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What Happened In Love Island Season 9 Finale? Who Won The Show?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58
Love Island Season 9 Finale (CC: ITV)

Love Island Season 9 Finale starts with Maya having a party in the villa with the Islanders. Basically what’s happening is we’re gonna see Maya and then we’re gonna get the last 24 hours. So it’ll be jumping between Live and the 24-hour updates.

So the Islanders wake up to make drinks for being the finalists. Ron gets the text saying tonight the Islanders will be invited to a final party. The couples head outside. They then find a couple of Flamingo Dance instructors. The couples then try out the dance moves, some better than others. But like I say like not everyone can dance. Not everyone can pick up Dance moves and choreography easily, so it is what it is.

Shaq and Tanya talk about Flamingo dancing on the outside, which gave me a great idea. Like I was sitting and I was like “I wanna pick up a hobby. I wanna find a hobby and I wanna start doing lessons on it, whether that is music, like playing an instrument or learning a new sport or, you know, dancing, like, whatever. But I’m definitely gonna look into that.” So Tanya and Shaq, thank you for being my motivation and my inspiration for that.

What Happened In Love Island Season 9 Finale?

Then in the Love Island Season 9, Finale it was time for the girls to have a pamper session. It’s spa day. They leave the villa all excited. We know that it’s the final party tonight, so everyone needs to look very, very good. This is the night we’ve all been waiting for.

Maya asks us who’s going to be the winning couple and shows us all of them. We go back to yesterday’s events. The girls arrive at the spa, and they sit down for their pampering and talk about how different they are since entering the villa. And I thought about and I was like, of course, you guys are gonna be different.

Love Island Season 9 Finale

The Girls at Spa (CC: ITV)

There’s been a lot of energy on you as a group, but individually you’ve had the public voting for couples. We’ve had the public vote for individuals. We’ve had the public’s opinion on this, that, and the other. So with all that energy on you, it will cause some sort of transformation. Whether that’s for the better or for the worse, we don’t know. Of course, you guys are gonna be very different.

The Islanders Come Out In Their Finale Dresses

The boys then come outside in suits and tuxedos and look sharp. I tell you the hair has been cut and they were crisp and sharp and it just looked good. They then wait for the girls to come out one by one.

Samie comes out first in a silky maroon dress, Stunning. Tanya comes out in a silky blue dress, Stunning. Sanam comes out next in a pale pink dress and Sanam stole the show. She looked so fly. Hair, makeup, and clothes were just on point.

Then Lana comes out last in a pink and black dress and it was not giving. And this is the thing, I like Lana. I have said that I love Lana’s looks I love how she wears her makeup, her hair, and the looks that she puts together, and she’s very stylish. But that pink and black dress was not it.

And I don’t know if Lana picked that, a producer picked it or a stylist, I don’t know. But whoever picked that needs to be fired. And if it was Lana, the girl that was just not the dress for you, sis. Honestly, I wasn’t here for it. But all the girls look beautiful and they look stunning. Their hair, their make-up, and the accessories all looked good.

Love Island Season 9 Finale

Islanders Toasts to the Finale (CC: ITV)

Tom then pops a bottle and makes a final toast. We then head back to live with Maya. Maya takes us through the final night, so we get to see the final night’s events. So Kai and Sanam give their speeches for each of our first in front of a beautiful floral love eye logo-shaped reef. It was so stunning and beautiful honestly.

Samie and Tom are up next, they give their speeches. Ron and Lana are after them. Then Tanya and Shaq are last. Now, guys, I’m not gonna be telling you about their speeches cause you to know what it was giving?. It was giving “I love you. I like you. I want to spend more time with you.” And it’s just giving all of the mushy stuff that we know that they’re gonna say in a speech.

The Love Island Finale Voting

Maya then says voting has closed and the results are in. 4th place is Shaq and Tanya. And we knew that was gonna happen, right? We just knew it. Well, I was surprised they even got this far in the final, honestly. But yeah, Shaq and Tanya were in fourth place. They sit down with Maya for their interview. They talk about their journey. We get a recap of their journey.

Third place is Tom and Samie. It was Gag, gag, and gag. Because if you guys have been reading my Love Island Season 9 articles, then, you know I thought the producers were setting up Tom and Samie to win. That’s what they looked like. They were giving them the most screentime and they didn’t deserve to win, but it looked like that.

Love Island Season 9 Finale

Tom and Samie came Third (CC: ITV)

I guess, based on the fact that for the last two years, a lot of people have been saying that the show is rigged. If they had made let Samie and Tom win: one, then it would have been obvious that day it was rigged. But if they had let them win, I think the authenticity of Love Island and voting would have declined in the coming Summer and Winter Seasons of Love Island. And they don’t want that. They don’t want their viewership to go down. They don’t want their engagement to go down.

And one thing that can kill engagement, especially a voting type of engagement, is if people feel like it’s a waste of time because you already know who’s gonna win. Then they just won’t engage, they won’t vote. So I think the producers knew that in order to have longevity in the show, you can’t make Samie and Tom win. You just can’t. Because they didn’t deserve to win anyway. But I like them as a couple. But no, they just don’t deserve to win.

So anyway, we get a recap after that on Kai and Sanam’s journey. They sit down for their interview with Maya. Sanam lets it slip that she’s fell in love with Kai and that was so funny to watch because she’s giggly, she’s laughy and it was genuine words from her. You know when you were just not supposed to say something and it just calmed out? But, she follows up with she is in love with Kai’s intelligence and everything about him. But it’s too late sis, we know you love him and it’s fine, I’m here for it.

We then get Ron and Lana’s journey recap. They sit down for their interview with Maya. We get home videos of all of the finalist family members. So we get individual videos from Ron & Lana’s family and Kai & Sanam’s family. Basically saying “we love you, we’re proud of you, well done to get in this far. Well done for being respectful and great entertainment,” you know, all of the good stuff. So that was really dope to see.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57

Kai and Sanam Won Love Island Season 9 (CC: ITV)

Who Won In Love Island Season 9?

Maya then gets ready to announce the winners and lets us know that Kai and Sanam are our winners of Love Island 2023, and Winter Love Island 2023. And I was so happy for them. Honestly, you guys know I did not like Kai for the majority of the show. And Sanam came in and completely flipped how I saw him as a person. She added to him. She already came in as pretty much the perfect girl.

In my eyes, she was beautiful, she was smart, she was chill. She was just lovely, got a good heart and I was here for it. But she really helped me to like Kai. And can we just say congratulations to our first color couple winning Love Island? The Caribbean community is the first to win Love Island Season 9.

So they win their 50,000 pounds prize. I guess they’ll split it 25 each. Let their new lives begin and their journey be blessed on the outside. Congratulations to them again.

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