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32 Games Like World Of Warcraft That Will Get You Hooked


World of Warcraft can easily be credited for popularising MMORPG in the world of gaming. There is tons of lore and places to explore within the top-down game, and you could do it alone or with your friends. But it is the online community that makes this franchise big and unparalleled to this day. However, there comes the point in the game where it is all grind, and there is nothing new to explore.

This is not uncommon, but thanks to the growing popularity of MMORPG, we have got ourselves many great entries that you will enjoy. There will be some entries in the list that would diverge from the common norm of being online, but they will give you the same vibe as the popular MMORPG. So without further ado, let’s get to entry number 1.

1. Crosscode

Crosscode takes elements from many games and combines them into one. At its core, the game is about an elemental-style fight that mixes and matches different affinities to deal damage. Though the game is single-player focused and has a single-focus narrative, its execution of it is reminiscent of World of Warcraft.

It slowly introduces the player to the elements of gameplay, and once you are well versed with the basics of the games, you are free to play as you like. The best part about the game mechanics is how it lets you experiment with the mechanics and give you an experience with the combat and discover something new for yourself.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Crosscode Franchise

2. Pirates of the Sea

The name alone makes it pretty clear what the game would be about. You play as a player character in a world of pirates, going out on adventures with online friends to collect loot and do battles. The augmentation that the game provides here is what makes this game a good recommendation for a World of warcraft game. You start with little to nothing on a stranded island; by exploring around, you learn about the environment and the things that you would be facing. There are a lot of missions and raids for you to do as a group.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Pirates of the Sea Franchise

3. Project: Gorgon

The game has mixed reviews, but on steam, it got a high recommendation from the player base, so it is worth checking this one out. The studio that had made this also gave us Star Trek online, and as such, the game was well received as the quality shows. While a lot of modern games do hand-holding and tell you what to do, this game does no such thing. You will be taught the basic minimum, and from there, you are free to explore however you want and enjoy your adventure.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Project: Gorgon Franchise

4. Path of Sacrifice

From the Chinese developers comes this 2d Metroidvania that will eat up your time for days to come. The game is cheap and has an overwhelmingly positive review on Steam. If that alone doesn’t convince you, then consider this. You are a player character with few skills and a vast world with tons of secrets and mysteries waiting for you to be explored. The characters are off on a journey, and along the way, they will earn a few things but close to much more to attain their goals. The story is a bit on the grim side, but that is what makes it all the more enjoyable as you dive deep into the world.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Path of Sacrifice Franchise

5. World Seed

World seed is a game you can enjoy anywhere, whether it be on your phone or pc. Unlike the other entries on the list so far, it has not been met with high praise like them. However, the game evolves, which makes it a unique one. The gameplay itself is keen to it; the only things you will know for sure are the game mechanics; the world itself is ever-changing. Every player has a different adventure making it personal among the players. The levels are randomly generated, and the connectivity across the board makes it so that the players have a sense of foreboding.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: World Seed Franchise

6. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

Elder Scrolls is one of those game series that are entwined deep into the history of games. They influence the industry and many times are influenced by others as well. Skyrim was the game that made one of the biggest impacts in gaming. And seeing that the company wants to make the most from the franchise, it is no surprise that we have an online game. You will find everything great about the one-player game with the added benefit of MMORPG. If you are someone who likes deep lore and co-op, you will be in this for a long time.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Franchise

7. Chatventures

Any game history would know that there used to be a time when text-based games were a thing. Now a niche among niches, chat-based games are almost nonexistent. Chatventures is an MMORPG experience of the old game, which is uncommon, to say the least. It also uses the best processor in the world to this date, your imagination. Or that’s what Sheldon from the big bang theory would say. And if you are the one trying unique things, this game will be up your alley.

Games like World Of Warcraft

CC: Chatventures The Game

8. Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel has tried to get into the gaming gig for quite a while now. At first, they only tried minimal effort with Spider-Man games, but ever since the MCU, they have become in their approach to games, which has led to many great things like Playstation’s Spider-Man and the Spin-off Miles Morales. It is no wonder they also made the MMORPG, and it is quite a nice experience from what we could tell. You have familiar faces like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and many more. The game gives a good experience for those wanting to get into a marvel-focused MMORPG.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Marvel Future Revolution Franchise

9. Diablo Immortal

Diablo, like Elder Scrolls, has long been part of the gaming culture, but it didn’t have as much effect in the industry. However, it still stands as one of the greatest franchises in gaming, and going to an MMORPG was the next step for the series. Though it did face a lot of issues for this as the main focus of the game was the Chinese audience. And that meant a lot of online transactions, but it has since been resolved, and the game is now for everyone to enjoy. Just not the quality you’d expect from the main games.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Diablo Immortal Franchise

10. MMORPG Tycoon 2

MMORPG meets building your world, and the game is what you’d expect from a title that is bound to take many hours of your life. A simple game where you go around collecting stuff and building your country. Though, you will spend hundreds of hours scrutinizing what to do. For those who like to min-max, this game will be up your alley, and the pixel art will make everything you come across sometimes goofy and other times a great experience. And it will be great to play with friends.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: MMORPG Tycoon 2 Franchise

11. Minecraft

Minecraft was released a decade ago and showed no signs of ever slowing down. An MMORPG with pixelated graphics that not only sucks you in with its gameplay and aesthetics but also its wholesome community. Enjoyed by a large variety of content creators for fun, exciting events and the many secrets it holds. The Co-op experience is simply the best in these games, and those who want an MMORPG just for that will find this game endearing. But, it can also be enjoyed as a single player, for it has a mode for those who want to explore things at their pace.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Minecraft Franchise

12. Blade and Souls 2

This game is a sequel (as the name suggests) and a window for those who want to get into Korean-style MMORPG. Though you will find familiar elements that you find in World of Warcraft, you will also be met with systems that you have never seen anywhere. Of course, if you have played Korean-styled MMORPG or have read Manhwas inspired by them, you will know what to expect from them, as some of it was even seen in the upcoming anime adaptation of Solo Leveling.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Blade and Souls Franchise

13. Terraria

In a nutshell, Terraria could be called 2d Minecraft, but that doesn’t exactly do the game justice. Terraria takes a lot of elements from the old-school platformer Minecraft and other MMORPGs. The end product is a polished game that is distinct among gamers. You will love it for the very reason you adore World of Warcraft, a fantasy filled with secrets and weapons that fill you with awe. But as we said in the beginning, it doesn’t have the same economic appeal as WoW either. Though, it hardly affects the quality of the gameplay and the fun you have playing it online.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Terraria Franchise

14. Warframe

Warframe is not just one game but an entire franchise. There are multiple entries in the series through expansions that expand on your experience in the world. There is also the key difference with this game being an action-based MMORPG with sci-fi elements mixed into the franchise. This alone makes it a standout among the pools of MMORPG out there, and the community with lots of forums helps you with secrets of the world in Warframe. The game will get a spiritual successor in Soulframe shortly with an updated game engine and many new elements in the story. And unlike the past entry, it will be a fantasy setting.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Warframe Franchise

15. Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy has been a staple in the industry since its first entry into the game. All entries from the series are a standout no matter which console generation it is, well, almost. ‘Final Fantasy 14’ is the latest entry in their MMORPG line and is a greater hit than the last online total. You play as a player character who goes on an adventure with characters from this world and meets people of exotic races that you have known and love. No paywall halts your grinding, so you can dive into it as much as you want. Just keep in mind to take breaks now and then.

Games Like World of Warcraft

CC: Final Fantasy Franchise

16. Rift

Rift is another spectacular game that you could enjoy, but unlike other games, this one has a limit to how much you can play. The game received mixed reviews but was well-received among those who stuck with it for the longer part. You play as a character of your choice and go on adventures and raids with your friends that can go on. However, the game has been less than stellar in recent months, with even new players finding faults. Don’t go for any packs, and enjoy it as much as you can with the f2p side until you have had your fill with this one.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Rift Franchise

17. Path of Exile

Another action RPG in the list, path of Exile, is for those who are looking for deep lore or WoW with lots of action in it. The first entry on the list that isn’t shy to use Dark Fantasy setting to tell its tale, though it won’t be the last. You are plunged into the world that will make you practice and learn things the hard way, or you will be overcome by the forces of the darkness. You won’t be the only one in this, as you will have allies that will give a hand in your progress for all the challenges that lay ahead. And if you enjoy this, be on the lookout for Path of Exile 2; it should be coming out in a year.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Path of Exile Franchise

18. Guild Wars 2

The successful sequel to the Guild Wars, the game established itself as one of the favorite games among people who want to play together in an MMO setting. Taking place in a fantasy setting with characters from many races that you will find endearing and wanting to know. Dive deep into an adventure with your friends as you go on missions and play with them to earn greater rewards and challenges. You will be faced with many difficulties, but as you play with your companions, you can best even the worst of odds.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Guild Wars Franchise

19. Age of Conan

The title should give you a fair idea of what to expect from the age of Conan. An MMORPG that takes the mythos of the Conan Franchise and presents you with an experience that is hard to believe. Though Conan is a franchise that refuses to die, this game and its tenacity show that the series does have values outside of just knockoff adaptations of the original. This time you won’t be playing as the titular character but will have the avatar that you will use to travel across the world. You will be joined by many who are looking into the mythos of the world.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Age of Conan Franchise

20. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is good for all the reasons we mentioned in Path of Exile and Warframe. You are thrust into a fantastical world with gods, beasts, and dragons. The big world is for you and your friends to explore, and your limit is time. Some events are time gated and will not be available after certain days if you miss them. So it is encouraging that you manage your time as well if you decide to play this one. Although, this could be said for all the entries previously mentioned.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Neverwinter Franchise

21. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online was a game that most people had never heard of until it was released. But it didn’t take long for it to become a fan favorite after its release and the game’s success also led devs to make a single-player game that they will be releasing in the future (different title). There are no limits to what you can and can’t do, but if you are someone who likes fashion in their games, you would have to pay for skins in this one. Otherwise, for those who want to get together and play, there are no inhibitors in the game.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Black Desert Online Franchise

22. Skyforge

Skyforge is set in a mythical world like most entries in the series. In this game, you play as a mighty god who is tasked with saving their domain from hostile entities of the other world. You are not the only god in this dominion, and you will be helped by many people who are tasked with the same. And you will also get the opportunity to invade other worlds as well for fun, or you could take the pacifist route and just defend your lands. The choice is yours; will you be the conqueror or the conquered?

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Skyforge Franchise

23. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars was the most profitable franchise (emphasis on the ‘was’), and it gave us quite a few games that have a soft spot among gamers. The Old Republic has you choose a character and go on a journey to the universe of star wars and do missions. You will be accompanied by ‘the force’ as the main mechanic of the gameplay, along with space fights and typical star wars stuff. You will be forming guilds and picking sides based on what you want to do. Though there will be many who will opt for the dark side, there are cons and pros to picking either. So choose whichever you feel is the best for you.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Star Wars: The Old Republic Franchise

24. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisitions was the entry in the franchise that not only saved it but rejuvenated its status as an RPG. Though the game is a traditional offline, the experience you get from it will remind you of WoW on many levels. Going around the world doing quests, making quests, etc., to make a name for yourself. You will make friends, be betrayed, and make connections as your get to the root of evil in the world and fight the evil forces on their doorsteps.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Dragone Age: Inquisition Franchise

25. Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 was released almost a decade ago, and to this day, it remains on the top list among WoW-like RPGs. In an offline game with a focus on campaign and storyline, you will learn lots of skills to go forward in the game or overcome all the enemies that are working on getting ahead of you. Similar to the previous entry, the focus is mainly on an offline adventure and mainline story, with no alternative for online adventure. But this game is what an offline World of Warcraft would feel like.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Divinity Franchise

26. Hades

It should be clear by now that we are focusing on offline games that share elements with the World of Warcraft. We did mention we would do it, but we wanted to save it for last. Hades is a Metroidvania choose-your-build game where the more you learn about the mechanics, the better you become at it. This game has a very long shelf life due to its high replayability. You can complete this game with any builds and even challenge yourself with a handicap in NG plus and so forth. Some players even say that is where the true game begins, but don’t take our word for it; go check it out on steam.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Hades Franchise

27. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is another Sci-Fi MMORPG that many have heard about. The game was hyped before the release, and on the day it came out, it didn’t disappoint. What’s more, the game has plenty of events for you to be sucked in and play for hours and hours. And at the time of writing this article, they are also doing a collaboration with Ubisoft for Assassin’s creed, for which they are even releasing Merch. We don’t have anything to add to the merchandise, but we can assure you that the game is a great experience that is worth trying for anyone who likes Sci-Fi MMORPG.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Destiny 2 Franchise

28. Elden Ring

Elden Ring was on the radar of many people the moment it was announced. The software was making big news by making one of the best games in the industry, and they had recruited George R R Martin into the fray for their next dark fantasy tale. The result was a game that exceeded anyone’s expectations and became one of the best games to date. Not only that, the game redefined the Open World genre and brought life to the stagnating genre. It has already gone on to win many awards, but at the time of writing this article, the game awards had not been held. Though we are sure it will win big in there.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Soulsbourne Franchise

29. Monster Hunter World

Like Elden Ring Monster Hunter: World was the biggest title for their studio that was aimed at the global audience. It already had all the elements that made it like World of Warcraft just lacked the scope that would make it a global hit. And Monster Hunter: world came to that status and is still being played by players despite the fact that half a decade has passed since its release. It also gets updates and patches for balancing to cater to the growing audience.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Monster Hunter Franchise

30. Rune Scape

Not enough pixel-shaded entries on this list, so we introduce you to the Rune Scape. Rune Scape has everything you want in a game that is similar to World of Warcraft but has the added benefit of quirky yet unique visuals. Though pixel shader is not looked upon in high regard by the industry, it is popular among fans, and when it is done right, it has no equal in presentation. Breath of the Wild also has a pixel shader engine to render the visuals and speaking, and it is going to have a sequel soon.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Rune Scape Franchise

31. Dungeons and Dragons Online

The whole RPG affair was started by none other than Dungeons and Dragons. So you can expect the MMORPG to be just like the tabletop game. Delve into the fantastical world and pick a class to your liking to explore the world. You can go solo in the big world or travel with companions to the ends of the world or play in a safe space. Although, the tabletop version has the benefit of the game master, who can enhance the game experience. So if you are into that aspect of DnD, you might find the game less appealing.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: Dungeons and Dragons Franchise

32. DC Universe Online

Like Marvel, DC has also done its fair share of game adaptations. The most popular of it being the Arkham series. Though, unlike Marvel, they have always been at the forefront in reaching out to different media to tell their stories, which was why they were ahead in releasing DC universe online( now a decade older) in releasing their MMORPG.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

CC: DC Universe Online MMORPG

You can make your character with whatever superpower you want, and you will be joined by other villains and heroes for the DC universe. Will you be a hero or villain? The choice is yours.

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