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What Happened Last Night On Love Island Season 9 Episode 56? Will And Jessie Are Out

Love Island Season 9 Episode 57
Will and Jessie (CC: ITV)

At the end of Love Island Season 9, Episode 56, Samie says, “I think we can all agree that that was horrid.” Well, Samie, you wouldn’t be wrong because between Maya literally posting the eliminated Islanders and then after some promo doing the same thing, I said we could all agree this season has been horrendous.

Episode 56 was the penultimate episode of the finale of Love Island Season 9. I just wanted to clear up the voting cause some people missed it. I missed it. I’m some people. The votes were Kai & Sanam, Ron & Lana voted for Will & Jessie. Shaq & Tanya voted for Kai & Sanam. Then, Will & Jessie and Tom & Samie voted for Ron and Lana.

What Happened Last Night On Love Island Season 9 Episode 56?

First, Ron and Lana’s families came then Shaq and Tanya’s families came. Tanya’s mom and aunty came for her, and Shaq’s sister and best friend came for her. Tanya said something that kind of rings some bells for the family consigning, and I was like, “oh, shoot, this is where it comes from.”

She basically said from the aunt that she could tell that Shaq was obsessed with her, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. And I’m like, yeah, and that’s probably why you treated him the way that you did in the beginning. There was David in the beginning as a test, and then again Martin as a test, and then the gaslighting and whatever.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 56 Recap

Tanya with her mom and aunt (CC: ITV)

And to the people on Tiktok who are trying to make it seem like Tanya is being domestically abusive to Shaq… Domestic abuse? If we’re being honest, I feel like that’s disrespectful to people who really do experience domestic abuse. You can be a gaslighter and not be an abuser, maybe like emotional turmoil. I don’t know about domestic abuse. I feel like that’s a reach for me.

But the family was commending her for going through what they went through, coming out stronger because of their trials, and that’s what makes it true love. And I was like, “oh, so Mama and Auntie have come up with this philosophy.”

Shaq’s Sister Is Not Happy With Tanya

And Shaq’s older sister and best friend had some words. So Shaq’s friend says, “I think she did you a bit dirty at some point which was obviously hard to watch for everyone back home and us.” Then Shaq’s sister says, “I wasn’t happy with it at all these situations with Tanya. Not just me, but like everyone wasn’t happy with. But you seem happy, and that’s all we want at the end of the day.”

You know the saying, “you like it, I love it.” For those who don’t know, it’s saying that black people tend to say when you really don’t like something, but because your person likes it, so you say that you like it just so that they don’t feel bad, even though you know you don’t like it. I feel like that’s what the sister was saying.

The sister was basically saying, baby, “you like it, I love it. I’m just happy because you’re happy”. I can tell she is not happy with her. She does not like Tanya. She might like her as a person, but she won’t like her for her brother. Yeah, that’ll be an interesting dynamic. I wonder how that’s gonna work out.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 56

Shaq and Tanya with their families (CC: ITV)

The sister even said, “you forgive too quickly, and you should have allowed her to prove herself more instead of just taking her back with little to no effort.” We, the public, feel the same. At least I do. And the aunt said, “listen, don’t worry, I’m gonna deal with her. I’m going a smack her on the wrist if that’s what we need to do because she was the one wild, and we accept that.

Samie And Tom’s Family

Samie and Tom’s family have arrived, and they all look fully support this relationship. I don’t know you guys. I don’t know. I do not trust Tom, not even a little bit. I think he is enamored by Samie, and that’s about it. Once they leave and reality sets in, he will be like, “oh, my stock has gone up.” I think Tom is gonna turn. I really do.

I think that Samie has the potential to be all in on Tom, but I don’t think that he has that. Maybe he plans on being all in, but I just don’t see that coming to fruition. And I can see it being very ugly because, you know, Samie’s got a mouth on her. Everybody knows this. And even the families are like, “She’ll tell you how she feels.” I don’t know, Tom. I hope you do right by her, or else we’ll be hearing about it in the news.

Sanam And Kai’s Family

Sanam’s mom is all in on Kai. She feels like he has treated her so well, and he’s an upstanding guy, and he’s very mature. And honestly, I think that in Kai’s stint with Sanam, he’s been a lot more romantic, complimentary, and talkative in a way that is actually substantial and does not talk about the moon and stuff like that. But he still does that with her, and she appreciates it. She loves it, and he doesn’t look at him blankly.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 56

Sanam with her family (CC: ITV)

My only thing is I hope that everything he has said is truly from the heart. Because if it is, then I think they do have a long relationship ahead of them. They have similar values, they come from similar upbringings, and they both have Caribbean heritage and stuff like that. It looks great on paper as long as this translates to who Kai is on the inside. I think they’ll be good.

For Kai’s family, I mean, they had nothing bad to say about Sanam. And honestly, how could you? It is no surprise at all that they love Sanam. Like I’ve been saying, she has been a class act through it all. She also hasn’t been here long enough to really show her ass, so it’s fine. But I don’t think she would have anyways. I don’t think she would have, and it was just it.

Will And Jessie’s Family

Last is Will and Jessie, and I don’t know if I was reading into it, but Jessie didn’t think anybody would come for her. Genuinely didn’t think anyone would come for her. And I’m like, is that because, you know, your mom didn’t have her passport? Or is it genuinely insecurity that people don’t show up for her? Because if it’s the latter, that’s really sad.

Jessie with Jessie is clearly trying something new with Will. Even her sister was kind of stunned that that was her first choice. But here they are, still together. Her eyes have not strayed from Will. Not ever. So maybe she’s for real.

With Will’s family, of course, they were gonna ride for Jessie. Will’s dad was her big fan. Will’s dad said, “I actually think she’d fit well into the family. And fitting into our family is hard.”

Love Island Season 9 Episode 56

Will and Jessie’s family (CC: ITV)

I love that they encouraged Wil to approach the family with his tail between his legs and be very apologetic and remorseful. Considering the fact that one, Jessie, seems to be pretty delicate. And then also, when you consider what it takes to be with Jessie once she’s leaving her family. Well, I don’t know, she said she hadn’t seen them since December, so I’m not sure where she was at that time.

But the fact of the matter is she’d be leaving all that she knows to come to the UK, whether that’s for Will or for other opportunities. I don’t know. The fact remains the same. Secondly, her family put in a lot of work to come out here.

Mama didn’t even have a passport before the show. They come from Tasmania. They come from, you know, the Bush, she said. Because it took so much for the family to come, and it’s gonna take a lot to sustain this relationship… Will, you better be serious if you’re going down this road with her.

And then you, Jessie… you better not come out that you’re an actress. It better not come out that you were putting on a face. Because the UK will cook for you. Like they cooked you tonight because y’all got the lowest vote, and you had to leave. Or I guess you got the most votes because it was for least compatible.

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