Good Will Hunting Ending Explained: Going Back To Skyler

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Good Will Hunting’s ending gave us a lot to digest, and thus, here we will explain it all to you guys. The film was released in 1997, and the elements of drama. Gus Van Sant directed the movie. The was acclaimed positively among all the fans and watchers. It was made on a budget of just 10 million dollars. Upon release, it earned more than 225 million dollars at the box office. The film begins with Will Hunting, who is 20 years of age at the start of the film and lives in South Boston. He is a genius and has even taught himself about almost everything in life, including academics.

Although, Will has just been released from prison through parole. He has got a job working as a janitor at MIT. In his free time, Will likes to spend time with his friends. At MIT, when a math professor named Gerald Lambeau wrote a complicated problem for the students to solve about combinatorial math, Will solved the problem before them but did not reveal his identity yet. This shocks the kid studying at the college and the professor himself.

Good Will Hunting Ending Explained
A still from Good Will Hunting

Now the professor writes an even more difficult math problem on the board. Will tries to solve it late at night but escapes when the professor sees him doing so. Later that night, Will comes across a beautiful woman from Britain whose name is Skylar. She is about to graduate from Harvard College and will attend Stanford to pursue medicine. Soon, Will gets into trouble with the police. Lambeau saves him in court and agrees to provide him proper supervision to study math and go through psychotherapy sessions.


Psychotherapy is unsuccessful with Will because he loves to mock the therapists. Lambeau calls one of his colleagues who is now teaching psychology at Bunker Hill Community College. After a lot of unproductive sessions with him, Will finally begins to open up. Even Sean, the therapist, opens up to Will and tells him about the meaningful relationship with his deceased wife, and he does not regret even one bit of this. This encourages Will to have a relationship with Skylar himself, although he lies about practically everything, including his friends and neighborhood and his past.

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Soon, when reality hits him that even Sean has not moved on from his wife and how hurt is inevitable, he breaks up with Skylar when she asks him to move to California with her. As Sean tries to connect with Lambeau about the situation with Will, the two start arguing about his potential. Will walks in during this and refuses to take the job that Lambeau arranged for him.

Good Will Hunting Ending Explained

The three of them then start quarreling about Will’s future as Chuck walks in. He says there is nothing more in this world that he wants to see than Will moving on with his life and living up to his potential. Turns out Sean and Will are similar in a lot of ways as they both were abused as a child. Will starts crying and finally admits to being weak from the inside. The other men calm him down, and Lambeau agrees to get Will another job offer. Although, he does not accepts this and leaves for California in the end, meaning that he will reunite with Skylar.

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