Branson are called to investigate a body discovered in the English Channel.

Grace realizes this is part of a terrifying scheme when two further bodies are uncovered. We checked in on Roy and Cleo’s relationship after she broke the news in the show’s finale, even though Glenn’s spouse had voiced concerns about how he’d changed since getting shot. For a summary of what happened in conclusion, continue reading.

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What took place in the Season 2 finale?

Whenever a body is spotted floating in the English Channel, Grace, and Branson are there to investigate. Grace believes this is part of a fatal plan when she finds two other bodies. And although Glenn’s spouse was worried about how he had changed since being shot, we also kept an eye on Roy and Cleo’s friendship when she stepped out last week.

Where to watch Grace Season 3. Credits: ITV

A still from the teaser. Credits: Apple TV+

Julia Giroux, a Swiss-French woman suspected of having connections to Colombian criminal organizations, and Joe Baker, a man with an extensive criminal past who was thought to be the British leader of a Romanian sex slavery organization and who attempted to control prostitution for profit, orchestrated the scheme.

But there were a lot more people engaged. Jim Telby, the owner and commander of the boat Glenn, kept searching for victims and helped in their initial disposal, even though it appeared that his sense of shame had prompted him to leave the corpses where they were to be found. Joe killed the law enforcement officers when he realized he had taken them out on the boat.

In addition to hiring Dr. Noah Cobb, who had already been involved in organ trafficking just before Cobb’s injury, the plan also included Dr. Roger Gunnislake. As they are all captured at the end of the last episode, Gunnislake says, “I’ve been working as a doctor long enough to understand the one harsh, inescapable truth: that you can’t rescue them all.

The surgery is complete. And we can at least try if Grace continues. Also, we saw Layla Backhurst go to all lengths to find her daughter Callie a new liver to preserve her life. Callie runs away and collapses after discovering where the liver will come from. The cops hunt for her furiously after catching those behind the scam.

Where to watch Grace Season 3. Credits: ITV

The main cast. Credits: Amazon

As everything is happening, Layla finds a text from Callie’s father, Marcus, saying that Callie has a good match at the NHS. This ended up being Noah Cobb, the plot’s first surgeon, who was involved in a motorcycle accident and went into a coma, closing the circle.

Even though we cannot view the results, it appears like Callie has been saved, even though her mother, Layla, is likely to receive punishment for trying to illegally procure a liver. Because Grace and Cleo seem to be back to normal, he also reveals to her how he had decided to have Sandy proclaimed involuntarily dead, which is a vital step on his path to healing.

Although Roy and his spouse expressed concern about Glenn’s dangerous behavior after the shooting, Glenn decided to go back to counseling. Sandy seems to be breathing. Near the end of the episode, Grace receives a call from an old friend in Germany who claims to have seen Sandy alive and well when he is waiting for a lunch rendezvous with Cleo.

When will the new episode of Grace season 3 come out?

Grace Season 3 episodes will come out every Sunday. Grace Season 3 Episodes will come out on ITV in the UK around 8 p.m. Fans from around the globe can watch Grace season 3 episodes at the following times:

  • For USA fans, the time is 4 p.m. EDT
  • For fans living in India: Monday, 1.30 a.m. IST
  • For fans staying in Australia: Monday, 7 a.m. AEDT
  • For German watchers, the time is 9:00 p.m. CET.

Grace Season 3 Episodes: How to Watch


At the times listed above, British viewers can watch the show live on ITV and stream the episode on Amazon Prime and Apple TV+.


The show will be available on Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime at the times we specified.


India fans can stream the show at 1.30 a.m. on Monday via Amazon Prime and Apple TV+.


Watchers from Australia can watch the show via Apple TV+ at the hour we mentioned above.


German fans can stream the show at 9 p.m. via Apple TV+.

Episodes Guide

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