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Secret Boutique K-Drama Ending Explained: All We Know!

Secret Boutique K-Drama Ending Explained: All We Know!
Secret Boutique K-Drama Ending Explained

The South Korean drama series ‘Secret Boutique’ is one of the most popular ones in the world of K-Dramas. The kind of suspense and thrill it brought to its viewers is still alive on the internet. Directed and written by Park Hyung Ki and Heo Seon Hee, respectively, ‘Secret Boutique’ portrays the story of an orphan named Do Young who lives and works in a public bathhouse. In a coincidence, the head of Deo Group named, Yeo Ok, comes to like her and helps her in changing her name to Jenny Jang and get into a high-end fashion boutique.

Her talent for secretly solving issues for the upper classes makes her the central figure in the political and business circles. Holding a sole goal to become the head of the Deo family by using the international city development project, Jenny moves forward. On the other hand, Yeo Ok has a different plan which includes kicking out Jenny as soon as possible after she succeeds in making Deo Group one of the top ten corporates in Korea.

The entire power play provided the viewers with much-needed entertainment and suspense. Here, we are going to discuss the finale of ‘Secret Boutique and know all about it. Let’s take a dive inside.

Secret Boutique K-Drama: What Happened In the Finale?

The entire plot structure and execution of ‘Secret Boutique’ brought in lots of anxiety and thrill to all the viewers out there. The ending of the show was as it was anticipated by everyone out there. It’s dramatic, upsetting, and of course, amazing. There were many casualties in the finale. While some of them were sacrificial and accidental, others were a symbol of the greatest act of defeat.

Secret Boutique K-Drama Ending Explained: All We Know!

Secret Boutique

The war of politics and power in the Dae Group finally comes to an end, and we can say that the conclusion for the same was appropriate in many ways. The press conference and hearing finally show us a very insular story that was exposed to the public eyes, and that’s what makes everything about the series really satisfying.

It is true that Jenny won everything in the end, but she ended up being wounded after fighting for so long and hence, renouncing the same. In the finale, the drama series wraps up some beautiful notes and scenes of forgiveness, redemption, reunion, and many other aspects. The decade-long anger subsided, and people left in the aftermath were able to assess what they had done.

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Secret Boutique K-Drama: Where to Watch?

Secret Boutique is available to be streamed on two online platforms i.e., SBS World and Viki. On SBS World, you can access the show for free though there will be no subtitles. While on Viki, you can access the series with subtitles after getting a subscription to the platform. It is easily accessible for both domestic and international viewers.

Secret Boutique K-Drama: All Other Details

Secret Boutique portrays the genres of romance, politics, and melodrama. The series aired its first episode on September 18, 2019, and the final episode of the same premiered on November 28, 2019. Moreover, the show had a total of 32 episodes, and each of them had a screen time of 30 minutes. Every new episode was released on Wednesday and Thursday. All in all, the show performed really well in all aspects and attracted millions of viewers both domestically and globally.

Secret Boutique K-Drama Ending Explained: All We Know!

Secret Boutique

Talking about the cast line-up of the show then, they were one of the success cards for the drama series. Kim Sun Ah was seen playing the role of Jenny Jang/ Jang Do Young, Jang Mi Hee portrayed the role of Kim Yeo Ok, Park Hee Bon was seen as Wi Ye Nam, Go Min Si played Lee Hyun Ji, Kim Jae Young played the character of Yoon Sun Woo, and Kim Tae Hoon was seen as Wi Jung Hyuk.

Each of them is one of the known faces of the South Korean entertainment industry and is known hugely for their unmatched screen charisma and sharp acting skills. All of them did a great job in adapting to their respective roles and hence, gave out a really amazing performance.

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