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Projek High Council Episode 3: Release Date & How to Watch

projek high council episode 3
Projek High Council, Credits: Gempak

Drama series are one of the best genres to watch, and who doesn’t love binge-watching a drama show filled with emotions and a fun ride, here comes the Projek High Council, which is so far a buzzing Malaysian series to watch.

Projek High Council is currently one of the best ones to watch and explore, and you definitely cannot get rid of it; therefore, with its ever-increasing number of episodes, fans want to know when is Episode 3 of the series going to release. This article will thus break down some of the exciting details regarding the Projek High Council series and when episode 3 of the series will be released, plus what we can expect from it.

Projek High Council series is a drama series that is based on bullying, which is one of the greater issues to portray through the series; the series thus follows the story of Fakhri, who has immensely suffered from bullying in school and is thus now a mission to end bullying in his elite boarding school where it’s considered very cool to bully people.

Therefore Fakhri goes on a mission to dismantle the High Council and end the root of the bullying which exists in this elite boarding school. Therefore Fakhri reveals the dark secret which exists within the school tradition of bullying the less powerful students, and in this process, he becomes the target of the pupils who exist in the High Council and who are the main roots of bullying. 

The series is a Malaysian television series that has so far gathered greater positive reviews from its fans who love the series, and since the show’s main plot centers around bullying thus, it is gaining an enormous amount of attention from the audience.

The show follows the cast of Nadhir Nasar, Amir Ahnaf, Fadhli Masoot, Daiyan Trisha, Ben Tan, Azhar Sulaiman, Fazziq Muqris, and many more blockbuster cast who have even elated their roles in the series with their superb acting.

projek high council episode 3

Projek High Council, Credits: Gempak

When is the Projek High Council Episode 3 Going To Be Released?

Well, so far now, there has been no official update regarding when is the Projek High Council Episode 3 going to release, but as per sources, it will come on 4th February 2023. 

Since the show has just recently started, and the episode first was titled ‘Manifesto’ was released on January 14, 2023, whereas Episode 2 was released on January 21, 2023, titled ‘Jibam’, as per reports, Episode 3 of the series would surely be releasing on 4th Feburary 2023, but so far now the dates regarding when the current episode will release are not out yet.

But it is no doubt that the excitement that fans have over the current episode after finishing the older ones is on another level; that’s why they are demanding another Episode to boost their excitement, but they do not have to wait very long since the good news of episode 3 would be hitting the doors in February.

How to Watch The Projek High Council?

The Projek High Council can be watched on several streaming channels such as Hayu, Paramount+, NOW, etc. It’s just that fans have to wait for a little for Episode 3’s release date to come over so to enjoy the buzzing next episode, which is surely going to be a major blockbuster on screens.

What Can We Expect From the Projek High Council Episode 3?

Since not enough details are released regarding the Projek High Council Episode 3, we can say that Episode 3 would follow all the twists and turns that Episode 2 left with itself behind. Episode 2 was very much loved by the fans, and therefore, it is no doubt that the newer Episodes would also attain the mark of blockbuster content.

Since the show has just been started and with its twists and turns worthy Episodes, audiences are already loving the content that each Episode of the series process; therefore, it is not in question after all that the makers might also be considered bringing a new season since the show is already attaining greater success.

projek high council episode 3

Projek High Council, Credits: Gempak

What Makes the Projek High Council a Good Series to Watch?

Drama genre series are sometimes very boring to watch, but this Malaysian series has not only gathered only the country’s fanbase, but people all over the globe love the series hugely.

What makes the series very exciting to watch is its major plot which focuses on bullying that many students can relate to; mixing action, adventure, and other things within the plotline of the series makes this series a great one to consider when it comes to drama genres.

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